You Said It, May 15, 2016

Since open burning preceded the influx of whiners that came here for various reasons, the newcomers, in the last 50 years, should learn to do their homework before they move into an area, then begin to tell the people whose home you intruded into uninvited how to run their lives to make them feel happy in their new home. If you don’t like smoke in the air, take a three-month vacation in the spring and a two-month vacation in the fall. Or learn to do your research before parting ways and moving to a new place and demand the culture of your new “home” change to make you feel good. When you move to a new area, be prepared to assimilate.

To anyone who is short of elm seeds, I have plenty to share.


I just want to remind everyone who has to drive around a roundabout that you don’t get to use both lanes. On two separate occasions, I have been on the roundabout in Fruita and have had the cars in the opposite lane come into my lane completely oblivious. Good thing I was paying attention because now neither of us has to get a new car or file an insurance claim.

As I was leaving work yesterday at 5 p.m. on Horizon Drive through the construction zone, I noticed that many of the drivers have forgotten the common courtesy of not blocking the intersection. I had to sit through one left turn signal without turning because drivers didn’t pay attention to the traffic and filled up the intersection, leaving no place to make a left turn. The area around the interchange is very congested and confusing. Drivers need to remember that everyone wants to get home as quickly as possible. Please watch the traffic in front of you and make sure there is enough room ahead of you to get completely out of the intersection so you don’t block it. Patience and safety go hand-in-hand while this construction is going on.


The Grand Valley Drainage District is crying about money and then buys a billboard ad on Redlands Parkway. Seriously? You don’t even sell anything; why are you wasting money on advertising? Whoever made this decision should be fired.


Get off your phone and get out of the fast lane. Move over and be a courteous driver when on the highways. It is the law.


What’s with this new thing where you leave a car’s length or more in front of you when you stop at a light? Oh wait, I get it, you’re on the phone. Hang up and pay attention to that deadly weapon you’re in charge of.


I am embarrassed and disappointed that my beloved Colorado home became a leader in the recreational marijuana business. I am pleased that my hometown of Grand Junction does not have any businesses of that type within city limits. I applaud and support Nebraska and Oklahoma in their pursuit of compensation. Now Wyoming should join them, along with the city of Grand Junction. In addition, I dislike seeing marijuana advertisements for shops from nearby towns in my hometown newspaper.


To the person whose dog was hit by a car and killed in Fruita: It’s sad that your dog lost its life. My question to you is why was your dog in the road and not under your control? There are leash laws in effect. If you can’t be a responsible pet owner, don’t own a pet. Why do you expect others to watch out for your dog when you don’t? You were just as culpable in your dog’s death — or more so — than the driver who hit it.


Doesn’t the City Council ever tour the city to see what shape it’s in? I dare them to go up First Street from Grand to North, or Patterson west from 28 1/2 Road to 27 1/4 Road, or east North Avenue. No sidewalks, rough roads. I will be happy to pick them up and show them, as they may not have a four-wheel drive to go over these roads.


Now I have a new reason to hate Grand Junction and avoid Main Street: While down there Sunday, along with others, enjoying Mother’s Day, we were subjected to nausea and vast disappointment via the “gay pride” parade. How insane to approve a parade on the same day as such a long-standing, respectful holiday, which has opposite values. They could’ve had it on Saturday.


Has anyone besides me noticed there is less competition in business these days, and it is more about the business and less about the customer?


Thank you to the person who found a purse at the Clifton McDonald’s and turned it in to management without taking anything from it. This belonged to a dear friend who was in the middle of a big move and was totally stressed. She was so overwhelmed at getting it back. This act of kindness won’t be forgotten.


To the citizens of Grand Junction: If you don’t want the transients and their dogs downtown soliciting and lounging around, then move the transportation system and relief system that supports them to another location where tourists and locals do not congregate. It might be a more cost-effective solution in the long run.


I want to thank the gentleman who was picking up trash along Ottley Avenue between Phyllis Drive and 18.5 Road on Tuesday. He even was spraying weeds. Thank you for doing your part to keep Fruita clean and presentable.


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Gay people and those of us that are happy to see their celebration have mothers too.  Mine raised by to be loving and tolerant.

Calling those that move to a town ‘uninvtied’ seems a strange way to welcome to economic activity and diversify jobs.  Maybe ‘newcomers’ have ideas just as valuable as grumpy old timers?

There was a time when the valley was primarily an agricultural area, but that time has long passed. Our history is one of agriculture, and mining, including for coal, hard rock and uranium, all industries whose workers incur lung and heart disease, cancer and worse. People who worked in these pursuits still live here. In addition, Grand Junction has marketed itself as a retirement mecca, with outdoor activities, beautiful vistas, a wide range of assisted and elder housing and the biggest medical center between Denver and Salt Lake. But older people suffer higher rates of lung and heart disease, and worse. The rate of childhood asthma is increasing as well.  The thousands of people in our area who suffer from when open burning pumps heavy smoke into the air are largely unseen, because they are on home oxygen. You just don’t see them because it’s hard for them to get out, but ask any home oxygen company; they are there, thousands of them. Open burning is a relic of the past, especially inside City limits. It’s time to end it. This is the 21st century. There are healthier and safer ways to trim your yard or deal with agricultural maintenance.

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