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Anglers eagerly watching stoneflies and rivers

By Dave Buchanan

It’s starting to start to happen. The much-awaited and oft-frustrating stonefly/salmonfly/willowfly (take your pick) hatch is taking off. Sort of. “Well, they’re starting to fly down around the Pleasure Park, but it should be a week or so until it goes full-blown,” said Mary Kathryn Hooley on Monday at Cimarron Creek fly shop (249-0408) in Montrose. She said the adult stoneflies are emerging but still are in the bankside willows and trees. It will be a few days ...

Landowner big-game vouchers to be discussed at Monday meeting

By Staff

A meeting to discuss the allocation of big-game hunting licenses through the state’s Landowner Voucher Program is set for 4–7 p.m. June 21 at the Clarion Inn, 755 Horizon Drive. Hosted by the Colorado Big Game Landowner Voucher Program Review Committee, the meeting offers landowners and sportsmen the opportunity to meet with committee members to discuss the program. The Landowner Voucher Program, also known as the Priority Landowner Preference Program, allocates up to 15 ...

High flows into Ruedi Reservoir cause jump in Fryingpan River

By Staff

After inflows into Ruedi Reservoir from the upper Fryingpan River jumped nearly 2,000 cubic feet per second Monday night, the Bureau of Reclamation increased water releases into the Fryinpgpan River below the dam. A series of 50 cfs increments planned for this morning should put the river below the dam at 400 cfs. Bureau spokesperson Kara Lamb said Tuesday it’s possible flows might increase more depending on runoff from the upper Fryingpan River into the reservoir. This entry was ...

060810 Lake Powell

Lake Powell starting to rise, look for striper boils soon

By Wayne Gustaveson

Lake Elevation: 3,630 msl Water Temperature 72-78 F PAGE, Ariz. — Lake Powell rose 4 feet since last week’s report seven days ago. Daily inflow is currently near 74,000 acre feet per day.  Water temperature went right through the upper 60s on its way to 80 F. The water temperature spike was exactly what striped bass were waiting for. They spawned last week from June 2-5 in Padre Bay. Spawning in most lake locations probably occurred at about the same time but local ...

Stonefly emergence has already started with rising water temperature

By Staff

Summer, or at least the heat of summer, arrives in force this week with temperatures across western Colorado forecast to reach the mid-90s. What snow wasn’t dispersed during the blast of hot winds last month is sure to disappear with the coming heat. And although you patiently wait for the stonefly hatch on the Gunnison, heat, or at least water temperature, should be where you’re focusing this week. Among the theories of why and when the much-awaited stonefly (pteronarcys ...

060210 OUTside connection

This weekend offers free fishing

By Dave Buchanan

While there aren’t many things in life that truly are free, this week’s Outside Connection comes close. Saturday and Sunday are the annual Free Fishing Weekend sponsored by the Colorado Division of Wildlife, and it’s free in the sense you won’t need a license. Bag and possession limits and other regulations will be enforced. The weekend is aimed at getting more families involved in fishing, which means kids and adults spending time outdoors together. Some ...

060210 Lake Powell Jared Mayfield

Transition time at Lake Powell means tougher fishing

By Wayne Gustaveson

Lake Elevation: 3,626 msl Water Temperature 67-72 F Page, Ariz. — Warm weather is here. Lake level is rising rapidly. That means transition time and tougher fishing. Bass fishing has been super all spring. Rising lake levels cover bass habitat and disguise fish holding spots that have been so obvious at lower lake levels. Bass fishing is still good but it will be necessary to fish deeper and more intuitively when bass nests or actual fish can no longer be seen. Structure fishing ...

Colorado Division of Wildlife’s weekly fishing report, June 1, 2010

By Special to the Sentinel

Seasonal Report: June Preview June is an excellent time for fishing in Colorado. The first weekend in June gives everyone in Colorado the opportunity to try his or her luck at fishing with the Free Fishing Weekend.  The Free Fishing Weekend will be on Saturday, June 5th & Sunday, June 6th. This is a great way to spend the weekend with family and friends and will give anglers, who don’t normally do much fishing, some experience and “hook” them for life. Some ...

052610 Lake Powell

Rising Lake Powell makes fishing a bit harder

By Wayne Gustaveson

Lake Elevation: 3,623 msl Water Temperature 63-69 F PAGE, Ariz. — Lake Powell is coming up at a rate of 3-4 inches per day which makes fishing the shoreline a bit more difficult. In these conditions bass are still very active but it is necessary to fish deeper water.  It is best to cast to the edge of a drop off instead of the sandy flat that may look quite promising. The row of trees will begin to disappear with only a few stickup limbs to mark their presence. That may be ...

App boasts better fishing with no catch

By Dave Buchanan

This week’s Outside Connection is a free app that’s said to be easy to use and helps you catch more fish. So, what is the catch? According to the folks at Fishbuster, there is none. “I designed the application for fishermen like me who want to optimize their leisure time and increase the probability of catching more fish,” said Fishbuster creator Jeff Pick. According to Pick, once FishBuster downloads to your desktop or phone, it sorts through site-specific ...

Colorado Division of Wildlife’s weekly fishing report, May 25, 2010

By Special to the Sentinel

Seasonal Report: Let’s Fish! Memorial Day weekend is the time for road trips, weekend getaways, cookouts with family and friends, and of course, fishing. For many folks, Memorial Day weekend represents the unofficial start of summer and kicks off the outdoor recreation season. From recent statewide stocking to ever changing aquatic hatches, Colorado waters are flourishing with activity. This is a great weekend to take advantage of Colorado’s outdoor playgrounds. Rivers and ...


Blue Mesa kokanee salmon numbers cause for concern

By Dave Buchanan

Colorado Division of Wildlife biologists this year are continuing a project aimed at protecting kokanee salmon by reducing the number of lake trout in Blue Mesa Reservoir. The project includes netting and removing lake trout up to the 30-inch range, since those, according to the division, account for most of the predation on kokanee salmon. Last fall, 900 lake trout were removed from the reservoir, located between Montrose and Gunnison on U.S. Highway 50. The fish were given to local ...

051910 Lake Powell art

Lake Powell bass spawn nearing its end

By Wayne Gustaveson

Lake Elevation: 3,622 msl Water Temperature 60-66 F PAGE, Ariz. — Warming had the expected effect. Bass reoccupied nests that were abandoned during the cold spell. Bass nests were found along much of the shoreline this week. Typically there is a row of brush sticking out of the water in the coves. Largemouth nests will be between the shore and the brush while smallmouth nests will be on the deep water side of the brush line. Largemouth make their nest close to the base of the ...

Colorado Division of Wildlife’s weekly fishing report, May 18, 2010

By Special to the Sentinel

Seasonal Report: Here Comes the Sun Sunshine and warmer temperatures have made a welcomed return to Colorado. Sunday was the first day in some time that folks could go outside without a sweater and actually feel comfortable. It looks like we may have finally turned the corner from wet spring storms to drier, pleasant conditions. Spring fever is all around us, as many schools will be letting out soon. Memorial Day weekend is just around the corner. Anglers will soon have their sights set ...

Despite high water in Gunnison River, there’s still plenty of opportunity to fish

By Staff

High water in the Gunnison River, planned through next week to meet peak flow demands through the Black Canyon, might chase off some folks, but if you go with a plan, it’s also the time for opportunity. There still is good fishing available if you simply change your ideas of where trout are found when the water comes up. As fishing guide Marshall Prendergast reminded us earlier this week, faster flows tend to push trout toward the edges and the backwaters. This actually can make ...

Wildlife commissioner hosts meeting in Hotchkiss

By Staff

Colorado Wildlife Commission Mark Smith of Center will host a public meeting from 6:30 p.m.until 8:30 p.m. May 25 at Memorial Hall in Hotchkiss. Smith is a rancher in the San Luis Valley and has more than 30 years experience in farm and ranch management. He has been on the wildlife commission for a year and represents the agriculture/produce growers’ interests and concerns. Smith will provide updates on regional and state wildlife issues and take input from the public on any issues ...

Boat inspections now mandatory for Colorado waters

By Staff

Watercraft inspections to prevent the spread of invasive aquatic species are now mandatory in Colorado for both resident and non-resident motorized watercraft. State-certified inspections and decontaminations are available at more than 200 locations statewide, including select Division of Wildlife offices, state, federal, county and municipal reservoirs and a number of private marinas and boat dealers. Mandatory inspections are limited to trailered watercraft. Hand-launched crafts, ...

051310 Lake Powell WayneGustaveson

Cool weather stalls spawn at Lake Powell

By Wayne Gustaveson

Lake Elevation: 3,621 msl Water Temp:  55-66 F PAGE, Ariz. — Cold, windy weather stalled much of the expected spawning activity this past week. Runoff slowed allowing the lake to rise only one foot in a week. Surface water temperature has been in the mid 50s most mornings. But that is now history and a new warming trend is developing. The modest rise in lake elevation means that clear water still exists in the main and southern lake. Backs of canyons and coves still offer the ...


Officials to ramp up Gunnison River flow through Black Canyon

By Dave Buchanan

The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation announced Monday that flows in the Gunnison River through the Black Canyon will be increased to 3,883 cubic feet per second for a 24-hour period projected for Tuesday. Increasing (or ramping up) the flows by about 500 cfs per day should meet the May 18 target, said Dan Crabtree, lead hydrologist for the Bureau’s Grand Junction office. One cfs is equal to 646,317 gallons per day. The peak flows and accompanying shoulder flows are components of the ...

Highline, Fruita state parks full for Memorial Day weekend

By Staff

Only halfway through May and already campsites at Colorado’s state parks are filling for the Memorial Day weekend. Vega State Park has campsites available Highline Lake, Fruita and Rifle Falls are among the state parks no longer accepting reservations. According to a state parks spokesperson, campsites still are available for all three weekend nights at 11 state parks: Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area, Eleven Mile, Island Acres, Mancos, Navajo, Pearl Lake, Ridgway, Stagecoach, ...

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