You Said It, Dec. 9, 2012

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Today’s “You Said It” (bread and circuses for the dim who can’t see it for the political safety valve it is) contained enough false premises and general wrong headedness that I was motivated to respond.
First, the sheer length of the “Let It Snow” poem proves that newspapers, like govt, can do whatever they please, limiting or excluding some letters and making exceptions for others. Unimpressive.
Leftist whiners should pay more attention to the Austrian economists than the Keynesians.
It is not the role of govt to “invite businesses to our valley.” They should be welcome, but pay their own way. The wannabe-clever idea of currency speculators forcing the world’s laboring classes to bid against each other to see who is going to make the world’s products for the lowest possible price is immoral on its face.
The phrase, “put their own interests over the interests of our country and the huge, growing national debt,” is beyond ignorant. A “country” is a mere idea, a geo-political assemblage of individuals. So, what constitutes a country’s “interests” other than equal protection of law afforded to all individuals? Collectivism? The current criminal fraud of debt-as-money legal tender is provably UNconstitutional, utterly UNsustainable and self-evidently fatal to reciprocal justice between individuals. The “national” debt is a morally and intellectually fraudulent construct which exists solely to allow the self-perceived-as clever to steal the labor/property of the gullible in name of “law” and form of taxation.
The notion that “return to the basic beliefs and tenets of our country’s Constitution” somehow constitutes a “return to owning slaves, using cocaine legally, and taking away women’s right to vote” is nothing more than highly manipulative and exquisitely simplistic bovine feces designed to deceive the gullible.
Here’s the deal, leftists: this county I was born in 68 years ago is full of salt-of-the-Earth folks who don’t buy into your wannabe-clever sophistry.
You can print all the money you want, but that’s where your BS ends and the immutable laws of Nature take over: you can NOT stop your phony money supply from changing the parity between the money and the things it buys. And that means hyper-inflation and INEVITABLE eventual monetary collapse.

John W, Very well said!  I think you should submit your response to the “You Said IT” whiners to Letters To The Editor.  More people could benefit by reading it than just the ‘online’ group.

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