You Said It, Dec. 9, 2012

After reading Charles Ashby’s Dec. 4 front-page article explaining the reasons Democrats hide their party affiliation, I realized I was not alone in my reluctance to put an Obama sticker on my car in Mesa County. There is a narrow-mindedness in this valley that votes only Republican and thus prevents the election of superior candidates like Bernie Buescher and Dan Robinson. On Page 5A the same day, the Chamber of Commerce advertisement encouraged Republican women to join. If the chamber were not so openly Republican, perhaps it would display a more open invitation to new businesses in our valley.

I found out that not only can you lose your job if on the wrong end of the local political spectrum, but your time in the dental chair can be more painful if your car’s bumper sticker is apparent from the office window. I think I’m scraping mine off now that my next appointment is with the proctologist.


I appreciate the immediate response and great work done by police officers and firefighters when there was a fire next door to me on Orchard Mesa a couple of weeks ago. These people were gentle but firm with the people crowding the area to get a better look. And, the men from Xcel were amazing replacing the power pole that had burned, putting in a new transformer, and replacing lines — in the dark with flood lights. Amazing!


The young man in the recent news who stabbed a woman to death, fatally shot his father with an arrow, and then stabbed himself to death proved that if you’re bent on murder and mayhem, you don’t need a gun to do the job.


Thank you to the businesses that were not open on Thanksgiving. A day of family time is being replaced with greed and material gluttony. So much for family-friendly businesses.


To those of you who fly your flag out of disrespect of our current administration and want to return to the basic beliefs and tenets of our country’s Constitution: You want to return to owning slaves, using cocaine legally, and taking away women’s right to vote. My father is buried in Arlington National Cemetery, having won the Distinguished Service Cross, while saving you from living in a country without any rights. I grew up in the Army and moved all over the world because of this country. You disrespect our right to vote when other people can’t even vote.


While I support the right of small-business owners to protest what is going on in Washington on the tax issue, I will not spend a dime in any of their businesses as they put their own interests over the interests of our country and the huge, growing national debt.


To all the folks, students and pedestrians of all ages who use the blinking yellow lighted crosswalks on busy streets: Please remember to give the drivers who stopped a friendly wave and acknowledgment. It’s a simple gesture, but sends a big thank you.


I was in City Market and forgot to pick up my purse. We checked at the counter and the lady said someone turned it in. Oh what a relief. I wished there was some way to thank the person. I really have a big heart for that person. Thank you.


From a disappointed parade viewer:

Oh the weather outside was delightful

But the Parade of Lights was frightful,

We’ve got no parade which to go, so next year we’ll just say “No.”

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!


The delay between floats was vast

And no safety clad patrolmen, alas

Children and parents filled the street in a row.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!


If the Parade of Lights was shortened a bit

It would be a much larger crowd hit

More quality floats all aglow, tightly aligned for a better show.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!


People would stay, not leave early for home

With a better Parade of Grand Junction’s own

To help downtown businesses to grow.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!


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Today’s “You Said It” (bread and circuses for the dim who can’t see it for the political safety valve it is) contained enough false premises and general wrong headedness that I was motivated to respond.
First, the sheer length of the “Let It Snow” poem proves that newspapers, like govt, can do whatever they please, limiting or excluding some letters and making exceptions for others. Unimpressive.
Leftist whiners should pay more attention to the Austrian economists than the Keynesians.
It is not the role of govt to “invite businesses to our valley.” They should be welcome, but pay their own way. The wannabe-clever idea of currency speculators forcing the world’s laboring classes to bid against each other to see who is going to make the world’s products for the lowest possible price is immoral on its face.
The phrase, “put their own interests over the interests of our country and the huge, growing national debt,” is beyond ignorant. A “country” is a mere idea, a geo-political assemblage of individuals. So, what constitutes a country’s “interests” other than equal protection of law afforded to all individuals? Collectivism? The current criminal fraud of debt-as-money legal tender is provably UNconstitutional, utterly UNsustainable and self-evidently fatal to reciprocal justice between individuals. The “national” debt is a morally and intellectually fraudulent construct which exists solely to allow the self-perceived-as clever to steal the labor/property of the gullible in name of “law” and form of taxation.
The notion that “return to the basic beliefs and tenets of our country’s Constitution” somehow constitutes a “return to owning slaves, using cocaine legally, and taking away women’s right to vote” is nothing more than highly manipulative and exquisitely simplistic bovine feces designed to deceive the gullible.
Here’s the deal, leftists: this county I was born in 68 years ago is full of salt-of-the-Earth folks who don’t buy into your wannabe-clever sophistry.
You can print all the money you want, but that’s where your BS ends and the immutable laws of Nature take over: you can NOT stop your phony money supply from changing the parity between the money and the things it buys. And that means hyper-inflation and INEVITABLE eventual monetary collapse.

John W, Very well said!  I think you should submit your response to the “You Said IT” whiners to Letters To The Editor.  More people could benefit by reading it than just the ‘online’ group.

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