You Said It: June 22, 2014

Great job, Steve King. How do I get my mailed-in ballot back to change my vote?

It is certainly a sad state of affairs when The Daily Sentinel and past and present sheriffs suppress the truth that influences an election regarding Mr. King. When the story is finally reported, it fails to mention King’s past problems with legislative expenses. It appears that there’s a pattern here.


I can’t believe it! All the high schools in this school district are under new leadership except the one that needs it the most. What is going on in District 51? Why do the students and teachers at GJHS languish in a school with poor OHI scores? Why is a “toxic” work environment acceptable at GJHS? You know, the teachers’ working conditions are the students’ learning conditions. Toxicity is not conducive to success. Change the administration at GJHS! Do it now.


After hearing all the news and watching the video now available about the shooting death of Randy Cook and the DA’s decision not to prosecute Mr. Hoskins, I whole-heartedly support the district attorney. Mr. Cook made a regrettable decision to follow Mr. Hoskins into his own bedroom and continue a physical altercation. Mr. Hoskins was clearly within his rights to shoot Mr. Cook. Unfortunately the family and friends of Mr. Cook will likely never appreciate that the DA made the only legal and ethical decision under the circumstances.


Sen. Mark Udall was spot on with his request for an investigation of “toxic” Grand Junction VA Medical Center. As an employee, I am proud and pleased that our veterans feel they have received excellent care. However, it is at the emotional expense of these same employees that are harassed, demeaned and disrespected by senior management. In the words of one senior manager, “bring it on.” I agree! To the VA inspector general, please do “bring it on.” Bring the hazmat team with you.


Listen up, politicians. I do not want your never-ending phone calls. Perhaps you would understand this better if I start calling your house all day every day and up to 9 p.m. in the evening. All you are doing with your canned messages is irritating people. Whoever has called my house the most, doesn’t get my vote. I’m keeping a tab.


I know I speak for many when I say we are all tired of political phone calls, day and night, wanting opinions, donations, or for someone to hear the value of a vying candidate for office a la robocalls. Maybe the candidate that comes up with a way to stop these intrusions will be the one that gets voted in.


Kudos to the Grand Junction Junior Griffins and their first state championship. It is good to see the great game of rugby going strong in the Grand Valley. Congratulations to the coaches for their support of this team and thanks for volunteering your time to the youth of the valley. Go Griffins!


There’s no way the average Colorado citizen is qualified to vote on such a complex and technical issue as fracking. Let the anti-fracking crowd go back to living like early pioneers with tallow candles and wood cook stoves.

For years, Country Jam has donated tickets to Hilltop so that they can take their patients out there, but this year they chose not to do it as I understand. I know some of the people are brain-injured, but there’s still something in there. Even the people who can’t talk, their minds are still there.


If there is so much at stake, why will there not be an appeal of Michael Blagg’s order for a new trial? Since when is it OK to give someone a new trial by totally trashing one single juror?


I would like to extend a gracious thank you to my Daily Sentinel newspaper carrier. She always goes out of her way to porch my paper every morning without fail. Thank you, Reina, a woman who takes pride in her work providing consistent and reliable service.


My husband and I would like to thank the couple who bought us our breakfast at IHOP on Father’s Day. My husband was quite touched that he reminded her of her father, who had just recently passed. This was a very generous thing to do and we certainly appreciated it.


You are kidding, right? Steve Schultz gets a $13,000 raise and a $10,000 incentive? How about a 3.6 percent raise for all teachers if the district meets the distinction for which you are rewarding Schultz with a $10,000 incentive? It’s the teachers who make a difference and research shows that. What a slap in the face to the teachers in District 51.


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ALL of the veterans do NOT feel that they receive “excellent” care. Isn’t it great to come to work, get on the clock, then go to breakfast? I was given a narcotic pain killer and then told to drive myself to St Mary’s by a sorry ER doctor who lectured several patients about “what and what is not an emergency.” The Chief of Staff thinks that this issue is so important that he cannot give me a tim to see him for weeks. None of which received care. Staff have absolutely lied in order to back up other staff. Supervisors do NOT know what a “Doctors Consult” looks like. None of the many issues (complaints) that I have brought to the Patient Advocate over the past 6 years can be found, except one. And then we see here that the staff are the ones being mistreated and the vets receive GREAT CARE AND TREATMENT. What a crock. The advocate stated that complaints are written up, sent to supervisors and that is the extent of it. The paharmacy has a brand new 2d counseling area and yet the waiting room is full and only one counseling area is open. Are you kidding me? Speaking with the patient advocate last week I was actually told that “I was trying to look good.” What? I was also told that the hospital works like the “military.” What? Many would have been dispatched were they in the military. But because they are US Govt employees they are not dismissible. There, are, however, many dedicated professionals that are drug down by the pee poor ones as well as upper management.

GOOD OLE BOYS and GALS. Been saying it for a long time——reelecting the same ones over and over and over again. What? As if they are the only ones that could possibly solve or run anything. But, hey, we are gonna have a million dollar theatre that we can all hob nob in.

Jerry is spot on, VA has had problems for over 25 years that I know of. Unfortunately the ACA under Odrama has given us all the same system of poor healthcare. I fear all this will receive is lip service as it has in the past. Giving a damn is not in the political arena, only appearing to.

Country Jam is now being run by a new company- Town Square Media so I’m guessing that is why Hilltop didn’t get the usual donated tickets.

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