You Said It, Feb. 8, 2016

Snow day? Really? This is Colorado. I’ve lived here all my life and went to school here; the only snow day we ever got was during Christmas vacation. So put on your coat, boots and gloves and deal with it. I guess the alternative is move back to the beach.

Six inches of snow and we close the schools down for a day. Makes me wonder why some students do so poorly on test scores.


The Uncompahgre Valley Water Users Association debacle with Mr. Fletcher not terminating Mr. English for his unbelievable, dangerous and disgusting antics is hard to comprehend. Then for Mr. Etchart to say someone is circulating the order in a “blatant attempt to insult the association, to discredit the association?” Give me a break, it has already been accomplished by the lack of management, which begins at the top. How long will it take the board to make its decision?


Regarding the Uncompahgre Valley Water Users Association article: It continues to amaze me as to how many idiots there are in one place at one given time. Fletcher and English live in a state of denial (read: defensiveness), the board didn’t take any action against these two (read: denial), and Bailey should not have put up with this crap from day one. Really? Scrap the board, fire Fletcher and English, and rehire Bailey as supervisor.


We are down to two finalists for the Grand Junction city manager position. It sure would be nice to see someone from the Grand Valley, and someone with more experience in that seat.


What is up with all the public organizations with no leaders? Apparently the board members can run these things without leadership. It’s getting ridiculous — the city, the airport, the DDA and even Bookcliff Country Club have no managers. I think it says how little available talent we have in our town. We always have to go outside to find a manager. They come for three years and then leave. Strange.


After calling three tree services and having none show up on time for the appointment, I have a question: Is there really a problem in the local economy or has it been self-inflicted through incompetence?


To the business owner on North Avenue by KFC with the really bright and malfunctioning sign: Please either get it fixed or turn it off. You can’t even read it, and you are getting no advertising benefit from it whatsoever. You are wasting electricity and needlessly distracting drivers at night. Thank you.


People, please. If you are the first person to drive down your street after it snows, don’t drive down the middle. Stay on your side. It will prevent really bad ruts that will cause trouble later. Thank you.


I’m guessing that “rogue” snow shoveling homeowner who shovels snow onto the street does not see issues with the neighbors that shovel onto their yards. He is most likely seeing issues with those that simply push the snow into the gutters, as so many seem to do. It is that snow, especially at crosswalks, that affects our students walking to the bus stop, or senior citizens walking their dogs. Seems we want to have the city and county clear the streets and complain when they don’t. Why would we add to the snow in the street when we have an alterative with a potential benefit to the vegetation in our yards?


It occurs to me that the organization that calls themselves “Atheists and Free Thinkers” is anything but. Atheists, OK, but free thinkers? Not so much. Free thinking doesn’t squash opposing messages or ideas. If someone wants to pick up a Bible being offered, so be it. If someone wants to go to an event being offered, let them have access to the information. If you choose not to take information being offered, don’t take it, don’t download it, don’t go to the event, whatever. But allow information to be offered and let people decide for themselves. That, my friend, is free thinking.


Here we (continue to) go with the cries of “Christian persecution” ... the vilified atheists did not protest the Christian event, only the use of public resources to advertise it. Holding everyone to the same rules (separation of church and state) is neither censorship nor preaching atheism.


I would just like to thank the fine young man who helped me up when I fell on Main Street. He wouldn’t leave me and insisted on walking me to my vehicle. His kindness and caring is certainly appreciated. His mom and family should be very proud.


I am not for or against legalized marijuana. But it seems to me if Mesa County had the worst economic growth in the state, losing jobs, income and businesses, why aren’t they looking at pot shops? Seems like the counties that have some are making money and jobs.


A very special thank you to the very nice lady who on 
Jan. 31 at the Safeway on Horizon paid for a sandwich for me. I had come from church and realized I had not brought my wallet with me, only my license. I asked the clerk if she could hold my sandwich and I’d run home and get the money. This very nice lady offered to pay for it. I will definitely pay it forward more than once.


I was in the Subway across from the mall on Friday the 29th. When I went to pay for my sandwich, they said “Have a good day.” A lady had paid for my sandwich. I would like to thank her.


I just wanted to say thank you to the person who found my phone at the Clifton City Market on Sunday. I didn’t get a name or meet the person, so I am posting here, hoping you will see this. Thank you so much for finding and dropping it off.


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I would like to apologize to the loyal readers of The Daily Sentinel’s You Said It column.  I just learned that my neighbor has been braying on this board for some time now.  Apparently, he doesn’t like my holiday decorations (they’re temporary).  He doesn’t like the way I shovel snow (ice dams form if I don’t get the snow out of the gutter).  He doesn’t like the number of cans I use for trash (only one is for actual household waste).  I’m sorry that the You Said It community has had to put up with these dodoisms, but that’s par for the course.  Rather than look in the mirror and accept responsibility for the poor choices he’s made, finding fault where there is none seems to be the only way he can alleviate his frustration.  But that’s the life of a halfwit.  No one else who is paying attention backs in to their garage door repeatedly.  No one else who is paying attention mows down their sprinkler heads or sucks the newspaper into their snow blower, thus destroying it.  Most people do not make chronically oafish choices, but my neighbor does and it frustrates him terribly.  Even his wife refers to him as her ‘super-intelligent husband,’ tongue-in-cheek, of course.  His life would be a lot easier if he would just grow up and mind his own business.

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