You Said It, May 22, 2016

Commissioners: Here is an idea for the three of you. Take care of your sheriff’s deputies, human services workers, etc. They’ve struggled financially for many years, and all you do is cut budgets and accept raises for yourselves. Oh, and remodel a state line “historical marker” that no one sees. You people amaze me. Start taking care of your employees.

$3.5 million per year for street improvements by way of an increase in sales tax. The city should get their head out of their rear and realize that they could have a surplus of tax revenues if only the archaic mindset would think more on a business level instead of a “feel good” approach and permit the sales of medical and recreational marijuana within the city limits. That’s a no-brainer, as it could be regulated instead of having behind-the-scene activity. And by the way, your kids are already knowledgeable about ways to get and use it behind your backs, but you probably already know that. The dollars are right in front of your face.


The Grand Junction City Council intentionally underfunds road maintenance, creates a crumbling roadway crisis, and now is asking for a sales tax increase to fix the problem. Give me a break.


To the person complaining about the Grand Valley Drainage District billboard on the Redlands Parkway: Look again. It’s for the 5-2-1 Drainage Authority, a completely separate entity. Come on, folks. All it takes is a little homework before going off on a tirade.


Question: Why does CMU have a say as to when spectators are allowed on the upper spectator deck at Stocker Stadium? As a parent of a high school athlete who pays admission to watch him play football or run track (not to mention the fact that as a taxpayer I helped pay for the expansion) I should be allowed to go up there to film/watch my son’s events. I didn’t know CMU owned the complex. I thought it was shared between District 51, the city and the college.


I had forgotten how kind people are. Friday afternoon, I did a swan dive at the entrance to Kmart and was injured. Help from the store came immediately. The store greeter and a dear lady from Moab stayed with me until the ambulance came, making several attempts to reach my family. Someone else found my bent glasses and was there to help. I did need some stitches, but I will be fine. So thank you to all who cared.

Where is the District 51 grounds crew? The lawn at Rimrock Elementary School is a disgrace. Dandelions and other weeds are thicker than the lawn. It was the same last year. It needs to be sprayed for weeds, then fertilized and watered. Let’s take some pride in our schools. If you are overworked, then let’s contract out the lawn care.


Many thanks to the crew of the Mesa County Workforce Center staff. What an amazing resource our community has to those who are in need of employment. They are very professional and courteous even when people aren’t at their best while struggling to find work. I was in and out of the place for two months while out of work, and they provided all of the tools needed to help find work. I finally found a job but wanted to let others know that if they haven’t tried the Workforce Center, they should.


I am happy that my beloved Colorado is progressive enough to legalize marijuana and many towns — not our Republican-
biased, backward-looking Grand Junction, of course — have seen that marijuana is not the end-all evil they thought it was. I have been involved in the legal field for 25 years and it was only the prosecution of marijuana that I encountered. I have not heard any complaints or embarrassments concerning alcohol, which by the way was responsible for numerous acts of marital violence, child violence and auto deaths. If you don’t like the ads, don’t look at them.


I would like to thank the man who helped me Monday morning. I ran out of gas on 11th and Hill. He was walking to graduations that morning and didn’t even hesitate to come to my rescue. Thank you. I appreciated his help.


Most people are appalled by the homeless and their dogs and trash, but has anyone gone by intersections where “yard sale” signs, boxes, tape on poles are just left there to trash up our streets? It would be one way city officials could supplement their budget by fining these culprits. Most signs list addresses, and if you have a yard sale, you should be so kind to pick up afterward.


Thanks to the Good Samaritan who hung my sunglasses in a tree outside Copper Club on Friday night. After enjoying amazing beers and watching Shaun Ray’s great music, I knocked my Smiths out of my bike pannier. Someone awesome picked them up and left them for me to grab the next morning. Welcome to Fruita.


Note to the person with “a new reason to hate Grand Junction” because of the gay pride parade on Main Street on Mother’s Day: Every one of those proud gay people has a mother. Many of them are mothers as well. Surprise! It’s not really about you.


I am from out of town. I recently had a fantastic dinner with my family at Tequila’s on North Avenue. I discovered after I had been home for some time that I had left my purse at the restaurant. I was so relieved when I called them shortly after they closed for them to confirm my purse was there. I was able to pick it up the next morning. This wonderful community of Grand Junction is fortunate to have such a fine business committed to honest and gracious dealing with the public. Thanks again to the great personnel at Tequila’s.


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To the person complaining about “weeds” in the school yard.  You’re attitude is so funny I cracked up.  Weeds are not an enemy.  What you put on them to “kill” them is, especially to our young.  Paraquat, DDT, 2,4 D, Glyphosate, etc. They all are part of the chemical soup we inflict on the autoimmune systems of our children.  Why would Dist. 51 want to subject kids to more chemicals to kill an edible plant? A plant that feeds the early bees, reminds us of Spring and is ubiquitous no matter what action is taken. Relax, enjoy what Nature provides.  And don’t wish further harm to our environment.  Thank you District 51 landscaping for your thoughtful care of our kids.

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