You Said It, June 16, 2013

Folks, your dogs running loose and using your neighbors’ yards is not going to inspire goodwill. You also could lose your pet to speeding drivers who won’t see them in time. Downtown neighborhood streets are not safe.

In the seven years I’ve lived in this valley, I’ve seen it move further and further to the right. Doesn’t it make sense to go ahead and petition Utah to annex Grand Junction?


Agreed. We need an updated county logo that expresses our essence. Why not “Mesa County: America’s Home of Cycles: two wheels, boom-and-bust and roundabouts.”


Fruit farmers — thank you so much for holding on from year to year, providing this valley with the best fruit and vegetables. We are so appreciative for your perseverance through the freezes and other severe weather conditions. Our hearts go out to those that lost most of their crops this year. Hope 2014 is a banner year.


Seen in the GJHS Orange & Black newspaper, May 2013, page 18: ” ...I think most of what our government does is immoral,” says history teacher Steve Scroggins. Is this what qualifies as education now? Parents, be involved.


To the man who stole my new size 8 golf shoes at our garage sale — better watch out for lightning. You deserve a big bolt! You know where they belong — in my garage!


The Avalon Theatre renovation saga continues. I am in total agreement with Phyllis Norris, who feels that this may not be a good time economically to commit dollars toward this old building renovation project. I am not in favor of spending the taxpayers’ money for something that is not feasible or logical to do so at this time. It would make more sense to use the dollars toward the development of Las Colonias Park.


With all of the “should dos” and “should not dos” cost-wise and plans for the Avalon Theatre, why not put it to the voters, since most of the money will come from the taxpayers?


All the dog haters who are repulsed by the thought of a small dog in a grocery store need to refocus on the more serious health issue. It is amazing how many times I see parents wheeling around their grown children in the food basket of a shopping cart. They stand, sit and play where others then place their food products. Although warnings are usually posted on the shopping carts, store personnel refuse to enforce this policy. I wonder if these same parents allow their children to walk and play on their countertops and kitchen tables at home?


People, please leave your dogs at home! Just left City Market, it’s 90 degrees outside and two different cars had a total of five dogs barking and panting in them with windows cracked 2 inches. Hopefully Animal Control and/or GJ police catch up with you. Your dogs are safer at home in the summer.


I saw where the number of people staying in hotels and motels in Grand Junction has decreased over the past year. Maybe them saying that the oilfield workers are bringing bedbugs into their rooms is coming back to bite them in the butt! I bet a few wish they had those oilfield guys contributing to their revenue again.


Yesterday I visited the Grand Junction VA Medical Center and had a most rewarding surprise. As I walked into the front door I was greeted by a group of very pleasant lady volunteers from the Salvation Army handing out free coffee and mighty fresh donuts. I and many other veterans enjoyed the hospitality and the food. As I was leaving the building they insisted I take another doughnut. This old vet surely does appreciate the kindness of the Salvation Army and their volunteers.


To the couple that stopped on Little Park Road to help me out, thank you very much. To the hiker who was so concerned about me not returning to my car and was going to call for help, thank you so much. God bless you.


I much prefer occasional acts of terrorism in a free country than have no terrorism in a police state. The worst case of all is where we are headed — occasional terrorism and a police state.


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“All the dog haters who are repulsed by the thought of a small dog in a grocery store need to refocus on the more serious health issue.”

Colorado Retail Food Establishment Rules And Regulations
6 CCR 1010-2

8-106 Prohibiting of Animals
A. *Live animals shall be excluded from within the food establishment. This
exclusion does not apply to edible fish, crustacea, shellfish or fish in aquariums.
Live or dead fish bait shall be stored separately from food or food products.
*Patrol dogs accompanying security or police officers shall be permitted in
offices, storage areas and outside storage areas and outside establishment
premises. *Sentry dogs may be permitted to run loose in outside fenced areas for
security reasons. Guide and service animals accompanying blind, visually
handicapped, partially deaf or otherwise disabled persons or animals training for
this purpose shall be permitted in customer and office areas.
*B. While on duty, persons employed in the food operational areas of a retail food
establishment shall not care for or handle any pets, or patrol/sentry dogs.

To the person who doesn’t like the prevailing political sentiment in Grand Junction: a) you obviously didn’t research the area before you came here, b) move, but do your prospective area study in a little more depth this time.

What is the big problem with roundabouts?  There are bad ones and good ones.  The one at 24 & I-70 has way to may distractions and decorations…it is too complicated and very dangerous.  The one at 12th and Horizon is too small, but it was the first one, so cut it some slack.  The one in Fruita is somewhat similar to the one at 24 & I-70, but it works well.  The one in the Sam’s parking lot is kind of mysterious, but the traffic was really goofy before it was installed.  All the others work great! No stopping at red lights, wasting fuel.  We just need to fix the ones that don’t work very well.

A check with the Colorado State Health Dept. settles the fight about dogs and where they can be. No dog is allowed in or around any establishment where food for humans is sold, including the restaurants, coffee shops,groceries stores,even the hot dog stand at Home Depot or The Farmers Market. Every one should be considerate to those allergic to animals and leave fido at home where he can be cool and comfortable.

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