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Parks and Wildlife adds tiger muskies to fish mix at Harvey Gap

By Dave Buchanan

Tiger muskies, the hybrid sterile offspring of muskellunge and northern pike, again have been stocked in Harvey Gap Reservoir, and the Colorado Parks and Wildlife commission is set to enact an emergency regulation at Harvey Gap to protect those young predators. The emergency regulation, which would prohibit anglers taking northern pike by spearfishing, archery or gigging (using a hand-held pronged spear), is among the items the commission will consider Thursday during its meeting in Grand ...


Bass fishing nearing its seasonal peak at Lake Powell

By Wayne Gustaveson

PAGE, Ariz. —  It’s a typical year at Lake Powell, As soon as the water warms, bass move onto nest sites and then retreat as water cools. If the home cove is protected from wind, it stays warm (53-60 degrees) and bass spawn. But if strong wind cools the water, spawning is delayed until the next calm period. Lake level (as of Monday 3,597 asl) is the selling point for coming sooner rather than later to fish for spawning bass. Now, the lake is stabilizing, ready to start ...


Wyoming bowhunter kills record whitetail buck

By Dave Buchanan

According to the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, a whitetail buck killed in September by an archery hunter was the largest recorded whitetail buck taken by an bowhunter in Wyoming. Shane Sanderson, 39, of Kinnear, shot the 10-point whitetail on Sept. 1, opening day for the Wyoming archery season for deer. Sanderson, a lifelong hunter who has been archery hunting for 13 years, had scouted the big buck since August and was waiting in a blind when the buck, accompanied by two smaller ...


Calming water means start of bass spawn

By Wayne Gustaveson

Lake Elevation: 3,597 Water Temperature: 53-63 F http://www.wayneswords.com PAGE, Ariz. — Wednesday, the wind was howling and keeping Lake Powell water temperature down in the low 50s. My advice: Don’t be discouraged. The wind will stop, the temperature will rise and the warming water will usher in the annual bass spawn. If sight fishing for bass is high on your list, then the fun begins as the water calms and continues into the first part of May. Largemouth bass will be ...


Take it from a pro

By Dave Buchanan

By Sunday afternoon, the weekend storm had blown through the Pleasure Park, leaving sunny skies, a crisp wind and higher flows on the North Fork of the Gunnison River. After a day of rain and accompanying snowmelt, the streamflow gauge on the North Fork near Leroux Creek was reading around 240 cubic feet per second, not too high for wading anglers to reach the mainstem Gunnison above the Pleasure Park. This gauge is just above the confluence of the North Fork and the Gunnison and ...


Easing the frustration of early season fly fishing

By Staff

March and April can be the most frustrating time for an angler. Low water, extreme clarity and no hatches are the major problems to overcome. The Gunnison River this year has been running about 300 cfs (minimum low), very clear and with sporadic hatches. For the most part, nymphing is the most successful method in these conditions. We have all heard the saying “you are standing where you should be fishing.” Normally we think the fish are holding in deeper water, so we wade ...


Reservoir draw-downs 
top spring fishing news

By Dave Buchanan

Colorado anglers will have their hands and their nets full this spring with the planned draining of two major fish-producing reservoirs. The first 2013 weekly fishing report sent out last week by Colorado Parks and Wildlife reminds us the previously announced draw-down of Miramonte Reservoir near Norwood continues with no bag limits for trout and smallmouth bass. Colorado Parks and Wildlife plans to treat the reservoir with rotenone this fall in an effort to rid the lake of smallmouth ...


Lost generation

By Dave Buchanan

As this page reported Sunday, deer-hunting licenses in the Gunnison Basin will see a slight increase this fall thanks to a growing deer herd. However, the story isn’t limited to what is happening around Gunnison and entails more than simply having more deer on the landscape. Although it’s true there are more deer in places, there still aren’t as many as biologists would like to see. Some of it’s the inherent nature of mule deer, which are susceptible to hard ...


Drought hits deer with a ‘double whammy’

By Dave Buchanan

The impacts of hard winters on wildlife are easy to see. Drought, however, can be imperceptible but equally deadly. “In terms of deer response, the drought is having much more significant impact than our hard winters,” said Darby Finley, terrestrial biologist for Colorado Parks and Wildlife in Meeker. “I think now we are seeing the impacts on our winter range.” Finley said “everything west of Colorado Highway 13, from Baggs (Wyo.) to Rifle” has been ...


Mild winters + more deer = more licenses for Gunnison Basin

By Dave Buchanan

A series of mild winters has allowed mule deer herds in the Gunnison Basin to recover enough to offer more hunting opportunity this fall. A story that appeared in Wednesday’s Gunnison Country Times quoted Colorado Parks and Wildlife terrestrial biologist Brandon Diamond as saying herd health across the basin continues to improve. “Pretty much across the Gunnison Basin, we’re within our sex-ratio objectives,” Brandon told a public meeting in Gunnison to discuss ...


Demos, deals, Dennis: Expo’s coming to town

By Dave Buchanan

It’s like Christmas in April for fly anglers, and without the cold. The 15th annual Western Colorado Fly Fishing Exposition includes tours, seminars, fly-tying demos, guest speakers and fly-fishing clinics and contests. The best deals — other than the tours, seminars, listening to Jack Dennis and watching the fly tying — are the silent and live auctions during the banquet Saturday night. Poke around, you can hook up with angling art and fly fishing gear, or maybe an ...


Time to catch them all 
at Miramonte Reservoir

By Dave Buchanan

With Miramonte Reservoir set for a complete fish removal this fall, Colorado Parks and Wildlife is giving anglers a rare opportunity. In an effort to see as many of the sport fish as possible go to licensed anglers, starting Monday all bag and possession limits on smallmouth bass and trout will be removed, according to Parks and Wildlife. “This emergency public salvage will allow licensed anglers a unique opportunity to catch and keep these fish prior to the treatment,” said ...


A day on the river with Jack

By Dave Buchanan

World-renowned guide, author and fly-fishing innovator Jack Dennis is returning to Grand Junction April 5-6 for the 15th annual Western Colorado Fly Fishing Exposition at the DoubleTree Hotel. In addition to Dennis’ guest appearance and his popular “A day on the river with Jack Dennis,” this year’s expo features a full day of fly-tying by many of the best tiers from across the West, special tours of Ross Reels and Scott Fly Rods in Montrose and Whiting Farms in ...

Take the time to learn a lot at fly fishing exposition

By Dave Buchanan

Looking back on long years of fly fishing, there are few moments that really stand out. On that list might be the night on the Firehole River in Yellowstone National Park when a blizzard of Green Drakes flew like snow on the wind; that mid-summer morning on the White River when it seemed every trout in the stream was rising for your fly; and the few hours spent on the Gunnison River listening and learning from Jack Dennis. It’s not wrong to say Dennis, one of fly fishing’s ...


Outdoors proves to be great economic driver in Colorado

By Dave Buchanan

Colorado is set to receive more than $21.8 million as its share of federal excise taxes paid last year by hunters, anglers and motorboat operators. The funds, generated through the Pittman-Robertson Wildlife Restoration and Dingell-Johnson Sport Fish Restoration programs, help support fish and wildlife conservation and recreation efforts across the state. More than $884.2 million was raised nationwide last year through these taxes, according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife ...


Fly Fishing Film Tour will electrify anglers

By Dave Buchanan

Below on this page you’ll see a note about Joel Evans’ presentation Thursday night called “Colorado Kaleidoscope.” It’s a fitting title as Evans changes photos, scenes, locales and just about everything (including flies) as quickly as that rotating kid’s toy once changed your immediate outlook on life. Another change anglers are sure to enjoy is the 2013 Fly Fishing Film Tour, a panoply of fishing videos set to appear April 5 in Grand Junction at the ...


Watching out after 
the West Creek spill

By Dave Buchanan

The January tanker spill on West Creek still is leaving marks. This week, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Bureau of Land Management issued a caution to anglers and other recreationists using the waters of West Creek this spring and summer. According to the EPA, even though the accident, which dumped 6,000 gallons of gasoline and 2,000 gallons of diesel into the creek, happened 
Jan. 25, visitors still may find a visible petrochemical sheen on the water. “The bulk ...


Parks and Wildlife offering how-to turkey-hunting clinic

By Dave Buchanan

Turkey hunting continues to be one of Colorado’s fastest-growing outdoor activities, thanks in great part to the abundance of turkeys and hunting opportunities on public land. But, while wild turkeys may be seen and heard in canyons and draws from the state line to Glenwood Springs, being a successful hunter entails knowing a few more tricks than the wily bird with the droopy snood. Colorado Parks and Wildlife feels your pain and is offering a free, how-to turkey-hunting clinic ...


Lake Powell is returning to old ways

By Dave Buchanan

Wayne Gustaveson, the veteran Lake Powell aquatic biologist for the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, says welcome to the new (old) Lake Powell. With the lake level down Monday by more than 99 feet and expected to drop another foot before runoff starts to move the lake skyward, Gustaveson urged anglers to recall how the lake fished prior to all of the brush growth in the high-water years. “Declining lake level will have a huge impact on spring fishing,” Gustaveson said in ...


Cold winter culprit in Canyon View fish kill

By Dave Buchanan

Winter continues to leave its mark on the Grand Valley. The prolonged cold blamed for killing trees and rose bushes around the city also is being blamed for a fish kill in the south pond in Canyon View Park on 24 Road. The kill was reported earlier this week by Rusty Johnson of Grand Junction, who said she regularly spends winter days walking around the park. “I’ve done it for, oh, six to eight years now,” she said. “But this was the first year I didn’t see ...

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