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Advice: Stay out of water

By Dave Buchanan

AUSTIN — The late Denny Breer, long considered the premier guide on the Green River below Flaming Gorge, enjoyed positioning his boat so clients could fish the margins behind wading anglers. “It’s sort of to make the point that fishermen often forget where the fish go in high water,” Breer would say. The advice goes for many rivers, from the Green River at Flaming Gorge to the Gunnison River just about anyplace. And it’s a truism to remember when runoff ...

DOW offers women-only Cast and Blast weekend

By Dave Buchanan

Is the divorce rate higher among couples where the man tries to teach the woman how to (pick one, all or make it up) ski, hunt, fish, shoot or drive? The Colorado Division of Wildlife has an offer that might keep one-half of a relationship from sharing the couch with the dog. A women’s weekend of Cast and Blast (it’s not the best title but it rhymes and I didn’t make it up) is being offered June 24–26 at the Jim Olterman/Lone Cone State Wildlife Area south of ...


High water keeping anglers away from Gunnison River

By Dave Buchanan

AUSTIN — On a recent weekend morning, a visitor to the Gunnison River could hear the river’s voice chatting busily as its waters rolled past the slope-shouldered hills of Gunnison Gorge. Standing in what is referred to as the west parking lot, just above the confluence of the Gunnison and North Fork rivers across from the Pleasure Park, one could hear other notable sounds, such as the intermittent trill of meadowlarks and the laughter of four rafters floating placidly by, ...

CDOW weekly fishing report — May 17, 2011

By Special to the Sentinel

SEASONAL REPORT Anglers love to talk about the weather - and for good reason. The elements often play a key role in fishing success, not to mention an angler’s comfort while on the water, and the current season has provided much to talk about. Many popular reservoirs had a relatively early ice-out, but with a pattern of high winds and weather front after weather front moving through, water temperatures have remained on the cool side. Fishing success has been erratic. Between the ...

That one fish might mean $1 million

By Dave Buchanan

You always dreamed there would be some way to make a million dollars fishing. Yeah, and Lady Gaga is going to be your fishing partner. Instead of standing around, waiting for the blonde (at least at this writing) songstress, you could try fishing Blue Mesa Reservoir, Lake Pueblo or any one of 65 other waters across the United States where catching the right fish might net you that cool million. It’s all part of Cabela’s “Wanna Go Fishing for Millions,” a contest ...

051711 Lake Powell Brian Barsness

Fishing reaches its spring peak at Lake Powell

By Wayne Gustaveson

Lake Elevation: 3,616 asl                 Water Temperature: 59 – 68 degrees F PAGE, Ariz. — Water level at Lake Powell is rising 2 feet per week now but that will soon grow to 4-5 feet per week. Runoff is coming at high levels and will continue to run strong from now though July. Expect to see the lake rise to the highest level in this decade by mid summer. The Castle Rock Cut is now open to all boats. This short cut on the ...

051311 Lake Powell bass

When the weather is hot, so is the fishing at Lake Powell

By Wayne Gustaveson

Lake Elevation: 3,613 asl                 Water Temperature: 57 – 64 degrees F PAGE, Ariz. – Fishing at Lake Powell coincides with the weather report. Warm and sunny days grouped together bring fantastic fishing results. Cold and blustery days make catching fish a bit more work. Yesterday was a perfect example of spring weather on the lake. A cold wind blew all night lowering the water temperature back to 57 degrees after it ...


Springtime fine along East Portal of Gunnison River

By Dave Buchanan

EAST PORTAL — Midmorning Sunday at the East Portal section of the Gunnison River found the river quiet, the campground nearly empty and three men hurrying to make it even more so. While Ron Smith and Verne Vobejda of Colorado Springs were rolling up their tent and stowing their fishing rods in preparation for the 4 1/2-hour trip home, Russ Tomlin stood quietly out of the way. The three had spent a couple of nights camping and fishing the Gunnison at the East Portal, and Tomlin, ...


Spring on Gunnison: Trout spawning, sediment flowing

By Dave Buchanan

EAST PORTAL — Birds do it, bees do it, even fishies in the stream do it. It’s spring and rainbow trout are spawning. There are several sections of the Gunnison River at the East Portal where it’s easy to see spawning trout, and most anglers give these embattled fish a wide berth during their annual rites. Sunday, however, a quartet of spin fishermen was working the shallows, trying for the large trout seen hovering over the spawning beds. From the fishermen’s ...

CDOW weekly fishing report — May 10, 2011

By Special to the Sentinel

Spring fishing is fraught with uncertainty: water conditions, weather, the life-stage of aquatic insects and other fish food – or maybe just the mood of the fish. When things don’t quite go according to plan, take a cue from the fish:  Be an opportunist. Stream fishermen might head to their favorite river anticipating a particular hatch – the celebrated caddis event on the Arkansas River, for example – and be locked in to it. They expect to fish caddis ...

050411 Lake Powell art 2

Best fishing of the spring now at Lake Powell

By Wayne Gustaveson

Lake Elevation: 3,612 asl                 Water Temperature: 55 – 60 degrees F PAGE, Ariz. – IT’S TIME! All the variables are now falling into place. The best spring fishing of the year will happen in the next 10 days. Water temperature will now rise as warmer days without wind are in the forecast. Bass that have tried to spawn but were thwarted by cooling will be able to complete the task in earnest. Stripers kept at bay ...

CDOW weekly fishing report — week of May 3, 2011

By Special to the Sentinel

Mild, sunny days. Rain. More sun — then a burst of snow. And wind — always the wind. Welcome to springtime in Colorado.  With May just beginning, fishermen have seen just about every imaginable twist and turn of the weather. But savvy anglers who can adapt to variable conditions will find that spring offers some of the best times to be on the water. Streams generally are flowing low and clear, ahead of a spring runoff that’s expected to be significant in most of ...


Springtime pursuit is on for big fish with bad attitude

By Dave Buchanan

CRAWFORD — Pretty. Intimidating. Fish. If you’ve ever seen a northern pike up close and personal, you understand the saying, “appearances are everything.” Sleek, muscular, perfectly camouflaged in dark green and gray vermiculations, baring a mouth lined with razor-sharp teeth and sporting a pugnacious attitude to accompany its bad-boy reputation, this belligerent fish has it all. Think of fiercesome and, well, if these fish really got big — pike of up to 42 ...

042511 Lake Powell fish art

Change keeps coming as water warms at Lake Powell

By Wayne Gustaveson

Lake Elevation: 3,611 asl Water Temperature: 55 – 60 degrees F PAGE, Ariz. – Typical April weather at Lake Powell has everyone confused. The only constant is change. Balmy delightful mornings are often followed by windy afternoons. Despite the uncertainty, early morning water temperature now exceeds 55 degrees. That allows warming to reach the magical 60 degree range by afternoon. Warmwater fish respond to warming with renewed activity and vigor. Spiking temperatures trigger ...

042011 Lake Powell tribble

Cool temperatures delaying spawn at Lake Powell

By Wayne Gustaveson

Lake Elevation: 3,610 asl                 Water Temperature: 53 – 58 degrees F PAGE, Ariz. — Spawning tension continues as bass and crappie are ready to spawn but temperature is just not warm enough. Days are warm but a persistent afternoon breeze mixes the warm surface layers which delays spawning. Water temperature this morning was 53.7 at Wahweap. In years when warming is late, spawning occurs in isolated locations in each ...


So many places to fish, so hard to make up your mind

By Dave Buchanan

AUSTIN — The North Fork of the Gunnison River is running high and brown, the Colorado River is up and going higher, and in those places where the water is low the snow isn’t. What’s a fisherman to do? Why, go fishing, of course, but that first move should be toward the Internet and the daily stream flow reports. It’s runoff season across western Colorado, and all those high flows and the off-color were exacerbated by this week’s round of rain and ...

Hunter fined for illegally killing moose

By Dave Buchanan

A Highlands Ranch hunter has been fined $5,177 and given three years supervised probation after being found guilty of illegally killing a cow moose and not reporting the incident. According to the Colorado Division of Wildlife, Joel D. Eady, 30, killed the cow moose in October, 2010, while hunting in the Missouri Creek Basin area east of Meeker. The DOW report said witnesses told investigating officers that Eady admitted killing the moose and told the witnesses he would report the ...

East Portal Road open to public

By Staff

The East Portal Road to the Gunnison River is now open. The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation this morning said the road, which offers access to Crystal Dam, the Gunnison River within the Curecanti National Recreation Area and the Blcak Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, will remain open throughout the summer unless weather or rock slides make the road unsafe. The road has a 16-percent grade and no vehicles longer than 22 feet are allowed. The East Portal Road begins at the entrance ...

DOW seeks information on poaching case

By Staff

The Colorado Division of Wildlife is seeking public assistance after the discovery this morning of two illegally killed pronghorn on Orchard Mesa. It’s suspected the animals were killed elsewhere prior to being dumped at 30 1/2 Road and B 1/2 Road sometime between 10:30 p.m. Monday and 8 a.m. Tuesday. The DOW is asking witnesses or anyone with any information on this or any other poaching incident to call Operation Game Thief at 877-265-6648. A $1,000 reward is offered for ...

041311 Lake Powell art Drew

Warming trend keys bass spawn at Lake Powell

By Wayne Gustaveson

Lake Elevation: 3,609 asl                 Water Temperature: 51-57 degrees F PAGE, Ariz. – The aquatic tension in Lake Powell is reaching critical mass. Days are getting longer. Water temperature warms in the afternoon only to crash back to the low 50s at night. Noticeable frowns mark the faces of impatient bass and crappie. Spawning time is overdue and bass are getting anxious. What’s the hold up? In reality bass spawning is ...

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