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Check stations planned throughout rifle season

By Staff

Colorado Parks and Wildlife will have several check stations throughout the state during the current rifle seasons, continuing through Nov. 10. Animal check stations help officers ensure compliance with big-game regulations and also offer hunters the service of routine animal and data gathering customarily provided at CPW service centers. All hunters should be prepared to present their license if a wildlife officer stops them for a courtesy check. Hunters should anticipate interactions ...


Restoration project

By Joel L. Evans

Remodeling. Maybe your hobby is about remodeling or restoration. Some people enjoy taking something faded or worn and bringing it back to like new. For example, cars, furniture, houses, clocks, bamboo rods, tractors. For the fishing enthusiast, restoration is different. Fish themselves and the places they live are not an object to be held and crafted. But the world over, there are examples of a fishery or ecosystem needing protection from further degradation, or even an about-face ...

Angling areas get a boost from CPW funds

By Staff

Colorado Parks and Wildlife awarded funds totaling more than $200,000 this summer to six projects to improve angling opportunities around the state. One project has $30,000 going for a new boat ramp on the Colorado River at Rifle. All of the projects approved for funding will result in new and expanded angler access to a number of rivers and creeks. “Colorado has incredible fisheries, truly world-class,” said Bob Broscheid, director of Colorado Parks and Wildlife. ...


Brown’s big buck

By Dale Shrull

Zachary Brown took a deep breath and drew back on his bow. A big buck was in the cross hairs. His nerves were churning, but he focused on the deer. The situation was similar, but this hunt was different for the 14-year-old boy from Crawford. He’d already had successful hunts: two elk; three wild turkeys; and a bear, which is mounted and hanging on his bedroom wall. But those kills came with a rifle. This was his first archery hunt, and this buck was huge. But he didn’t take ...


‘In the middle of nowhere’

By Joel L. Evans

Some places are more “in the middle of nowhere” than others. And western 
Colorado has plenty of them. If you look at a state map and consider where the population centers are, the northwest quadrant of the state seems to be the most in the middle of nowhere. For outdoor enthusiasts, that’s great. For the fishing addict, that can mean exploring some waters with the minimal crowds that go with the middle of nowhere. Here are a few clues — Yampa River, White ...

Poacher’s appeal denied by 10th Circuit Court of Appeals

By Staff

Convicted poacher and former outfitter Dennis Eugene Rodebaugh, 73, of Meeker, had his appeal to the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals rejected earlier this week. This means Rodebaugh’s 41-month prison sentence and fines from the 2013 conviction for illegally baiting deer and elk with salt will stand. According to Colorado Parks and Wildlife and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service investigators, between 2002 and 2007, Rodebaugh and an associate used large quantities of salt to attract elk ...

Temporary lift on bluegill restrictions at Jerry Creek

By Staff

Colorado Parks and Wildlife and the Ute Water Conservancy District are cooperating to temporarily lift the catch-and-release restrictions for bluegill at Jerry Creek Reservoir
No. 1, beginning Friday until Sunday, Aug. 23. All restrictions for other fish species will remain in effect at the reservoir, and fishing is permitted during daylight hours only. Jerry Creek Reservoir No. 1 is a popular fishing location about 32 miles northeast of Grand Junction. It is the smaller of two ...


Enjoy a trip to Eagle River

By Joel L. Evans

Longing to fish every river we encounter, even if the occasion is brief, is a common emotion of every angler. With so many rivers in western Colorado alone, angst to stop and fish every water we see is a natural but sometimes fleeting affair. Some places we return to often. Others are visited only occasionally, maybe just once. How can the Eagle River not grab you? For a multitude of reasons, it is common for western Colorado residents to travel to the eastern side of the hill. So, for ...

Fishing tournament helps with smallmouth bass problem at Ridgway Reservoir

By Dale Shrull

Smallmouth bass in Colorado? That’s right. But how in the world did a freshwater fish found in places like the upper Mississippi River basin, parts of the Great Lakes system and the Hudson Bay basin, find its way into a high-country reservoir like Ridgway Reservoir in Ouray County? The answer is simple. Smallmouth bass were illegally stocked in Ridgway Reservoir, located at Ridgway State Park, and the prolific fish reproduced rapidly, which is a major concern for Colorado’s ...


The fishing is Grand

By Joel L. Evans

So many waters, so little time. Such can be said of most any hobby or activity, especially an outdoor-related adventure. The world is abundant with outdoor recreational opportunities. Fishing can be worldwide, but the geographic area covered by the rectangular lines of the state of Colorado are alone enough to fill a lifetime of angling opportunity. Although you would not want to intentionally limit yourself, if the only place in Colorado you could get to has “grand” in its ...


Trout trouble: Report finds that native fish face several threats

By Dale Shrull

The future of native trout in the United States is in big trouble. That’s the finding of a new Trout Unlimited report recently released. The report by the cold-water conversation group cites climate change, nonnative species, energy development and the demand on water resources as the main threats to native trout. “We wanted people to know about the threats that these fish face, and we looked at four main threats in detail,” said Jack Williams, senior scientist for ...


Rally of the rainbows

By Dale Shrull

The rainbow trout is making a comeback. Actually, these colorful fish worthy of the name rainbow were never completely gone from Colorado waters, but they are now again reproducing in the wild. After whirling disease devastated the rainbow populations in the 1990s, Colorado Parks and Wildlife aquatic scientists and biologists went to work. The 20-year effort paid off with some great news. “It’s been a long road, but bringing back populations of fish that were essentially ...

Ridgway State Park hosting smallmouth bass fishing tournament

By Staff

Smallmouth bass anglers will be going for more than $5,000 in prizes at a fishing tournament July 11-19 at Ridgway State Park. There is no registration fee, and the contest is open to all anglers who have a Colorado fishing license. The top prize will be a fishing boat, complete with engine, trailer and life jackets. Other prizes will include fishing rod combos and lures, especially suited for smallmouth bass anglers. Colorado Parks and Wildlife will be tagging 10 smallmouth bass of all ...

Send us your hunting stories, photos to possibly be featured in Colorado Hunter magazine

By Staff

Did you bag the biggest buck of your hunting career? Did you finally have a successful black bear hunt? Did everything go wrong that could possibly go wrong, but you still had a wild turkey to show for it? Or, did you just plain have a hunting experience that you’ll never forget or was so strange-but-true that other hunters’ ears perk up when you tell the tale? Maybe it wasn’t you, but your wife or son or daughter or buddy whom you accompanied and witnessed their ...


The great Gunnison hatch

By Joel L. Evans

The stoneflies are coming! The stoneflies are coming! Borrowing a cry of warning from Paul Revere, that famous messenger of the American Revolutionary War, we fishermen must not be caught surprised with our rods cased and sleeping. I wonder if Mr. Revere was a fisherman? Can you imagine him riding through the countryside, invoking his fellow fishermen to rise up early and head to the local water with rod in hand so as not to miss the fish feeding frenzy. What’s all the buzz ...


Miramonte springs to life

By Dave Buchanan

NORWOOD — Like the phoenix rising from its own ashes, Miramonte Reservoir is alive again. Nearly two years after being killed with poison by Colorado Parks and Wildlife to get rid of unwanted smallmouth bass, this popular 420-acre impoundment again is one of the best trout fisheries in Southwest Colorado. “I’m pleased with how well the reservoir has responded to our treatment and restocking,” Eric Gardunio, Parks and Wildlife’s Southwest Region fisheries ...

Stocking illegal bass harms area

By Dave Buchanan

It’s unlikely anyone will confess to illegally stocking smallmouth bass in Miramonte Reservoir, one of the state’s premier trout fisheries. These self-appointed fish biologists are dead-of-the-night bucket brigades, smuggling fish around the state to satisfy their own limited desires without considering the impacts of their actions. Instead of expanding fishing options, unauthorized fish introductions may hurt or even destroy what the official management plans are aimed at ...

‘Incredibly exciting’ fishing at Lake Powell

By Dave Buchanan

It’s not an advertising gimmick: The fishing at Lake Powell continues to get better. The latest report from Utah fisheries biologist Wayne Gustaveson says anglers are reporting the first weekend in May as “the very best fishing of the year and perhaps the best seen in a very long time.” Gustaveson said all species of the lake’s sport fish were caught along the length and breadth of the lake. “Smallmouth bass were the leader by a country mile, followed about ...


Spring over to the Arkansas

By Joel L. Evans

Hoping that no one else has the same idea, about halfway between Salida and Buena Vista, I turn off U.S. Highway 24 onto a dirt road marked only by a small sign reading “Hecla Junction.” The easily traveled dirt road winds for a few miles up and over the ridge, then leads down the other side to Brown’s Canyon, at the bottom of which lies the Arkansas River. Any time you combine the words canyon and fishing, you have found my favorite kind of water. Arriving at a ...


Spring for turkey

By Dave Buchanan

So who’s the turkey? Despite the connotations of being called a turkey, let’s face it: Ben Franklin had it right. In 1784, Franklin wrote a letter lobbying to have the smart, hardy and wily wild turkey recognized as the national bird, not the more-popular but admittedly fish-scavenging bald eagle. The “turkey is in comparison a much more respectable bird, and withal a true original Native of America,” Franklin wrote. “He is besides, though a little vain ...

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