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Colorado Division of Wildlife’s weekly fishing report — Aug. 17, 2010

By Special to the Sentinel

Seasonal Report: Making the most of your fishing trip This is the time of year where fishing becomes more of a leisurely activity, especially during the heat of an August afternoon. A good strategy is to throw your line in the water, grab a good book, sit back and relax. With most of the fishing action taking place in the early morning and evening, what do you do with the time in between? One idea is to find a lake or reservoir with multiple attractions. Waters such as Dillon ...


Even novice anglers can get quite a catch in a marvelous trip down Green River

By Dave Buchanan

Sometimes, even a famous river has trouble living up to its reputation. There are years the salmonfly hatch on the Gunnison River is a bust, and you’ll never get rich betting on the Trico hatch on the Madison or the Green Drakes on the Fryingpan. But it’s hard to go wrong on the Green River below Flaming Gorge Dam. Sure, guides there love to palaver about the 7,000 (or is it 14,000?) trout per mile in the “A” section of the Green immediately below the dam so ...

Colorado Division of Wildlife’s weekly fishing report — Aug. 10, 2010

By Special to the Sentinel

Seasonal Report: Green Mountain Reservoir Green Mountain Reservoir is one of Colorado’s most versatile and productive fisheries. Many different fish species exist in the reservoir, from rainbow trout to brown trout, lake trout and cutthroats, and the ever-popular kokanee salmon. The fishing opportunities and recreational activities that can be found at the reservoir are abundant. Fly fishing, trolling, ice fishing, camping, boating and hiking can all take place when you spend some ...

080410 Lake Powell

Striper ‘boils’ start to happen at Lake Powell

By Wayne Gustaveson

Lake Elevation: 3,636 msl Water Temperature 80-84 F PAGE, Ariz. — Stripers and shad are in transition mode again. “Slurps”, where stripers casually eat tiny shad and ignore most angler offerings, are coming to an end. Shad have grown some, but more importantly stripers have ranged a bit closer to shore and found larger forage to eat. Size of shad found in striper stomachs has doubled in a week’s time. These larger shad are harder for stripers to corner and ...

Colorado Division of Wildlife’s weekly fishing report: Aug. 3, 2010

By Special to the Sentinel

August Preview Summer vacations are winding down, back-to-school shopping is being done, and we’re almost ready to say goodbye to summer. In August, the state usually settles into its dog days of summer phase. Action can be found on free-flowing streams throughout August. Summertime hatches will include Trico mayflies, red quill, evening caddis and pale-morning-duns. Terrestrials will also be popular in August. Trout will take hoppers, crickets, ants and beetles. This time of year, ...

072810 Lake Powell fish art

Full moon, summer heat cool off the fishing at Lake Powell

By Wayne Gustaveson

Lake Elevation: 3,636 msl Water Temperature 82-87 F PAGE, Ariz. — It appears full moon during the heat of the summer in July cools fishing off. Slurps are still happening night, morning and mid-day but fish are finicky and hard to catch. The best feeding period is the last two hours of daylight.  On calm evenings it is possible to catch 10-25 surface feeding stripers. If the pesky afternoon wind blows there are not a lot of fish caught. Expect to see quick little pods of 5-10 ...

072810 OUT small water fish

Great fishing can be had in areas you wouldn’t expect, like small streams

By Dave Buchanan

Under the heading, “More here than meets the eye,” we offer the example of fishing a small stream. Small, in this case, means anything too small to float and with only the occasional hole more than knee-deep. Angling writer John Gierach talks of the differences between big and small waters in the opening chapter of his book, “Fly Fishing Small Streams” (1989, Stackpole Books, Mechanicsburg, Penn., $15 new). In a chapter titled, “A Finely Balanced ...

072810 OUT small waters lede

Reach out, grab a novice hunter by getting Huntmaster certificate

By Dave Buchanan

Don’t believe the rumors that hunting is dead. Each year, the Colorado Division of Wildlife, through its Hunter Outreach Program, offers special training courses and hunts for novice hunters, including youths, women and families. Those hunts have become so popular there simply aren’t enough resources for everyone to participate. One reason: a shortage of volunteers needed to take active roles in mentoring new hunters. To build that corps of volunteers, the division is ...

Colorado Division of Wildlife’s weekly fishing report — July 27, 2010

By Special to the Sentinel

Seasonal Report: Mid-Summer Fishing Late-July is often the time when anglers start to turn their attention to the many warm water species that can be found throughout the state. When cold water species move to deeper water and become less active, many warm water species come to life. In many waters across Colorado, good fishing opportunities can be found from mid-summer thru fall. Several waters are specifically set-up to give youngsters and handicapped anglers better fishing ...

State parks offer free entry on Colorado Day

By Staff

Colorado state parks will help celebrate Colorado Day on Aug. 2 by offering free entrance at all 42 parks. This year marks Colorado’s 134th year of statehood, which was granted in 1876 by President Ulysses S. Grant. Free entrance at the state parks is an annual Colorado Day tradition. “We’re inviting Coloradans to get outdoors at the state parks, enjoy the natural beauty of these places and experience all the recreational activities that the parks have to offer,” ...


Cool techniques for keeping your fishing hot

By Dave Buchanan

A few things to remember if you’re thinking about fishing when the temperature hits 100 degrees and there’s not a cloud in the platinum-blue sky: Go early, go late, go deep and go high. Fish early mornings, sleep all day, fish late afternoons and into the dark. When rivers drop and water temperatures rise, fish seek cooler water, which means deeper runs and holes where cool water pools. Get into the mountains, from Steamboat Springs to Crested Butte to Lake City, where it ...

Colorado Division of Wildlife’s weekly fishing report — July 20, 2010

By Special to the Sentinel

Seasonal Report: If at first you don’t succeed… Persistence is the key to fishing success this time of year. Switching up your approach is something else you may have to do. Don’t be afraid to try something new. If you have always fished for trout off the bottom, try a different approach. Maybe try your hand and fishing with lures, or a fly and bubble set-up. Get out and explore some of the “off-the-beaten-path” waters that exist in this great state of ...

072110 Lake Powell CMS

Warm water temperatures bring changes to Lake Powell

By Wayne Gustaveson

Lake Elevation: 3,637 msl Water Temperature 82-87 F PAGE, Ariz. — Lake elevation has stabilized and water temperature is at its peak for the summer. It was 84 degrees this morning at sunrise. These factors allow sport fish to settle into a pattern without responding to water level changes.  Occasional monsoon cloud bursts are taken in stride without lasting impact. The water is warmer than most fish prefer sending most deeper during the heat of the day. Young shad take ...

Grand Mesa Moose Day set for July 31

By Staff

One of Colorado’s most-charismatic animals will have its day July 31 when the Colorado Division of Wildlife and the U.S. Forest Service celebrate Grand Mesa Moose Day. Activities will include moose viewing information, presentations about moose biology and moose history, presentations on how biologists transplant and track moose, and a puppet show. Family and kid-friendly events and giveaways are planned throughout the day. All activities are free. Events will be from 10 a.m. until 4 ...

Colorado Division of Wildlife’s weekly fishing report — July 13, 2010

By Special to the Sentinel

Seasonal Report — Fishing the High Country With the hot summer days at lower elevations, anglers can look to the high country for other opportunities to find fish. Many alpine lakes have been ice free for several weeks now; others may have just lost their winter skin, making them ideal spots to find hungry fish. High mountain lakes, rivers and streams not only offer a brief reprieve from the heat, but they also give anglers beautiful backdrops and scenery, in which to fish. Getting ...

071410 Lake Powell Austin

Bass, walleye fishing hold steady during ‘dog days’ at Lake Powell

By Wayne Gustaveson

Lake Elevation: 3,638 msl Water Temperature 80-85 F PAGE, Ariz. — This is what to expect on a typical summer morning.  We launched at Wahweap Stateline Ramp at 5 a.m. After the boat inspection for mussel prevention we headed toward Castle Rock Cut. Single fish splashes were seen along the way but no striper slurps or boils. That is not surprising as sunlight on the water is needed for predators to see the tiny larval prey fish they are eating. As we headed to the back of Warm ...


Group pours years into protecting, reviving Roan Plateau creek

By Dave Buchanan

Nearly two decades after the local Trout Unlimited chapter unofficially adopted Trapper Creek, a small stream burbling from the sandstone layers atop the Roan Plateau, the changes are noticeable. Where once cattle trod through decadent sagebrush and the deepest hole was a smelly mud wallow, lush grasses and clear runs mark a stream that more than once has come back from the brink of disappearance. Like all the seasonal streams that spiderweb across the top of the Roan Plateau, Trapper ...

070610 Lake Powell

Dog days at Lake Powell but fish don’t care

By Wayne Gustaveson

Lake Elevation: 3,638 msl Water Temperature 79-84 F PAGE, Ariz. — Bullfrog Is Boiling! The main channel upstream from Bullfrog has erupted with significant sustained striper boils.  That is the place to be right now.  Cruise the main channel from Bullfrog to Good Hope Bay early in the morning or in the evening to find cooperative striped bass chasing shad on the surface.  Slurping boils are still seen every day in the main channel near Wahweap but fishing near ...

063010 Lake Powell report

Summer brings hot fishing to Lake Powell

By Wayne Gustaveson

Lake Elevation: 3,638 msl Water Temperature 77-83 F PAGE, Ariz. — Summer has arrived!  Water temperature on the surface at Stateline Ramp early this morning was 80 degrees.  Fish are undaunted by the warm water and continue to provide great sport with only minor adjustments in fishing techniques. Lake level has now stabilized. Stripers are really showing off.  Small pods of slurping fish are seen constantly from Wahweap to Good Hope Bay. The visual display is ...


Angler’s latest fishing adventure in Saskatchewan

By Dave Buchanan

This normally stalwart reporter confesses to a bit of unease every time he opens an e-mail from one Jeff Currier. Currier, an extremely talented author, artist and fly angler from Victor, Idaho, is a familiar face around Grand Junction, having been a frequent speaker and featured guest at the Western Colorado Fly Fishing Exposition each spring. In the past, I’ve heard from Currier, who claims to have caught 225 species of salt- and freshwater fish in more than 40 countries, after ...

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