You Said It, March 4, 2012


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Thousands of impoverished families would think they were in heaven if they received $150 a day for expenses. Politicians raising their per diem while their constituents struggle in this economy is the ultimate act of selfishness. How out of touch can they be?

Drill, drill, drill is not an energy program ... unless you want to nationalize our oil production. The U.S. is exporting more oil than it imports. Oil is sold on the world market and prices are affected by Mideast volatility. Support alternative energy.


To the person who took my wooden bear from in front of my house: I hope you really needed to have him. He was a gift to me from my late husband. I will be looking for a ransom note soon.


The purpose of a high school music choir is to educate our children about worldwide music and composers. Are we to eliminate all non-Christian countries from world history? Ignorance breeds hatred and there is no place for hatred in Christianity.


After listening to the voicemails sent to School District 51 I came to the conclusion that there really isn’t too much difference between a Christian extremist and a Muslim extremist.


So, City Market shows some empathy and corporate responsibly by holding a citizens meeting and they burn them at the stake. Great response, and you wonder why they are leaving?


Two thoughts come to mind regarding City Market’s closing at First and Orchard. 1) Yes, many older people shop there and probably do not spend as much as families do. However, the neighborhood is changing, providing prime property next to three schools. 2) Even if their profit is only $1, that’s more than it will be if everyone jumps ship and shops at their competitors’ stores.


OK,  now we are excepted to clean up after the homeless on the river? Please. I was always taught: make a mess, clean it up. How long will we coddle these people?


I propose we use the “WTF” slogan for a contest for all of Grand Junction for the “bonehead of the week” award. The winner/winners will have to wear a WTF sticker on their foreheads for one week. I nominate the Lions Club as the first winners of the WTF award.


I read the outcries about the high school choir song, but was wondering where they were when seeing the Grand Junction Lions Club members dressed like terrorists march down Main Street. That was an insult to our community, our country and I was ashamed of the Lions Club for allowing it. Where was the outrage about that?

I’m very sorry for what happened to the dog in Clifton and I hope it will recover. First, you must notify animal control that there is a problem. They can’t be everywhere. Second, why is a “service dog” tied up outside and not with its owner performing its job?


Why is it that the Matchett Park property is now used as an open dog park where dogs run free without leases and owners do not have any respect for others for not picking up after their dogs?


Many, many thanks to the trio of good Samaritans who helped us free our car, which was stuck in the snow. They selflessly took about 2 1/2 hours of their time to get our car unstuck, guided us to our destination, and then accompanied us back to the main road, all during a snowstorm.


I see the pot folks got enough signatures to get the marijuana use on the ballot. Can anyone tell me where the “recreational use” of pot came from? Cigarette users don’t say for “recreational use.” Booze drinkers don’t say for “recreational use.” Guess those pot users think smoking pot is akin to football, softball, soccer or mountain biking.


Thank you to the lady who paid for my lunch at Red Lobster. May you be blessed many times over for your kindness and generosity.


Why does The Daily Sentinel continue to print “You Said Its” from misinformed people? The four-day school week will cut 20 percent from transportation, utilities, food service and possibly custodial. Administrators and teachers will not be cut. If you are complaining about the additional day-care costs, you should have voted for the $10 per month mill-levy increase on the last ballot.


Last Saturday morning at the Clifton Starvin’ Arvin’s we sat next to a very engaging young couple and their handsome young son, Dillon, and his adorable younger sister. It was not until we were ready to leave that we were told the couple had paid for our meal. Thank you and God bless.


I am a senior citizen and last month I went out to shovel snow. I must go slowly and carefully. My city of Grand Junction trash pickup employee parked his truck and came over and shoveled for me. I will always be very appreciative for your kind deed.


Many thanks to the gentleman who recently wrote to The Daily Sentinel explaining the difference between “primary wealth” and “secondary wealth.” Tourism, skiing, visits to the wilderness areas, etc., may bring a boost to the state’s economy, but are only recycling wealth created by some other means. All basic, non-inflationary wealth comes from the earth: minerals, oil and gas, coal, timber, agriculture and even seafood from the oceans.


I agree “Buy American,” but be careful what you wish for. Do your research first before you speak did you know Toyota is 84 percent American made and Ford is next closest at 71 percent American made. Come on, people.


I’m so very proud of our local university for bringing Sen. Alan Simpson to Grand Junction.  His humor, coupled with his wit and his love for our country, was a huge hit and we loved hearing him. Can’t wait to see who they bring next.


I wholeheartedly agree with Rep. Steve King that employers should have unfettered access to one’s credit reports when making a hiring decision. Let’s expand that so-called business tool to us taxpayers who are largely the employers of elected officials. Fear not that I, like employers, would never consider credit inquiries as a fitness test from sources such as Las Vegas casinos or Capitol Hill watering holes.


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