You Said It, May 25, 2014

Any chance we can send Marilyn Charlesworth the bill for extra costs associated with the Blagg case due to her?

Really. People have time and this paper has space to worry about some knit tops on some art works. Let’s go over this. The clothes go on for a short period of time, then come off, with no damage to the piece of art. All the time making someone look at the art with a possible new eye and appreciation. Really.


We are supposed to elect a man who has no experience or training to be sheriff. We are expected to wait for a year while he trains to be the sheriff, meanwhile we are paying someone to be the acting sheriff? Just because you have a “R” behind your name does not make you qualified for every elected position in Mesa County.


I implore anyone who is even thinking of voting John Pennington for sheriff to go to his website and read his “short” biography that is three pages long. He believes a bullet from a sniper rifle is the purest form of social work, thinks only blue-collar folks can be hard-working, and refers to Grand Junction as a county. These are just a few gems that came from the time spent reading the poorly written, poorly punctuated chest-thumping.


Kudos to the shops on Main Street that recognize Sunday is a day of rest and remain closed. Shame on those that are giving them grief because of it.


Keep in mind that there is irony in the overblown announcement that a Grand Valley brochure, tucked in an airline pouch, will be some sort of Holy Grail to our economy. Given that any economic impact will result in more service jobs that allow you to march over to county Human Services for supplemental support, the barf bag has more clout.


A big thank you to the person that left the note on my car last Sunday at the Safeway parking lot on Patterson regarding the red Mustang with silver stripes. The damage was very minor. To the person that hit my car, shame on you.


Leave your small dogs at home. They do not need to be carried everywhere, especially in stores, hospitals or in your lap while you are driving. If you are too scared to leave them by themselves, then maybe you should not have one. You are going to get someone killed because you are distracted with them.

Seems it’s time for a driving reminder: If you’re turning onto a two-lane street, hold your lane. If I’m also turning, and hold my lane and you don’t, if we collide, you will be paying for my car repairs. So you can pay later or pay attention now.


Coal is too dirty, fracking is too polluting, wind too dangerous for birds. So now, an alternative source of energy: Get a bunch of treadmills, take them to the homeless areas and have the homeless generate power. Never-ending resource. Take a break for a free lunch and then back to making power. 


I understand that Mesa County Animal Services has a budget problem, but refusing to accept cats is inhumane. Animal abandonment will be enormous if the 800-plus cats that were killed in the system is any indication. It may be hard to get our community to act responsibly in regards to spay/neuter, as the director says, but certainly the answer is not to give up!


What happened to code enforcement in the town of Palisade? I was just wondering because about any street you drive down the yards are full of weeds, some over 6 inches and many over 12 inches. What happened to the pride in this little town?


I find it ironic that an administrative law judge has explained twice to District 51 School board members that there is no evidence to support the dismissal of an excellent teacher by Jon Bilbo and Jamie Moore and yet there is ample evidence to support not re-hiring Bilbo and Moore in poor OHI scores, Tell surveys and seven years of complaints to school board members and district officials. Why are Bill Larsen and Steve Schultz continuing to employ administrators who are proven to be ineffective and lack leadership skills? When will Grand Junction High School be rescued from the irony of upper administration?


I would like to commend our school bus drivers for an outstanding job this school year. They deliver thousands of students to and from school as well as to and from special events. Driving in traffic composed of those you know acquired their license from a cereal box and accumulating so many accident-free days is an amazing show of driving expertise.


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RE: Leave your small pets at home, I do so agree.  I am allergic to dogs and some cats.  People who bring their “Animals”, into the stores would most likely give a peanut butter sandwich to a child who is allergic to peanuts.  It is an animal folks not a person, so consider that.

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