You Said It, July 13, 2014

Does anyone else believe that Tipton and Udall never wanted park status from the beginning? For transparency, follow the time sequence and their narratives. Very interesting and suspicious. Their decision was not based on any valid research.

OK, people. The 4th of July is over, you can stop blowing things up. All of the very nervous dogs thank you.


Whether you are for Steve King or not. I don’t think the Fourth of July celebration parade is the time or place to bash him. Come on, people, we were trying to take our families to a celebration, not a political bash.


Why not install a splash pad where the gorillas are in front of the Rockslide brew pub? That is a less busy corner, the “shady side of the street,” and parents could enjoy a cold drink from the Rockslide while watching their children play.


I look with amazement sometimes at the thing that we do. We spend millions renovating our downtown to attract people back downtown, and then we close the kids’ water park because it’s attracting too many people downtown? One of my co-workers took Monday off to be with his family. They went downtown, visited the water park, went to Junction Square Pizza, then on to Enstrom’s and had a great day! Merchants, I think you need to say something here, as do we all. The water park was built for the people, not for some board to close down without regard to our opinion.


I was having breakfast at Spoons Bistro and Bakery this morning when I looked up and there was a man standing at the counter with a gun strapped on his waist. He was not in uniform and had no badge. I did not feel comfortable being there.


As I took a morning stroll through my neighborhood, I noticed the large number of homes neglecting to fly the American flag on this 237th birthday of our country. I feel a great sense of pride in having served in the military to protect it, and feel a sense of shame for those who only think enjoying a day off work and maybe a barbeque is all that’s required to show their patriotism.


Farmers market last Thursday — it’s a family event, right? Then why, within a one-block range, did I hear music laced with profanity? Two singers blurted out words worthy of an FCC fine and another song, piped from a speaker somewhere, dropped F-bombs. C’mon musicians — save your potty-mouth lyrics for non-family events.


To the man working at the fireworks tent in Clifton on the afternoon of the 4th: Your kindness and generosity in giving my 3 1/2-year-old son a sword sparkler that he wished he could have but couldn’t due to our inability to afford it absolutely made my son’s day and brought tears to my eyes. Your kindness is so appreciated. Thank you for showing my son that kind, benevolent people are out there. We are truly thankful.


Good to see that the state of Colorado is more in tune to poor performing administrators than School District 51 administrators. I am glad to see that under Senate Bill 191 the poorly performing principal at Grand Junction High School might actually be replaced. Why has he been allowed to stay for seven years if principal contracts can be non-renewed on a yearly basis? I hope Matt Diers can do what Bill Larsen and Steve Schultz have neglected to do — their jobs. There’s hope for GJHS.


It’s too bad that people with real talent always seem to leave Grand Junction for a “better life” somewhere else where they are paid a fair wage. The greater their talent, the quicker their departure. They’ve realized that with their increased incomes, anytime they miss being outdoors in western Colorado, they can afford to fly back to Grand Junction Regional Airport, get an upgrade rental car, stay at our best hotels and feast at our finest restaurants and still have money to spare. I guess at least the Visitor Bureau can be happy about it.


To the wonderful lady working self-check at the Montrose Walmart last week: Thank you for helping reaffirm my faith in humanity. I obliviously walked

away without $100 in change and you never hesitated to do the right thing, even recognizing me when I frantically returned. It would have been easy for

you to judge my appearance — a young guy in my ratty old shorts at the store in the middle of a weekday. However, I am, in fact, a disabled veteran, recovering from a life-threatening health issue and living on a very fixed income. As much as the loss of that money would have hurt me, your honesty and kindness mean a great deal more than its return.


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If you do not feel comfortable in an establishment when a person is present that is lawfully armed, according to their 2nd Amendment rights, and Colorado law, you are more than welcome to remove yourself from some said establishment. You, however, do not have the right to infringe on their Constitutional right to “keep and bear arms”, unless you are the owner of that private property where the armed person is present. The fact that a badge or uniform is not visible to you, means nothing. Law enforcement personnel are not the only people who may lawfully be armed in this state and in this nation. Have you ever heard of undercover or off-duty police? More importantly, the law allows for the average, law-abiding, citizen to keep and bear arms, not just law enforcement. As far as comfort goes, a person who exercises their 2nd Amendment right is present to protect themselves, their loved ones and the innocents around them. Rest assured, you’re safer when someone present is armed then when the only armed people are the bad guys and law enforcement, who would not be there until they can race through the city to arrive at your location after a bad incident has occured.

the difference between a Liberal and a Conservative is in how they deal with things. If a Conservative sees a rattlesnake on the road he decides he doesn’t like rattlesnakes and walks around it leaving it alone. If a Liberal sees a rattlesnake on the road he tries to legislate the rattlesnakes rights away to be on the road that he seems to think he built with all our money. Then he tries to have rattlesnakes banned out of existence because he doesn’t feel his kids are safe with them around. Now just who is the better teacher of life’s lessons? Mr. Bright

Thank you Peter! I agree 100%!!

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