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Outside briefs, March 19, 2017

By Staff

COPMOBA sets bike trail talk for April 6 in Montrose The Colorado Plateau Mountain Bike Trail Association (COPMOBA) will host an open house in Montrose to discuss a proposed multi-use, non-motorized trail system to be located west of Montrose. The meeting will be from 5:30 to 7 p.m. April 6 in the Centennial Meeting Room adjacent to City Hall, 433 South First Street. The Uncompahgre Singletrack Plan is a conceptual trail plan for approximately 27 miles of new singletrack located in ...


Wide-ranging fun

By Dale Shrull

Slippery snow and too much speed are not a good combination. One particular rider couldn’t clamp down on the brakes too much but he wasn’t going too fast as the fast-approaching corner loomed. Behind the mirrored goggles, the rider’s eye were no doubt bulging with fear. His bike slid and he hit the snow. He quickly recovered,  popped up and got his fat bike going again at the bottom of the course at Powderhorn Mountain Resort. Fat bike racing — an ...


Get Out! Part-time winter is upon us

By Julie Norman

It’s “Sprinter” here in Western Colorado. You know, that time between winter and spring when we all get to choose our own adventures each weekend. There may be snow on the Mesa, but the trails in town are clear (though they’re wet as I write this). So each Friday, the question arises: What are we going to do this weekend? Biking in late January and early February is always fun. A few weeks ago, we took an impromptu trip over to Moab for the weekend and managed ...

Some suggestions to stuff the stocking of your favorite adventurer

By Julie Norman

If you aren’t one of those everything-must-be-done-by-Thanksgiving shoppers, there is still plenty of time to get some great gifts for the person in your life who loves biking and camping almost as much as they love you. In no particular order, here are 5 of my favorite suggestions for stocking stuffers and small gifts. 1. Snacks — you just can’t go wrong with snacks in a stocking. Don’t feel like you have to stick to the same old tired Clif Bars though. This year ...



By Dale Shrull

Nothing gets the heart rating going like a steep climb, or the opening of a new trail. For avid local mountain bikers, the plethora of trails in Mesa County offer plenty of challenges and fun times. But it’s always a thrill to check out a new sliver of dirt. The newest trail is in the Kokopelli area at the Loma exit off Interstate 70 is about a quarter of a mile up from the beginning of Mary’s Loop off the main road. It isn’t a huge section of new trail but it’s ...


Wealth of bike terrain makes local rider happy

By Julie Norman

This year, in particular, I’m finding it especially important to focus on gratitude and thankfulness. As another bike season slowly (thanks fall!) comes to an end, I want to share some bike-related things that I’m thankful for: 1. Technology: I’m thankful to developers of products like dropper seat posts and also to programmers for apps like Trail Forks. My dropper seat post has given me more confidence on technical sections of trail and has also helped me to focus ...


Officials still awaiting final approval for 18 Road improvements

By Jon Mitchell

Federal land authorities will survey the 18 Road bike trail system for infrastructure improvements after the land north of Fruita was placed on the short list to receive grant money, a Mesa County official said recently. Along with potential infrastructure improvements, the city of Fruita and the Colorado Plateau Mountain Bike Trail Association (COPMOBA) submitted paperwork this past month requesting a federal research grant to plan for the creation of additional bike trails. Pete Baier, ...


Fall in love

By Julie Norman

We’ve been traveling and adventuring fools this bike season, but we’ve still managed to find time for plenty of riding here at home. We’ve been sticking to a routine of favorite trails when riding in Grand Junction, Fruita, and Loma, and since it seems months sine I’ve written about specific rides around here, I wanted to share some with you. At 18 Road we have a standard route for rides: We ride up Prime Cut, down PBR, back up Prime Cut, over to Joe’s ...


New race series to kick off in October

By Staff

The Mountain and Desert Race series, Urban Tread Adventures, is gearing up for the upcoming season, which starts on Oct. 1. This five-race series features cyclocross and running races on challenging courses from Palisade to Fruita. The races, which are starting about two weeks later than last year, run until Dec. 3. The cycling races will be 50, 40 and 30 minutes for the A, B and C divisions. Running races will have courses up to two-mile laps, depending on terrain and course difficulty, ...


Reaching new heights

By Dale Shrull

Noah Spears came zipping down a stretch of singletrack lined with aspen trees and took aim at the center of the rock. The dirt trail went right over the rock, and Spears went airborne. As he landed, a robust cheer went up from the small group of spectators as he disappeared down the path during the newly formed Sunday Scramble Mountain Bike Race series. Since Powderhorn Mountain Resort opened its new mountain bike park, dirt has overtaken snow as the big news on the mountain. Last ...


How I spent my summer vacation

By Julie Norman

It seems an odd time to be writing this, since it’s only August, but everyone’s kids are back in school and so I suppose a “how I spent my vacation” brief is rather appropriate. Our summer has so far been filled with Colorado biking adventures. In June, we camped several weekends in Ridgway. The state park there is decked out with swimming areas, playgrounds, shaded sites and great scenic trails. Of course the biking there is fast, flowing and oh so sweet! In ...


‘A good change’

By Jon Mitchell

The 18 Road mountain bike trails north of Fruita have gotten a lot more attention over the years. Back in 2005, according to Chris Pipkin of the Bureau of Land Management, an estimated 33,000 annual visitors came to the trails. Ten years later, that number has more than doubled to 77,000. “Anymore, it’s really hard to tell the difference between a holiday weekend and a regular weekend out there,” Pipkin said. The 18 Road trails now serve as a boon to the city’s ...



By Julie Norman

It seems as though we are constantly surrounded by numbers these days. How many miles did you ride? You should exercise 5 days a week for 30 minutes a day! How many calories did you burn? How many “active minutes” is your fitness tracker showing for today? These numbers can be overwhelming and can often turn a fun activity into work. Maybe it’s just me. Maybe my personality just isn’t one that can work with tracker tools of any kind … fitness, calorie, ...



By Dale Shrull

Rider after rider zipped back to the Flat Top Flyer for another trip to the top. Smiling and excited, riders couldn’t wait for the high-speed lift to whisk them back up to enjoy another downhill mountain bike ride at Powderhorn Mountain Resort. Saturday was the second day of Powderhorn’s new venture into downhill mountain biking and the riders were pumped. “Awesome. That’s all I have to say,” said Tyler Johnson of Delta. “Downhill is so much fun and ...


Get Out! Not middle of the road

By Julie Norman

We’re lucky folks to live in a state where mountain biking is possible almost all year. Except for January and February (and sometimes even then if you have a fat bike) it’s possible to find excellent biking at least somewhere in Colorado. June provides an especially interesting time for biking. It’s warming up here in the valley, which means biking earlier in the day or heading to higher ground. However, the popular high-elevation rides like Crested Butte’s 401 ...


The downhill thrill

By Dale Shrull

Mountain biking at ski resorts has long been a destination for those looking for high-speed thrills. As summer approaches, Powderhorn Mountain Resort is set to join the list of ski resorts that have mountain bike trails. “The Grand Valley has always been a major mountain biking and tourism destination, so this will be really good for Powderhorn and the community,” said Powderhorn General Manager Sam Williams. Now that the snow has disappeared and the dirt had hardened, ...


Get Out! Question everything

By Julie Norman

On a recent snowy spring camping and biking trip to Cortez and Durango, we reminded ourselves of this: the main goal of a bike trip is to ride every day. This is often easier said than done as spring weather is never predictable and summer weather in the mountains is even less so. Still, there are things you can do to ensure that your next camp/bike trip is as successful as possible. In this case, success equals: a day of biking, eating lots of great food, perhaps drinking some good beer, ...


Get Out! The power of pedaling

By Julie Norman

Two years ago, I participated in and wrote about the April 30 Days of Biking Challenge. The challenge is social-media based, though you can “pledge” to do it on 30daysofbiking.com. The rules are simple: get on your bike every day. It doesn’t matter how far you ride, though I do tell myself I have to go at least a mile, unless it’s raining. There’s no prize for finishing, except being able to say you did. Last year I skipped it. This year after seeing almost ...


Get Out! Basic training

By Julie Norman

Squeeeeeeee. Squeak squeak squeak. Ping! Rattattatatatat! What IS that noise? Many times I’ve had to stop on the trail after asking myself this question. Is it a brake rubbing? A shifter problem? Is my chain dirty? If you find yourself asking these questions frequently, you may be in need of some basic bike maintenance. Maintaining your bike is just like putting gas in the car. It’s one of those things none of us truly wants to take the time to do, but if you don’t do ...


State funds help Grand Valley Ranger District maintain OHV trails in area national forests

By Staff

Your face is dusty, your ATV muddy and your adrenaline is at an all-time high. You have just finished riding one of your favorite trails in Grand Mesa National Forest and couldn’t be happier. Have you wondered how all these miles of off-highway-vehicle (OHV) trails traversing a vast and diverse landscape stay in good shape? Forest services across the nation have the annual challenge of maintaining hundreds of miles of trails with limited budget and personnel. The Grand Valley ...

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