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In response to the letter this week that said we have a right to food, clothing and a safe place to live: I think that is true if you are a kid. Once you are an adult, that’s something you earn.

Last week as I was driving my Prius down the highway, talking on my cellphone, drinking a Big Gulp Mocha Latte, looking for a leather-clad motorcyclist to run off the road, I was wondering if leather protects their body, what protects their head? I guess they must have enough extra brain cells to survive a head injury since they don’t wear a helmet.


I have left numerous ads seeking employees and renting one of my homes lately. Messages are left sometimes with callback numbers that are so garbled up that I cannot understand them. Do you think I would hire you or rent to you if you do not take the time to speak clearly?


Meis’ campfire defense would have been more plausible to the deputy if he said that he and his party, coming from such a gas-enriched county, were just trying to re-enact the campfire scene from “Blazing Saddles.”


Aside from watching your own kids’ games, I honestly don’t know where you can get a better deal for three hours entertainment than the GJ Rockies. A ticket and three beers for 20 bucks is a great deal in today’s sporting world.


What is with the abandoned trailers/mobile homes north of the interstate at mile marker 35? It is bad enough the private property on the south side looks like a salvage yard. Let’s keep the public land on the other side clean.


Welcome to Fruita? I think not. Highway 6&50, from Junction to Fruita, is 55 mph, not 40. All you folks who insist on going 30 to 50, move over to the backroads. It’s prettier.


Paul Brown stated it was “disingenuous” (lacking in candor or giving a false appearance of simple frankness) for him to make a public request for bids after having already signed a contract 30 days previously. It appears to me the word he should have used was “deceitful” (not honest, deceptive, misleading). Perhaps he needs a dictionary.


I find it disgusting that Mesa County trustee Paul Brown is caught lying after stating he had sent out a request to several different newspaper companies for prices to publish foreclosure notices. Mr. Brown also stated “my lawyer said to be safe.” His lawyer should have told him to get ready to serve jail time. When will we, the public say “enough of this dishonesty” and now is the time for removal of his type? The Daily Sentinel should have put this article on the front page.


I agree that people should not be required to purchase health insurance. However, if people without insurance want medical services from a doctor or hospital, they need to be able to pay for those services. If they don’t have the money, they should not be treated, even in an emergency. If you chose not to purchase insurance, you should not receive treatment.


I have been a member of AARP for many years and was very disappointed to see an article in your paper that they are wanting seniors to not take their tax break so the money can go to other things. Many of us are on very limited incomes and need every break we can get. I wonder if AARP would reduce their rates and if their CEO would take a big cut so we can help out with the extra money.


To the thirty-somethings who drove up to the restaurant, took the handicapped parking spot, grabbed the kids out of their big, beige GMC SUV and hurried into the restaurant: Since it was only 100 degrees outside and not 105, my 82-year-old mother, carting around her oxygen tank, left the other handicapped parking spot for someone who needed it more than she did.


Those complaining about the city’s funding for the Avalon would do well to have read the story in last Sunday’s Sentinel about the excitement surrounding the new performing arts center in Las Vegas, and that before the cultural center was built Vegas was named “the dumbest of the 55 largest cities in America.” Or perhaps they did read it but they just didn’t get it.


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Obviously, the above poster who mentioned that you only have a right to food, clothing and a safe place to live only if you’re a kid, has never heard of, or even understands the concept of human rights!

You are right Todd.  When I was young I wasn’t taught about human rights.  I was taught if you didn’t work, you didn’t eat.  My dad made that very clear to me.

To the person whining about slower drivers—
Guess you should have started out earlier.  Your road-rage, rushing around and wigging out is not my problem. It’s yours.

How can it be in this modern world we live, with all the modalities of communication available to us, that people are unaware or do not understand that filling your gas tank with petrol while talking on the cell phone is inherently dangerous? Gads!

Downtown shoppers and shopkeepers beware. Step out the front door and you may get run down by bikers who are more regularly cruising down the sidewalks rather than taking the prescribed streets. A stiff-arm to one of these pedal-pushers may result in a crash into one of the “Art on the Corner” displays further resulting in a lawsuit against the City for placing the art in an inordinate location. Zooks!

Teresa, Not everyone is physically or mentally capable of working for a living. What should we do? Sentence them to death for being non productive? I think I saw A “Twilight Zone” episode about that.

Todd I know there are some people who can’t work, who really do have issues.  I think you know who I am talking about, the people who don’t “feel like working”.  I have read your stuff, you seem like a hard worker to me.  Don’t you get tired of giving part of your paycheck that you worked for all week to the ones who are working the system?  I believe in helping the needy just not the scam artists.

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