You Said It, Jan. 10, 2016

Why would you kill the cougar on the Redlands instead of tagging it and relocating it? You do that with bears. What a terrible shame.

The Sentinel’s endorsement of Grand Junction having an elected mayor is spot on. Just think of the possibilities for our city if we had someone like Tim Foster representing us. We need a leader that knows how to get the grants and the money for our side of the mountain. There are many times that Grand Junction gets nothing while other cities get millions. Look what Tim has done for Colorado Mesa University. Is there someone out there who could do this for our city?


The city has installed signs in multiple places across town encouraging people to not give to the homeless, yet they donate $50,000 to the homeless?


The city is poised to give away another $50,000 to help keep the homeless here in Junction. How much did they spend trying to keep some of the failing businesses in Junction? You can buy a lot of bus tickets with that kind of money. Send them someplace warm. That was just about the number of dollars The Salvation Army was short this year, and I did not hear them whining to the city.


It is high time the owners of the abandoned Safeway on the Redlands are forced into renting or selling the property to another grocery store. A Trader Joe’s would be great. If they weren’t so afraid of competition, this should happen. The sheriff’s office has had numerous calls on this abandoned property. It is becoming an eyesore.


To the couple we met at the Outback Steakhouse: We want to say thank you for the kind gesture of paying $50 of our bill and to also thank you for taking our picture of us all together. It’s so hard to get together all at once. Thank you, again, you made my husband’s birthday a great one.


I have the best neighbors on Arrasta Court in Orchard Mesa. I have back problems and they keep shoveling the snow for me. What a wonderful gift. Thank you so much.


To the thief that stole the laser lights from my yard on New Year’s Eve: I want you to know that if you had come to the door, I would have given you everything, the cords, the box and the instructions. But now you are nothing but a rotten thief.


I wanted to ask the jerks who live on Orchard Mesa why they have to shoot off fireworks for every occasion there is. My dogs are afraid of the noise. I don’t care on the 4th of July but, come on. Christmas, New Year’s, any time the wind blows. Grow up and knock it off.


Police need to keep their skills sharp, but seriously — guns booming at 8 a.m. on a Sunday? For two days in a row, we’ve had to curtail walks with our dog because she was freaked by the fusillades from the Grand Junction police gun range three miles away. I can’t image the din closer in. Let’s send our police officers to a training facility where they don’t have to disturb the peace.

To the veteran rider who likes his quiet exhaust: My loud pipes do save me from someone taking a left in front of me because they are aware I am there. I am a very well-informed and certified rider. Try some loud pipes, I think you will like them.


Thank goodness the health care enrollment period is over. The Rocky Mountain Health Plans ads were as annoying as Charter’s. These blitzes cannot be economically viable without the income deduction. All of us end up paying through increased taxes.


County Commissioner Rose Pugliese proclaims that “the BLM process is crap” because the agency does not use her comments. Clearly the commissioner would have much more success by using less rhetorical, more relevant and overall better quality comments on our behalf. Also, if the commissioner would clean up her toilet mouth, it would go a long ways toward developing effective working relationships in the professional world.


We would like to thank the men who worked on Christmas Day plowing Douglas Pass and keeping it open. We live in Rangely and went to see our kids, grandkids and great-grandkids in Fruita. You guys are great. May God bless you.


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I thought the Sentinel story said relocation was tried with the mountain lion and failed. Bears with whom relocation fails are also put down.
Regarding the old Safeway building on the Redlands: only an arrogant, self-righteous and/or control-freakish government retiree or spoiled-brat “trust funder” could make such an idiotic complaint. This in America, for crying out loud. You know, home of the brave, land of the free. The owner of the building can do whatever s/he pleases with the building, including build a dormitory for the homeless or tear it down and plant a CSA organic vegetable garden.
The writer said,“The sheriff’s office has had numerous calls on this abandoned property.” So what? Only self-perceived-as-clever politically manipulative busybody types would call the Sheriff’s Office to complain about an empty—and what kind of cutesy polemic manipulation is the word “abandoned” anyway?—building just sitting there minding its own inanimate business.
The kind of self-righteous busybody mindset manifested by the particular “you-saider” in question is a big part of why the can-do American Culture of independence and self-reliance has been destroyed. I suppose the busybody whiner in question also wants to dictate what price the owner should be forced to sell or lease the property for.
Grow up dolt, get a life, and mind your own stinking business. Or—better yet, buy the property yourself and open up the grocery store you seem to believe you are entitled to. Who knows? I might even shop there once in awhile.

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