You Said It, Dec. 16, 2012

So why isn’t the woman who left her two children unattended in the car on the Mesa in jail? If that would have been me they would have handcuffed me to the jail cell and thrown away the key.

Boy, I was exposed to the “Zombie Shoppers” at the mall. All these people milling around with unhappy looks on their faces was more than a little scary. It makes me wonder if you really are “happy” out shopping and spending money. Or if you are just buying into the national pastime.


The main problem as I see it with District 51 sending out Church of Scientology pamphlets on marijuana is that they are opposed to the use of any “mind-altering” drug including medications such as antidepressants. The pamphlet seems full of 50-year-old propaganda about marijuana that is not truly accurate.


What is this about the $63 fee added to my health insurance? I was only in favor of raising taxes on OTHER people, not me.


A man handed out $1 million bills with Santa on them to children watching the Parade of Lights. The kids were so excited. At home, I was shocked to see the message printed on the back of the bills was about going to hell for not obeying the Ten Commandments. Christmas isn’t about sin and hell, it’s about miracles and giving and celebration.


To the driver of the older model red truck that slammed into my car at the east end of North Avenue late Wednesday afternoon and then sped off: I hope your conscience bothers you and you go to the Grand Junction Police Department and admit your guilt. Man up. It’s the right thing to do.


YIPPEE. I got my Social Security notice yesterday. I get a raise, but of course Medicare is going up. Then l get a whoppin’ $13.80 more a month. It wouldn’t be so bad if the senators didn’t vote themselves raises in the thousands.


Thanks to PetSmart for hosting the “Photo with Santa Claws” event. And thank you to the customers who paused during their busy day to embrace the fundraising effort.


Hats off to The Daily Sentinel for posting a large “Thank you to our veterans note” on one of the inner pages. However I would have felt even better if it had been on the front page. Thanks again to all of you veterans.


Thank you to the people at the Parade of Lights for helping me and my husband with our daughter at Sixth and Main, and to the ambulance crew that came so fast. She is doing much better.

To the person who won’t spend a dime in a small business because those businesses put their own interests before those of our country and its enormous debt: My own selfish interests include: keeping my seven employees employed, providing a service to my community, and when there is something left that the government doesn’t get, a paycheck for my 80+ hours a week of which, again, I pay taxes. As a former government employee who is aware of the massive amount of money that is wasted, it wouldn’t hurt as bad paying those taxes if only I knew that so much of it wasn’t being wasted or going to those who just don’t feel like working.


Omigosh. In reading Sunday’s “You Said It,” I could get scared to death about the great harm Republicans cause in our valley. Let’s see. The Chamber (supposedly Republican) is stopping new businesses from coming here. Your dentist will hurt you badly if you are an Obama fan and you will probably also lose your job. Republicans want to own slaves, use cocaine and take away women’s right to vote. They also disrespect liberals’ right to vote, and the “best” candidates can’t get elected in Mesa County. Whine. Whine.


Kudos to the You Said It last week regarding the Chamber Of Commerce. Beware business owners who do not support Republican candidates or views. Consider this before you spend your hard-earned dollars on membership. Maybe the members should handle Diane Schwenke’s annual review instead of her executive committee puppets.


It is disrespectful to fly our flag at half-staff at any time other than on certain designated days, such as Dec. 7, and when asked to do so by the president or governor. Nevertheless, I tolerate your right to protest by being disrespectful to our flag.


My husband and I started putting our postage stamps on upside-down as soon as Bush started that illegal war and deregulated everything so Wall Street, oil companies and CEOs could become instant millionaires while the rest of us lost our jobs. Finally in 2008, when we got Obama, we started putting them right-side-up.


The recent Sentinel article relating Club 20 and the Grand Junction Chamber wanting the feds to enforce small possession of pot could have used a different headline. “Big Colorado Businesses Repudiate Voters, States’ Rights” might have been more illuminating.


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I have a little U.S. flag I framed upside down and keep it on my desk, as public display of a distress signal would be inappropriate. However. It is a constant reminder to me of the distressed state of this nation.

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