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091810 Lake Powell Bob C.

Mid-September at Lake Powell offers stripers, walleye

By Wayne Gustaveson

PAGE, Ariz. — Weather has stabilized bringing those wonderful September days with warm days and cool nights. Water temperature has stabilized again near 75 F. It looks like it will stay that way for the next week or two. With not much change in temperature, fishing patterns will remain much the same. That is good news for those who like to catch lots of fish. Striped bass adults are holding in large schools that have not moved much in the past two weeks. On a given day a school may ...

Check out fly fishing seminar at the library

By Dave Buchanan

Libraries are great places for learning about fly fishing, even if the casting room is a bit limited. On Sept. 25, Phil Trimm, multitalented manager at Western Anglers Fly Shop, steps out of the stacks at Mesa County Libraries’ Central Library to present a fly fishing seminar. There will be hands-on training at the library, then practice at Canyon View Park. Bring your own fishing gear and an inquisitive mind. Do you think librarians are trout whisperers? WHAT: Hands-on workshop ...

Colorado Division of Wildlife’s weekly fishing report — Sept. 14, 2010

By Special to the Sentinel

The September Scene Fishing conditions are heating up all across the state. Many anglers are enjoying catching limits for a variety of different species. Whether it’s warm or cold water species; from lakes to rivers, using flies and bubbles or fishing off the bottom, this is the time of year folks have been waiting for all summer. Fly fishing anglers will find red quills, PMDs, blue-wing-olive mayflies and some caddis flies productive on rivers and streams throughout the state. The ...

‘Hunter Testimonials’ will allow wildlife enthusiasts to share outdoor success

By Dave Buchanan

If you’ve ever dreamed of being the next Ernest Hemingway or Robert Ruark, or simply think your hunting stories are worth sharing with other hunters and wildlife enthusiasts, the Colorado Division of Wildlife wants to hear from you. Beginning this year, hunters can submit stories and photos to be posted on a new “Hunter Testimonials” page featured on the division’s website at wildlife.state.co.us. There are no requirements, qualifications or restrictions as to ...

091010 Lake Powell art Ryan C.

Lake Powell anglers waiting for fall frenzy

By Wayne Gustaveson

Lake Elevation: 3,634 msl Water Temperature 74-77 F PAGE, Ariz. — The good news is that water temperature is falling which will lead to a fall feeding frenzy.  But right now the temperature has not gone down enough to change recent fish behavior significantly. Here is a rundown by species. Striped bass adults are holding in large schools below the thermocline (40 feet or deeper). They are very anxious to eat and will light up at the drop of a spoon or a bait chum shower. ...


Make the hunting experience more enjoyable with these survival tips

By Special to the Sentinel

It’s hunting season, do you know where your compass is? Given that many people no longer know how to use a map and compass, how about your GPS, cell phone and survival kit? Every year, search and rescue teams are called to rescue more than a few hunters from the wilds and high country of Colorado. Snowstorms, injuries or simply getting lost can turn a long-awaited hunting trip into a long-remembered bad experience. Also, hunters from lower elevations, and those whose health ...

Hunters: Watch out for grizzlies

By Staff

FISH DEPARTMENT If you are heading to Wyoming for a bit of big-game hunting this fall, be bear aware. Researchers are saying whitebark pine tree cone production this year is poor, which could mean an increase in bear conflicts — particularly for hunters. Grizzly bears depend on the high-fat seeds of the whitebark pine as an important pre-hibernation food, and The Interagency Grizzly Bear Study Team recently warned hunters that without a good seed production, bears will range ...

Change of pace: Gunnison Gorge flash flood leaves mark on scenery wildlife

By Dave Buchanan

As more reports filter in about the Aug. 19 flash flood through the Gunnison Gorge, it’s evident the effects will be felt for the next several years. Edd Franz, outdoor recreation planner for the Gunnison Gorge National Conservation Area, said Thursday that among the many changes wrought by the flood, the change in Boulder Garden Rapid might be the most noticeable. Speaking at the late-summer Aspinall Unit Operations meeting at the Elk Creek Visitors Center near Blue Mesa ...

090110 Lake Powell

Stripers now easy to pattern at Lake Powell

By Wayne Gustaveson

Lake Elevation: 3,634 msl Water Temperature 75-78 F PAGE, Ariz. – Two distinct patterns are now in place making it much easier for anglers to find stripers. Striped bass adults are hungry for shad that hide in the backs of coves and canyons.  Shad are shallow and stripers are deep, guarding the migration route leading to the shad sanctuary.  Stripers are found by graphing the submerged creek channel leading to the back of most short coves. Consistent holding depth for ...

Colorado Division of Wildlife’s weekly fishing report — Aug. 31, 2010

By Special to the Sentinel

Seasonal Report: Prime fishing time Prime fishing days are finally upon us! September brings a welcomed reprieve from the dog days of summer in Colorado. The weather starts to cool, fish activity increases, the crowds will decrease and the change from summer to autumn makes the scenery nothing short of spectacular. Fly fishing anglers can look forward to optimal flow rates and clear waters. Occasional rain showers can make conditions murky at times, but that shouldn’t be enough to ...

082610 Lake Powell art

Lure, bait fishing excellent at Lake Powell

By Wayne Gustaveson

Lake Elevation: 3,635 msl Water Temperature 77-80 F PAGE, Ariz. — The main lake fishery is evolving once more. There is still a separation of shad from the striped bass population but that separation is working to the advantage of the angler. Stripers are hungry making them very vulnerable to angling. At first light this morning we found a few stripers chasing shad near shore. It was not a boil but the splashes observed were obviously made by a handful of stripers.  Casts ...


Pheasant fortunes made by good habitat

By Dave Buchanan

With the start of school, summer officially begins to wind down. But there are still plenty of opportunities for anglers, particularly in the mid-elevation lakes and streams on Grand Mesa where the end of summer also means the end of mosquito season. However, the first of September also brings dove hunting, the first of the year’s hunting seasons and, for those particularly irked by the ubiquitous and noisome Eurasian collared dove, the start of that bird’s year-round, no bag ...

Blue Mesa Reservoir’s boat ramp hours change

By Dave Buchanan

If you’re one of the anglers who finds late summer and early fall at Blue Mesa Reservoir especially appealing, there are some changes to boat ramp hours you need to notice. With visitations winding down with the start of school and the advent of cooler weather, several of the reservoir’s boat ramps will close in early September and October. The ramps at Ponderosa and Iola will close Sept. 6 and Stevens Creek will close for the winter Oct. 18. The ramps at Elk Creek and Lake ...

Colorado Division of Wildlife weekly fishing report — Aug. 24, 2010

By Special to the Sentinel

Seasonal Report: The Mighty Blue Mesa Reservoir Blue Mesa Reservoir is Colorado’s largest body of water. The reservoir, when full, is 19 miles long and has over 90 miles of shoreline. Blue Mesa is known for having big fish and for having the largest kokanee salmon fishery in the United States. More than 30 streams flow into Blue Mesa, which provides an abundance of food and spawning habitat for fish. Spring fishing offers excellent opportunities for trophy brown trout and lake ...

082210 elk file

Take advantage of online education for hunting elk

By Dave Buchanan

If you’re like many hunters, you already know where and when you’ll be hunting elk this fall. You’ve either drawn the license you wanted or have gone online or in person to purchase one or more of many leftover licenses the Division of Wildlife makes available. If you haven’t yet checked the leftover list, you can see it at wildlife.state.co.us and follow the links. However, there also are many potential elk hunters in Colorado and elsewhere who as of today ...

082010 Lake Powell

August brings more changes to Lake Powell

By Wayne Gustaveson

Lake Elevation: 3,636 msl Water Temperature 78-82 F PAGE, Ariz. – Adult stripers are now separated from shad forage in the main lake. Predation from all game fish has been intense and very effective for the past two months. What shad are left have moved shallow into the warmest water with brush where adult stripers cannot effectively follow. Small yearling stripers still chase shad on the surface each morning and evening but large boils are confined to the inflow areas and to ...

Colorado Division of Wildlife’s weekly fishing report — Aug. 17, 2010

By Special to the Sentinel

Seasonal Report: Making the most of your fishing trip This is the time of year where fishing becomes more of a leisurely activity, especially during the heat of an August afternoon. A good strategy is to throw your line in the water, grab a good book, sit back and relax. With most of the fishing action taking place in the early morning and evening, what do you do with the time in between? One idea is to find a lake or reservoir with multiple attractions. Waters such as Dillon ...


Even novice anglers can get quite a catch in a marvelous trip down Green River

By Dave Buchanan

Sometimes, even a famous river has trouble living up to its reputation. There are years the salmonfly hatch on the Gunnison River is a bust, and you’ll never get rich betting on the Trico hatch on the Madison or the Green Drakes on the Fryingpan. But it’s hard to go wrong on the Green River below Flaming Gorge Dam. Sure, guides there love to palaver about the 7,000 (or is it 14,000?) trout per mile in the “A” section of the Green immediately below the dam so ...

Colorado Division of Wildlife’s weekly fishing report — Aug. 10, 2010

By Special to the Sentinel

Seasonal Report: Green Mountain Reservoir Green Mountain Reservoir is one of Colorado’s most versatile and productive fisheries. Many different fish species exist in the reservoir, from rainbow trout to brown trout, lake trout and cutthroats, and the ever-popular kokanee salmon. The fishing opportunities and recreational activities that can be found at the reservoir are abundant. Fly fishing, trolling, ice fishing, camping, boating and hiking can all take place when you spend some ...

080410 Lake Powell

Striper ‘boils’ start to happen at Lake Powell

By Wayne Gustaveson

Lake Elevation: 3,636 msl Water Temperature 80-84 F PAGE, Ariz. — Stripers and shad are in transition mode again. “Slurps”, where stripers casually eat tiny shad and ignore most angler offerings, are coming to an end. Shad have grown some, but more importantly stripers have ranged a bit closer to shore and found larger forage to eat. Size of shad found in striper stomachs has doubled in a week’s time. These larger shad are harder for stripers to corner and ...

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