You Said It, Feb. 10, 2013

Why didn’t the new county commissioners start out transparent rather than trying to hide their first major debacle, er, decision? Seems like examining their processes is solely aimed at finding what they can hide. They already blew the transparency. I don’t recall either saying pre-election how unhappy they were with Unfug. Honesty? Transparency?

The biggest mistake the new county commissioners made in dismissing the county manager was not dismissing the county attorney at the same time. I’m flabbergasted at the horrible advice he’s given the board on how to handle these matters.


It’s clear that CMU’s priorities lie with athletics. They are bringing five candidates from out of town for the athletic director position. When hiring faculty to teach the students, those committees are only allowed to bring in two. Guess teachers aren’t as important.


I live on the Redlands and see nothing wrong with putting a tower for cellphones in a steeple at the church at 23 Road and Broadway. There are a lot of dead areas on the Redlands for cellphone users so this will help, and I

think the man is a grouch to complain.


Regarding Saturday mail service: We “oldies” wait for the mail carrier with our walkers at the ready. Even junk mail gives us a thrill! (Just kidding.)


In my opinion, for every woman who is not qualified to serve on the front lines of combat there is also a man who is not qualified. I think we should stop generalizing by gender (We’re still doing that?) and recognize that this is a decision to be made on a case-by-case basis.


To the kind lady who paid for my new shirt at Goodwill when my card was declined: Thank you again. My first day at my new job was great!

What was the school board thinking? Changes in the school calendar were coming, but filling up August? I resent the fact that my tax dollars will go to paying for the air conditioning to keep those classrooms cool. If they wanted an extended calendar, what was wrong with the end of May and first of June when the weather is not so hot?


At the risk of being politically incorrect: So the smart kids who basically bring up all the averages in the district now must endure a shortened summer for the sake of the dumb kids?


If an armed and highly trained Navy SEAL that is so dangerous Iraqi insurgents have put a bounty on him could not defend himself against a gunman, how in the world will a kindergarten teacher? Maybe the NRA needs a new plan to stop school violence.


Finally, a clear answer to why gun owners need high-capacity ammunition magazines — “because the government has them.” Some gun owners evidently expect to engage American soldiers, sailors, Marines and police and want to kill as many as possible.


In Hollywood, movies (“Tombstone,” “Unforgiven,” etc), though seldom historically accurate, when the new sheriff wants to clean up the town, he posts a sign saying “No Guns Allowed.” If someone objects to it and starts spouting off his Second Amendment Rights, he gets pistol-whipped by Wyatt Earp and thrown in jail.


It appears as if Jared Wright already has forgotten his alleged conservative principles, introducing a bill that would have increased the size of government and cost taxpayers more money by questioning the financial backgrounds of appointed state and local officials. Fortunately the bill didn’t make it out of committee.


I have to put out a huge thank you to the animal services officer who took the time to help me free my horse from wire after he had been chased through two fences. The officer was a HUGE help and I wouldn’t have been able to get him out by myself.


To the wonderfully nice lady in the red ford Focus who paid for my meal at McDonald’s on Feb. 5: I really just want you to know that your random act of kindness was more than just kindness. You paid for my son’s kids meal — my son, who is in the hospital due to complications of RSV and the flu. He woke to want chicken nuggets and it was OK’d by the nurse! That random act of kindness will stick with us forever!


I have followed the recent comments concerning speed limits with a measure of bewilderment. To the slower

drivers: Keep right, move with the flow of traffic, and allow others to pass even if it means pulling over briefly. To the faster drivers: Know that we live in a large retirement community and among many laid-back folk. Be patient and kind.


I had a conversation with a 20-year-old high school graduate who thought each state had its own president and vice president, and his 16-year-old pal told me FDR had freed the slaves “to get jobs for the country.” Do you

still think Mr. Leany is out of line to ask that our kids learn something about American government or history?


The well-intentioned attempts to beautify our highly regarded downtown area (the Avalon Theatre; the library) are for naught until the city council has the courage to address the homeless issue. I saw a man amongst the homeless in Sherwood Park get into a late-model van and drive off; later that afternoon, I saw the van parked at First and North, and the same man was panhandling. Other cities have successfully addressed this issue. Why can’t we?


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To the Poster of “Finally A Clear Answer”... With our government straying so far away from the constitution and getting so close to socialist / communist ideals similar to the former Soviet Union…who knows what the government will become capable of.

The founding fathers designed the amendments to protect us from Tyranny and to protect our liberties (which are disappearing daily). God forbid it should ever come to it, but we the people may one day have to defend ourselves from our own tyrannical government!

Peter, here are two examples…record number of people on food stamps…similar to the mile long lines waiting for rations and toilet paper in the old Soviet Union. We just put nicer window dressing on it. Second, the “Law EN-FORCE-ment concept vs. “Peace Officers Concept. Law Enforcment behavior today is much more akin to the Soviet military police and / or Hitler’s SS rather than peace officers “keeping the peace” as it was 30 years ago. A burnt out tail light is not “Probable cause” for a complete automobile search, but they do it anyway. I have many more examples I could cite, but as one of my favorite sayings goes…If I have to explain, you wouldn’t understand.

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