You Said It, Feb. 2, 2014

Sen. Steve King, what are you thinking? Raise the age to smoke to 21? Your liberal thinking is very discouraging. Our young men and women can die for our country and vote for you. If you want to follow our conservative beliefs, you should sponsor a bill to lower drinking, gambling and pot to 18.

So, all those young service men and women in Afghanistan and other dangerous parts of the world are going to be breaking the law when they come home and have a cigarette? If cigarettes and alcohol are so dangerous to our young people, let’s raise our selective service minimum age to 21.


Inclement weather, snow, fog, rain; the sun is not up yet or the sun is going down and it is dark. Plus you are driving a dark-colored car and the asphalt on the streets is black. So, put down your phone for a sec, reach to the dashboard and turn on your headlights. Might use your turn signal once in a while, too.


Help me understand something. There are homeless people aplenty, people starving, people who have no health care, people being hurt and on and on and you are worrying that some little puppies are upset at a fundraiser because there are bright lights? This is mind-boggling to me. Where do you live? Thinking you need to wake up and reset your priorities.


We’re Democrats and we’re moving to Mesa County. We believe it’s OK to raise taxes for schools, libraries, police and fire protection, parks and recreational opportunities for kids and seniors. And we believe clean air is a good thing. Look for us, we’ll be riding our bikes throughout the valley wearing Lycra shorts.


A few weeks ago, I was in a car accident and had to call my insurance agent, Jerry Martinez. He heard in my voice how stressed and shocked I was. Jerry literally dropped everything and came all the way to my house to look at the damage, but also to calm me down. He has a very busy schedule, so a heartfelt thank you to Jerry and his assistant, Jamie. I so appreciate you take the time to comfort me.


Could someone please apologize to Chris Christie so we can get the cones removed from the 6&50/I-70/22 Road interchange?


How do we contact the one owner of both KJCT & KKCO to let them know we are extremely tired of the same news on both stations in the morning and the evening news? Same interviews with the same reporters. Then on the TV news it’s the same word for word. Please turn them back to two stations. Two independent stations, two variations of news, two different views of news stories. We need a change.


To the kind lady who on Dec. 31 jumped out of her warm car to push me up the icy curb at 30 Road and Patterson across from Rite-Aid. You defied traffic signals and other cars to help a guy in a wheelchair. God bless you.

Western Slope wrestling fans, the takeover is complete. Long gone are the days when Gene Rozelle broadcast the duels between Western Slope schools. Local radio now gives us coverage of the Denver Nuggets, CU, CSU, and the Kansas State basketball program. Rarely are the wrestling coaches or their fine student-athletes heard from. Sadly, the “basketball geeks” have kicked these proud programs to the curb. Local wrestlers deserve better.

Does anyone else question Ray Scott’s column on clean air? A do-nothing approach and the clear support for the unguarded energy movement are more than suspicious.


Mesa County is not helping the environment when they will not accept electronic devices at the landfill because of hazardous components. Not all folks are flocking to the nearest electronic disposal site and paying a fee per pound to dispose of these items. They are burying them in the ground, smashing them and placing them in trash, dumping them in canals, etc., to dispose of the rubbish. Wouldn’t it be better to increase the overall fee of dumping at the landfill and accepting these items and disposing of them appropriately? It may add a job or two to the local economy.


Ever try to drive by a school in the morning or afternoon? The traffic congestion, hundreds of car polluting, lack of parking, let alone the hazard of so many children mixed with so many vehicles! What are we saving by canceling most school bus service?


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Dear Lycra-wearing Democrat immigrants: Trust-fund-baby “Takers” with cushy, high-paying, make-nothing-useful government jobs can afford to ride around on bicycles in their Lycra shorts whining about clean air and exposing their ignorance of the fundamental laws of Chemistry 101 which state that the Earth is a self-healing, self-cleansing system where all the elements and compounds naturally seek their most stable form.
In polar contrast, real “Maker” people need real “Maker” jobs and lower taxes so they can afford to feed their families, run their farms, clean their irrigation ditches, etc, and subsidize the polemically cutesy touchy-feely faux-altruistic “liberal” know-it-all Takers.
Try reading “Makers and Takers: How Wealth and Progress Are Made and How They Are Taken Away or Prevented”, by libertarian thinker Edmund Contoski.
Real wealth is real THINGS useful to humans, not the illusory, highly manipulative steal-your-neighbor’s-labor constantly changing monetary numbers attached to those real things.
Most Republicans, Libertarians and conservatives like fresh air, clean water, blue skies, God, Mom, apple pie, libraries, education, children, old dogs and watermelon wine too. So get over your stinkin’ little wannabe-clever selves.

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