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Solitary confinement

By Staff

We were mostly by ourselves, sort of like being voluntarily confined to a river of trout. Not questioning why there were not more volunteers for this duty, my next cast laid out the fly line, which took the drift against the far bank, where the most current was and the darkest water. A midday sipper mistook my imitation for an invite and a soft lift spoke of resistance. Considering there is a good road next to a good river, this is somewhat amazing. But then, when you consider the ...


A taste of Yellowstone

By Staff

Anywhere there is a cold-water stream in the United States, either natural or sometimes artificial, you will likely find trout. Eastern streams are famous for the early fly-fishing history of the United States and difficult hatch-matching days. Western streams are legendary for vastness and public access. Some waters are navigable, some are little more than creeks. Some are historic, some are tourist famous. Some are backcountry quiet, some are raging spring torrents. Some are natural, ...


Good news for Rio Grande

By Dave Buchanan

A multi-pronged effort to save remaining populations of Rio Grande cutthroat trout has paid dividends. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced earlier this month that the Rio Grande cutthroat trout, one of three remaining native trout species in Colorado, has recovered to the point the fish no longer needs the protection of the Endangered Species List. The news doesn’t mean the fish completely is out of danger but it illustrates the success of a multi-pronged conservation ...


Taking a look at the range of Rio Grand cutthroat trout

By Dave Buchanan

In 2008, the recovery of Rio Grande cutthroat trout was stymied by this fact: Only 57 percent of streams then holding the disappearing fish were considered good habitat. A study of Rio Grande cutt habitat by John Alves, Southwest Senior Aquatic Biologist for Colorado Parks and Wildlife and a member of Rio Grande Cutthroat Trout Conservation Team, sparked some interest in a handful of anglers who figured if the fish was on the verge of disappearing, maybe they should catch one, just to say ...


The perfect ‘shot’

By Dave Buchanan

It’s the moment you’ve dreamt of for years ­— You’ve just taken the shot of a lifetime and the trophy of a lifetime is on the ground. Now, you’re faced with the second most-important shot of your life. This time, however, it’s with your camera. The saying “Without a photo, it didn’t happen” never rings more true than when you are recording that all-important trophy. Umm, you are carrying a camera this hunting season, ...


Rainy cold front mixes things up at Lake Powell

By Wayne Gustaveson

PAGE, ARIZ. — Stripers just blew the hot-water lid off Lake Powell. The long, hot summer that kept the surface temperature above 80 degrees ended this past weekend with the arrival of a rainy cold front. Now, instead of daytime air temperatures reaching 90 degrees, the temperature is a much more comfortable 70 degrees. Morning air temperature is in the 50s. The cooler surface temperature is what the stripers have been waiting for. We put on our coats and headed out at first ...


It’s a great time to check out Lake Powell’s striper boils

By Wayne Gustaveson

PAGE, Ariz. — Fishing is improving over the length of the lake as fisheries respond to improved habitat and forage. With water levels rebounding and spawning habitat returning, a new generation of bass and stripers is responding to the resurgence in lake conditions. More striper boils are seen each day, and bass are being caught with more regularity. The best locations in the southern lake include the main channel near the mouth of Navajo Canyon, Gunsight Canyon main channel, Last ...


Commission approves offering Apprentice Hunter program

By Dave Buchanan

A proposal to allow youths 10 years and older to hunt one time without taking a hunter education course was adopted Thursday by the Colorado Parks and Wildlife commission. The Apprentice License would be a one-time waiver of the state’s current hunter education requirement, which says anyone born on or after Jan. 1, 1949 must pass a state-approved Hunter Education course. The young hunters would be required to take an online pre-hunt survey and hunt accompanied by a mentor 18 or ...


Staying the course

By Dave Buchanan

Taking the approach that “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it,” the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission on Friday agreed to take a hands-off approach to the current big-game license allocation process. “In essence, we concluded we’re in a better position to stick with the status quo in terms of how we are allocating the overall big game tags, particularly elk,” said commission chair Bill Kane of Basalt during Friday’s meeting in Glenwood ...

Meeker ranch to open for public hunters

By Dave Buchanan

A handful of big-game hunters this fall will get the rare opportunity for a free, private-land deer or elk hunt near Meeker. The hunts are arranged by Colorado Parks and Wildlife on the Miller Ranch in game management unit 23 as part of a deal establishing a perpetual conservation agreement on the 3,100-acre ranch. The agreement required allowing limited public hunting access. The 10 hunts — mostly cow elk and doe deer, with one bull elk hunt — are open to all eligible ...


Knowing when to measure or release ‘such a mind game’

By Dave Buchanan

Leaning against the wooden counter that dominates the pocket-sized shop housing Almont Anglers, guide and shop owner Mark Day commented on how fishing can be baffling. Not all fishing, mind you — although some anglers are quick to dispute that — but certainly the test of the Gunnison Angling Society’s Superfly, a one-day contest in which anglers are limited to, among other restrictions, pre-selected flies, pre-selected waters and a strict time limit. “It’s ...


Catch and release

By Dave Buchanan

ALMONT — Despite the background chuckle of a nearly full East River, an anguished cry could be heard from an angler knee-deep in the September flows. “Oh, I hope he gets off,” pleaded Joel Evans of Montrose, as he watched his fly line jump and dance from the efforts of the 8-inch rainbow stuck securely to Evans’ fly. Evans gingerly released a bit more line and suddenly the fish, one second hooked and the next second gone, became a forgettable memory. “He ...


Threadfin shad having banner year at Lake Powell

By Dave Buchanan

When longtime Lake Powell fisheries biologist Wayne Gustaveson looks back on the the 2014 fishing year, he might be thankful for a silvery little fish that sustains the lake’s entire food pyramid. Threadfin shad are having a banner year after several years of decline, Gustaveson said in the latest of his weekly Lake Powell fishing reports, and anglers around the lake are reaping the benefits. “It has been a rough couple of years with the declining lake level, loss of habitat ...

Outfitters on commission to decide license rules

By Dave Buchanan

In what appears to be the inmates running the jail, a pair of Colorado Parks and Wildlife commissioners, both of whom are registered big-game hunting outfitters, are set to play major roles in deciding how the state’s wildlife agency doles out big-game licenses. More exactly, the decision will determine how many of the most-coveted of those hunting licenses will be taken from the allotment set aside for resident hunters and be given to nonresident hunters, who make up the great ...


Boosting mountain lion quotas on agenda

By Dave Buchanan

An increase in mountain lion quotas for this year’s November through March season and the addition of a new fall mountain lion season starting in 2015 are among the items to be considered when the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission meets this week in Glenwood Springs. The meeting is set for 8 a.m. Thursday and 8:30 a.m. Friday at the Ramada Glenwood Springs. According to a memo to the commission from Parks and Wildlife director Bob Broscheid, the agency is developing a new ...

Colorado’s license cap is ‘unfair’

By Dave Buchanan

An attorney representing the Colorado Outfitters Association has questioned the state’s method of distributing big-game hunting licenses to nonresident hunters,  saying it could be unconstitutional. “We have real concerns with the current (license) allocations,” said Kent Holsinger, speaking to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission during the August commission meeting in Fort Collins. “We believe the current system is unreasonable and unfair and that it ...


Get in the (small) game

By Dave Buchanan

This past weekend marked more than the unofficial end of summer, it also was the beginning to the state’s hunting season. Archery season began Friday, which may have surprised some mushroom hunters who spent the day in the woods and unexpectedly ran into someone dressed in camouflage and carrying a bow. Archery hunters aren’t required to wear fluorescent orange unless hunting during a rifle season. Archery runs through Sept. 28, with muzzeloader (blackpowder) season opening ...


Young Utah hunters can learn the ropes

By Dave Buchanan

In a play-before-you-pay effort to attract more people to hunting, this year Utah is offering a program where any licensed hunter 21 years or older can take a person 12 years or older hunting. The licensed hunter does not need to be a trained hunter-education teacher nor does the first-timer need to have taken a Hunter Education course. The only requirements for Utah’s new Trial Hunting program is the “student” possess the proper licenses and permits and complete an ...


Lily Lake pretty ... and quiet

By Dave Buchanan

Looking up from the rainbow trout he was unhooking, the angler nodded toward the dark trees on the other side of Cottonwood Lake No. 4. “You want to see a real pretty lake?” he asked, sharing another of his life-time supply of insider hints about fishing Grand Mesa. “You ever been to Lily Lake? It’s not that far and it’s one the prettiest lakes I’ve ever seen.” When asked if there were any fish in Lily Lake to make the hike worthwhile, he ...


Free seminar will teach fly fishing to novices

By Dave Buchanan

Expand your world of fishing by learning to fly fish, courtesy of Colorado Parks and Wildlife and the Grand Valley Anglers chapter of Trout Unlimited. Novice anglers are invited to a free, three-hour seminar about fly fishing at 6 p.m. on Sept. 17 at the Parks and Wildlife Hunter Education Building, 711 Independent Ave. All equipment will be provided. Topics will include insect biology, casting techniques and gear, such as rods, reels and flies. Participants will have the opportunity to ...

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