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Etiquette foot

Trail etiquette tips for mountain bikers

By Julie Norman

1. Yield to uphill riders.  It’s easier for you to stop and get started again than it is for someone climbing. 2. Yield to hikers and horse riders.  Often hikers will yield to you, but you should still be prepared to stop for them.  When approaching horses be sure to speak so that the horses know you’re human and not a threat. 3. Don’t ride when it’s muddy.  Just don’t do it.  When our trails are wet and you ride them, you can harm ...

Triathlon Photo

Triathlon Racing: How to get started

By Special to the Sentinel

How to get into Triathlons (tri-ath-lon) By Adam Sczech, LTR Bike Shop, Grand Junction, CO LTRMultisport.com Triathlon races consist of three different sports: swimming, running, and biking. They are a not only a good time but also a good way to stay active.  First, I want to make it known that I come from a cycling background and actually enjoy riding more because of getting into triathlons.  A few years ago I was getting burned out with riding and decided to do a local ...

CMU Cycling Team is on the right path

By Special to the Sentinel

Colorado Mesa’s cycling team heads into the spring road cycling season in position to win another USA Cycling national omnium championship. The Mavericks are currently in first place through three disciplines with two more to go. They took first place in track and second in mountain biking. That includes Mesa’s first Rocky Mountain Collegiate Cycling Conference title in roughly six years, coach Patric Rostel said. Mesa placed fifth in cyclocross in January. The Mavericks are ...

All about Fat Bikes

By Special to the Sentinel

by: Brad Stewart, Bicycle Outfitters, Grand Junction, Co There is a new distraction for bikers.  It’s an untraditional alternative to mountain biking, the newest experience in thrill!  Enter: The “Fat Bike!” Fat bikes are manufactured by most top bike companies and they each have their own little bells and whistles. Salsa Brand is one of the first to venture into the full suspension fat bike model, which is coming out soon.  Fat bikes have larger tires ...

Burn Lap

How to Pack for the trails you’re riding

By Special to the Sentinel

by: Keith Kitchens, The Bike Shop, Grand Junction, CO Ready to hit the trails? Here are a few suggestions for what to take with you on a variety of rides: BURN LAP – tube, CO2 canister and head, Quik Stik and water bottle. No pack. RACE PACK – All of the above plus – pump, patch kit, multi-tool, nutritionals (gels, blocks, bars or fluid in water bottle), master link for chain, water in a small and lightweight pack, 50oz bladder. TRAIL PACK – All of the above ...

Rustler’s Loop photo

Advanced biking tips: steep rollers, drops, rock gardens and switchbacks

By Julie Norman

Mastering various bike skills takes time and patience, and sometimes even a little blood.  Hopefully our tips and the videos we’ve linked will help you advance your own skills without leaving too much skin on the trails. Below I’ve covered four advanced skills: switchbacks, like those might encounter on Curt’s Lane or Clunker; steep roller rocks like those found on Slickrock or Captain Ahab in Moab; drops, like those found on Horsethief Bench or many other trails in ...

regal ride 2

A Bicycling Classic

By Special to the Sentinel

By John Hodge The Grand Junction area offers a variety of good road cycling routes, but the crown jewel has to be Rim Rock Drive in Colorado National Monument. Around here we think it’s one of the best, if not the best road ride in the state. Those of us who live and ride here just love showing off this ride to anyone who hasn’t done it before, and we’d like to show it off to you now. This route is just as enjoyable whether you’re riding it clockwise or ...

Stagnant singletrack

Has some of your singletrack become stagnant?

By Julie Norman

Have you ever found yourself riding the same trails over and over? Sometimes we do this because we just really enjoy a particular ride (Lion’s and Mack Ridge for me). Other times we find ourselves just repeating the same rides every month because we don’t know what else is out there. This year I and my bike friends did some exploring. We got ourselves out of a rut and checked out new terrain. Here are some tips for exploring new trails nearby: 1. Actually look at a trail map ...

Mary Thom ride photo

How to get your significant other to mountain bike

By Special to the Sentinel

By Heather O’Brien Photos courtesy of Heather O’Brien I am nuts about biking. I’m so nuts that I, a teacher, spend my summer vacations working at The Bike Shop because I love helping people find the perfect bike, and also so that I can keep abreast of all the latest bikes and biking gear. It’s not unusual that when you love something so much, you want to share it with the people you are closest to. I brought this notion up with some fellow biking nuts and found ...

Pic biking with kids

Tips for a successful mountain bike ride with your kids

By Julie Norman

1. If you have very small children, consider investing in a Strider bike. Strider bikes don’t have pedals, so kids can push along with their feet, but can also pick up their feet in order to learn balance. These bikes also help to develop steering skills and confidence. 2. If your kids have outgrown the Strider bikes and are ready to hit the trails, first start by considering the bike you’ll buy them. Try to buy the best quality bike that you can; the frame will be lighter ...

Demo Days - Bike Shop

Buying the mountain bike best suited for you

By Special to the Sentinel

Story and photo by Keith Kitchens, The Bike Shop It’s time for a new mountain bike. How do you get the best bike for you? With so many choices on the market today it can be overwhelming. By breaking down the options your final choice will be easier to find. Where do you live? What types of trails do you like to ride most? Do you love the smooth flowy trails or the techy rockstrewn trails? Maybe Free Ride/ Enduro is your game. Don’t forget downhill is a fun, scary, ...

Ready to Race image

Ready to race?

By Sparky Moir

So, you’ve decided that you want to compete in a bike race. Awesome! Racing is a wonderful way to progress as a rider, to see how your bike handling skills and fitness stacks up against others and to meet new people who share your passion. Whatever your reasons for choosing to compete – be it curiosity, a desire to crush the competition, or an item to be crossed off your bucket list – the process of getting to the start line can be just as intimidating as the race ...

The 2015 RIDE guide is here!

By Julie Norman

The 2015 Edition of RIDE magazine, produced by The Daily Sentinel is here! This year’s “How-To” theme means our magazine is filled with articles on: How to get started mountain biking How to get started racing How to find the right bike for you How to get your kids involved How to bike over the Monument How to get involved with COPMOBA and MUCH more! Click this link to check it out: http://grandjunctiondailysentinel.co.newsmemory.com/special.php?date=20150227  ...

RIDE 2015 Let’s Get Started pic

Let’s get started!

By Julie Norman

Chances are if you’re thinking about mountain biking it’s because you already know someone who does. If that’s the case, then getting started will be a little bit easier. If you DON’T know anyone, however, and just have developed the mountain biking bug, never fear, there are options for you too! Step 1: Find someone to ride with. If you know someone who bikes, ask them if they’d be willing to take you out on a few rides. This will not only introduce you to ...

COPMOBA offers trail building and bonding

By Special to the Sentinel

By KRISTINA KITTELSON COPMOBA Coordinator The Colorado Plateau Mountain Bike Trail Association, Inc. (COPMOBA) is a member-supported, nonprofit organization of volunteer mountain bikers dedicated to advocating for, building and maintaining sustainable singletrack trails on the Colorado Plateau in Western Colorado. COPMOBA is a growing organization, and it has never been easier to get involved! COPMOBA has four formal chapters throughout Western Colorado including the Grand Valley ...

Preserving open space key to new trails

By Special to the Sentinel

By LIBBY COLLINS, Mesa Land Trust There is no doubt about it, fabulous trails and scenic vistas are attracting more and more people to ride on the Western Slope. Trail use continues to grow because the landscapes are beautiful, the sunsets are spectacular, and the trails are not as crowded as they are elsewhere. Often when riding, you feel like you’ve discovered your own secret spot out in the wilderness. Yet, you may only be a few miles from home. For many of us, trails were the ...

Buy the right road bike pic

Bike fit most important when buying

By Special to the Sentinel

Story and photo by BRYAN MIICK, The Bike Shop So you have decided that you want to try road biking but you don’t know which bike to buy. You’ve been to the bike shop and looked around and saw bikes from $900 to $10,000. They all look similar, so how do you choose? This is where a good sales person can help, because all of them ride too. When you start to research bicycles you will find that the frames are made of different materials; today most are either aluminum or ...

CMU training center

Cutting-edge resources for Colorado’s cycling enthusiasts

By Special to the Sentinel

By: Jill Cordova, CMU department head for kinesiology Nestled on the northwest corner of Colorado Mesa University’s main campus sit two hidden gems that are making the institution the envy of other schools and an exceptional resource for the community. A recently opened 1,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art cycling training center, located just moments from the school’s cutting-edge Monfort Family Human Performance Lab, is enabling training of athletes and undergraduate study at a ...

A biker’s guide to avoiding crossfit training injuries

By Special to the Sentinel

As we roll into 2015, thousands of individuals are making goals for the New Year. Getting into shape has always been a favorite for those who have strayed from their workout routines, and 2015 is sure to fill the local athletic clubs. For those who have promised themselves a better body and failed, or those who want something more than the mundane gym routine, CrossFit has its advantages. As of June 2014, there were 10,000 CrossFit gyms around the world, each offering its unique style of ...

bmx pic

World-class BMX track being built

By Penny Stine

While the Grand Valley’s growing reputation for mountain biking is well-deserved, there’s another riding style that will soon be featured on a national stage. Mesa County Fairgrounds has been working with Grand Valley BMX to complete a new BMX track at the fairgrounds. The new track will be more visible from Highway 50 than the one the group has used for years behind the CSU extension office. “They’re modeling the track after a track that will be built in Rio for ...

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