You Said It, Feb. 10, 2013

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To the Poster of “Finally A Clear Answer”... With our government straying so far away from the constitution and getting so close to socialist / communist ideals similar to the former Soviet Union…who knows what the government will become capable of.

The founding fathers designed the amendments to protect us from Tyranny and to protect our liberties (which are disappearing daily). God forbid it should ever come to it, but we the people may one day have to defend ourselves from our own tyrannical government!

@M.Todd Please outline a few key ways our nation is becoming “so close to ... the former Soviet Union.”  There may be some, but I am interested in you articulating that position rather than just claiming it.  There are really two parts to the request…‘so close to’ implies some movement or change, as we were, it implies, not always thus; and ‘Soviet Union’ indicates a very specific geopolitical force, that existed for a specific duration over a particular geography.  Please be specific in your comparison. Thanks in advance.  I hear this from time to time and hate to go on thinking those who repeat it are uninformed, and I know you are not just making it up for hyperbolic effect so appreciate your help in clearing that up.

Peter, here are two examples…record number of people on food stamps…similar to the mile long lines waiting for rations and toilet paper in the old Soviet Union. We just put nicer window dressing on it. Second, the “Law EN-FORCE-ment concept vs. “Peace Officers Concept. Law Enforcment behavior today is much more akin to the Soviet military police and / or Hitler’s SS rather than peace officers “keeping the peace” as it was 30 years ago. A burnt out tail light is not “Probable cause” for a complete automobile search, but they do it anyway. I have many more examples I could cite, but as one of my favorite sayings goes…If I have to explain, you wouldn’t understand.

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