You Said It Sept. 13, 2009

• Here’s a list of government programs: Postal Service, started 234 years ago; Social Security, 74 years ago; Fannie Mae, 71 years ago; War on Poverty, 45 years ago; Medicare/Medicaid, 44 years ago; Freddie Mac, 39 years ago. All of them are either broke or going broke and have never paid for themselves. Do we really want to pour trillions of dollars into a monstrous health care reform that won’t reform anything and will cost us more taxes?

• Why is it that the president of the United States can lie in a speech to a joint session of Congress and the American people, but nothing happens. When a congressman actually has the guts to tell him, “You lie,” he is the one who has to apologize. Something is wrong with this situation. Rep. Joe Wilson, R-S.C., for president 2012.

• It really bothers me to see the Republican side of Congress’ inability to respect the office of the president as we just saw at President Barack Obama’s speech on health care. Are they that much better than anyone else?

• If my memory serves me correctly, Admiral Yamamoto remarked upon the destruction of the American fleet at Pearl Harbor in 1941, “I am afraid we have only awakened the sleeping giant.” It appears the present administration may have awakened the Sleeping Giant with attempts to change the function of our government with numerous unelected czars, the stated plan to take from the rich and give to the poor, and efforts to change our health system into a bureaucratic nightmare. Have you ever seen so many angry Americans? Maybe on Dec. 8, 1941.

• A president on TV speaking to children about being in school is not the devil recruiting acolytes. Ill-founded intolerance, making it political and denying your kid this opportunity undermines the respect that should be shown the office. And with the exception of Tope Elementary School, shame on District 51 for their gutless half-baked decision. Common sense is gasping its last breath in this country.

• I would hope most kids can “think for themselves” and thereby should be encouraged to have a fairly wide (within reason) array of experiences in school. Those poor kids who have been indoctrinated by their parents are at risk for not benefitting from new experiences.

• How many of those opposed to the mill in the Paradox Basin have ever been there? How can they even suggest that the tourists can be the basis for the economy of the basin? The scenery is on the level of that between Crescent Junction and Green River, Utah. I doubt that there will be a great tourist rush to get there. The looters are certainly in charge if they have their way.

• Since Gov. Ritter decided to save money by closing down a facility in Grand Junction that treats mental disabilities, maybe he should also close down the state Capitol for a few days each month. It would save much more money.

• It is much easier to care for a disabled infant, toddler, preschooler, school-age child or teenager than it is to find services and figure out what to do about the future of a disabled young adult.

• Do you think that any closings would occur at the Regional Center if Bernie Buescher were our representative in the House? Great work, Ms. Bradford.

• Grand Junction’s budget is in free fall, yet the city manager refuses to even consider a wage freeze. Nevermind that people are losing their jobs and even their homes. Our tone-deaf city manager still thinks the city employees deserve a raise in pay. The manager is putting the city in a financial hole that will take years to recover from, but the City Council doesn’t seem to care.

• Is it any wonder that our senators and representatives would not want to come to Grand Junction for a “town hall” meeting? Can you blame them? This community and the majority, I suspect, has no appetite for a rational, respectful discussion. They simply want a forum to disseminate their hate and lack of understanding of the issues.

• To the woman who bumped into my son, knocked him off his scooter and sent him flying into the busy traffic on North Avenue in front of City Market last week and did not leave your name or insurance information with him: I hope you someday have a son and know what this feels like for his mother.

• We enjoy the Speaking of Science column by Gary McCallister. He is excellent in making day to day science interesting and clearly explains the real science behind his subjects. He is a credit to The Daily Sentinel, Grand Junction and Mesa State College. Thanks for including him in your paper.

• Not using your signal when exiting a roundabout is just as hazardous as not using one when changing a lane. The efficiency of a roundabout depends upon drivers using turn indicators. I’d love to see a cop pull over someone for being too lazy to move their arm eight inches.


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