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Disgraced Parker outfitter put profit before ethics in the hunting arena

By Dave Buchanan

A series of missteps by an outfitter from Parker has resulted in him paying fines in excess of $13,000 after pleading guilty to illegally hunting deer in eastern Colorado. In addition, outfitter Tom Tietz, 56, faces two years of supervised probation and lifetime loss of his hunting and fishing privileges in Colorado and 34 other member states in the Wildlife Violator’s Compact. According to the Colorado Division of Wildlife, Tietz was paid $5,000 from each of three clients in 2008. ...

111610 Taxidermy

Elk, deer remain elusive through third big-game season

By Dave Buchanan

Hunters may remember this latest big-game season as a season of two seasons. When the third installment of the 2010 big-game season ended at dusk Sunday, hunters had to weather yet another winter storm warning to get out of the hills. In contrast, at the beginning of the nine-day season hunters were dealing with 60-degree days and faint prospects of using those new snow tires. The mix of weather was enough to change hunting strategies several times and hunters lucky or prescient enough ...


Youths can go wild over turkey this year

By Dave Buchanan

Can you say “Thanksgiving turkey?” The Division of Wildlife can, and is offering a special youth-only fall turkey hunt starting Saturday in selected units around southwest Colorado. The hunt is open to all Colorado hunters under age 18. Licenses are available at any license agent or DOW office. Youngsters holding a unfilled turkey tag from the regular season can use that tag to go hunting again. Each hunter must be accompanied by a non-hunting mentor who is 18 or older and ...

East Portal Road closed for winter

By Staff

Icy conditions from the latest round of winter storms have moved the Bureau of Reclamation to close the East Portal Road for the winter. The road, reached from the South Rim of the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, provides access to the Gunnison River and Crystal Dam within the Curencanti National Recreation Area. The road will reopen next spring when road and weather conditions allow. For more information, contact Ted Dunn at (970) 240-6300.  ...


Blind hunter sights in opportunity to take a buck

By Dave Buchanan

After cautiously waiting and watching the shadows grow light, the buck mule deer slowly stepped out of the trees. Vance Wilson turned his head and whispered, “He’s out now, I think we’ll get a shot.” Darrel Chapman, sitting next to Wilson in front of a large pinyon tree, barely tilted his head at Wilson’s voice. “Stand up and get ready,” Wilson said, and the two men rose together, Chapman mounting the rifle on a tripod stand. At the sound, the ...

Struggling economy leads to closure of popular fly shop in Montrose

By Dave Buchanan

With no more splash than a mayfly landing on a pond, veteran guide and fly shop retailer Bob Burke quietly closed the doors in September on a 20-year venture with Cimarron Creek Fly Shop in Montrose. The surprise end (at least to those of us not in the retail business) to one of western Colorado’s premier fly fishing shops emphasizes the economic doldrums plaguing the region. Burke was one of the more-knowledgeable shop owners in Colorado, particularly when it came to the Gunnison ...

Outreach program offers two private-land hunts

By Dave Buchanan

Thanks to the generosity of two Meeker area ranchers, six lucky hunters this fall will be hunting deer and elk on private land for free. The hunts, offered through the Division of Wildlife’s Hunter Outreach Program, include a private-land youth deer hunt for hunters 12–18 years old. The hunt will happen during the fourth rifle season, Nov. 17–21, and applicants must not already have a 2010 deer license. The second hunt is a private-land cow elk hunt on the 2,900-acre ...


Quick taste of winter leaves hunters empty handed

By Dave Buchanan

Blaze-orange hunting shorts, anyone? What began as a promising and very wintry start to the 2010 big-game season eased noticeably last week and took with it many hunters’ hopes. It didn’t help that hunters were battling a full moon and suddenly speechless elk, but mid-day temperatures hovering above 40 degrees might have been the final insult. There’s not much change in the short-term forecast, with mostly clear skies and temperatures above 7,000 feet expected to top ...

Gray wolf in northern Rockies relisted under ESA

By Staff

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has reinstated federal protection under the Endangered Species Act for the gray wolf in most of the Northern Rocky Mountains. The reinstatement complies with a District of Montana court order of Aug. 5. Under the regulation, gray wolf populations in the northern half of Montana, the northern panhandle of Idaho, the eastern third of Washington and Oregon, and north-central Utah as considered endangered. The ruling also reinstates the designation of the ...

DOW seeking information about Estes Park elk killling

By Dave Buchanan

The illegal killing of a popular bull elk earlier this month in Estes Park has the Colorado Division of Wildlife seeking information and offering a massive reward. The elk, recognizable for sporting seven points on each antler and the star attraction at this year’s Elk Fest in Estes Park, was struck by an arrow in the spine near its hind quarters on or around Oct. 15. Estes Park police officers euthanized the elk after it was determined the animal was unable to walk or eat and the ...

102710 OUT Lake Powell Wayne

Winter fishing can be exciting at Lake Powell

By Wayne Gustaveson

Lake Elevation: 3,634 msl Water Temperature 66 - 69F PAGE, Ariz. — Where did the summer go? I will be sampling uplake during the first two weeks of November so this will be my last regular fish report for the year. If something good happens a supplemental report will be posted on Wayneswords.com. Here is what to expect during the next month. Striped bass will continue to be found in deep water. Focus on the 60 foot depth strata to make best use of graphing time and eliminate ...

Hunting Elk 1

First season notes: Sun’s out, so are elk

By Dave Buchanan

The elk are here, where is the weather? The first of this year’s major rifle hunting seasons started Saturday under clear skies and temperatures a bit above average, neither of which are particularly welcome to determined elk hunters. Still, early reports indicate many hunters are at least seeing elk if not putting one in the freezer. “The report from North Park is that the hunting has been good with hunters getting into elk about everywhere,” said Division of Wildlife ...

102010 Lake Powell

Rain brings cooling and revived fishing to Lake Powell

By Wayne Gustaveson

Lake Elevation: 3,634 msl Water Temperature 69 -72F PAGE, Ariz. — Lots of rain this week will create some absolutely beautiful waterfalls tumbling off the cliffs walls surrounding Lake Powell. Cooler days will finally cool the water into the 60s. Cooler water will bring the best fishing period of the fall for all species. Adult stripers will continue to actively hit frozen cut bait but they will be able to move into shallower water. The holding depth now is 50 to 70 feet. Finding ...

Colorado Division of Wildlife’s weekly fishing report — Oct. 19, 2010

By Special to the Sentinel

Seasonal Report: On Colder Ponds The leaves have changed, the days are shorter and frost has returned to greet us in the mornings. Big changes are taking place as Colorado begins its yearly transformation into a winter wonderland. As temperatures plummet, the high country’s lakes, ponds and streams will soon make way for different types of fishing experiences.  One of the best things about fishing in Colorado is the year-round opportunities and challenges that it presents. ...

101310 Lake Powell Jones

Lake Powell fishing gets better every day

By Wayne Gustaveson

Lake Elevation: 3,634 msl Water Temperature 70-74 F PAGE, Ariz. – Summer continues with a bit of spring runoff thrown in for good measure. Lake Powell rose a foot with recent rain storms helping the water level. Water temperature is a pleasant 72 F with the return of warmer than usual days. With all that good news there might as well be more. Fishing gets better by the day. Striped bass are ready, willing and eager to bite frozen cut bait in the main lake.  Shad are scarce ...


Summer turns to fall, hiking to hunting, but the fishing is still good

By Dave Buchanan

One of my co-workers at The Daily Sentinel spends fall weekends canning and last weekend was spent pickling garlic. That’s OK, especially for mid-winter snacking, but Phil Trimm at Western Anglers Fly Shop had a better idea. “I was fishing the Gunnison and doing quite well,” said Trimm (244-8658). “I was fishing big dries because there’s still lots of grasshoppers around. I used a big foam ‘hopper pattern trailed with a caddis dry.” The ...

Colorado Division of Wildlife’s weekly fishing report — Oct. 12, 2010

By Special to the Sentinel

Seasonal Report: The Season of Change As we make our way through October, many things will begin to change. Overnight lows will begin to dip below freezing, giving way to the appearance of skims of ice around the edges of some high mountain lakes. Several species, such as brown and brook trout will go into their fall spawning mode. Some small mountain streams will offer good chances to catch spawning brookies. Summertime hatches, such as mayflies, damselflies and stoneflies have gone ...

Aurora woman lands state-record 43-pound channel catfish

By Staff

Twenty-year-old Jessica Walton of Aurora became Colorado’s newest fishing-record holder after landing a 43-pound channel catfish at Aurora Reservoir on Oct. 4. The fish is the largest channel catfish caught in Colorado and the third state record taken from the Front Range reservoir in 15 months. Walton caught the enormous fish at 6 p.m. using a night crawler, egg sinker and 20-pound test line. She said ti took 10 minutes to land the fish. The catfish measured 40.5 inches in ...

1000610 Lake Powell Rosa

Cold weather improves fall fishing at Lake Powell

By Wayne Gustaveson

Lake Elevation: 3,633 msl Water Temperature 70-72 F. PAGE, Ariz. — It finally happened!  Cold wet weather arrived making it very hard to get out and do any fishing.  But it is anticipated that this change in weather will bring surface water temperature down into the magical 60 degree range. It’s now time. The best fall fishing will prevail for the next two weeks. Schooling stripers have been lethargically holding in deep water at the backs of the canyons near shad ...

Colorado Division of Wildlife’s weekly fishing report — Oct. 5, 2010

By Special to the Sentinel

Seasonal Report: There’s Still Time September sets the stage for a great time of year to fish. Anglers can be a bit more selective in terms of where they want to fish, because the crowds of summer are largely gone. The cool evenings and brisk mornings are an ideal time to get a line in the water. Many lakes and reservoirs will become more productive because of these cooler weather conditions. Anglers will still have many opportunities to catch fish before the winter months roll in, ...

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