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121708 OUT elk three

OUT: Winter Counts December 17, 2008

By Dave Buchanan

As western Colorado readies itself for another winter storm, Division of Wildlife biologists are up in the air about elk and deer. It’s that time of year when biologists start logging air time in helicopters and light airplanes to determine sex and age ratios in elk and deer herds, information that contributes to herd management plans, including future hunting seasons. The flights don’t count every elk and deer but they do give biologists an idea of how well herds are ...

OUT: Gunnison deer tagged December 17, 2008

By Dave Buchanan

Don’t be surprised to see deer in the Gunnison Basin wearing smart new collars this spring. The collared deer are part of a multi-year survival study being conducted by the Division of Wildlife. While the DOW has been conducting deer research around the state since at least the 1930s, this study is the first of its kind in the Gunnison Basin. In most cases, studies done in one area are used as the model for deer herds in similar environments elsewhere. For example, studies in ...

OUT: DOW faces revenue challenges December 14, 2008

By Dave Buchanan

The Colorado Division of Wildlife continues to feel the effects of last winter’s record snows. Storms that pounded Colorado and strained both physical and natural resources now are having a fiscal bite. A report Thursday to the Colorado Wildlife Commission said the Division of Wildlife is about $3.2 million short this year in revenue from license sales. The biggest drop was seen in deer licenses. That $3.2 million includes all hunting and fishing licenses, said Henrietta Turner, ...

OUT: Division of Wildlife has two more youth hunts

By Dave Buchanan

Young hunters have two more opportunities to get out this fall. The Colorado Division of Wildlife is offering a youth hunt for cow elk on private land near Meeker on Dec. 6 and 7. Hunters between 12 and 18 years of age are eligible to apply for the limited licenses available. Application deadline is 5 pm. Friday. Successful applicants will be notified Dec. 1. Several restrictions apply, including having a valid hunter safety card and not previously participating in a DOW-sponsored youth ...

OUT: TACKLING THE CHILL November 26, 2008

By Dave Buchanan

ECKERT — Fishing has made that expected but still-sudden transition from warm fall to not-so-warm early winter. The high country isn’t actually snowy, a fact obvious enough from the webcams at ski resorts across the state, yet the chill of the dark season already has chased most anglers from rivers and streams. Water temperatures in the low 40s have trout sulking in their deep holes, close-mouthed and simply uncooperative when it comes to chasing nymphs and streamers. The ...

112308 OpenSpaces-Gate

OUT: Ranchers contract with state to allow hunting

By Guest Columnist

LARAMIE, Wyo. — It used to be that antelope season at the Harris Ranch northwest of Laramie brought hundreds of hunters crowding onto the ranch on opening day. “It was a zoo,” said manager Ryan Wilson. “I said enough.” But instead of closing the 20,000-acre ranch to the public, Wilson enrolled it in the Wyoming Game and Fish Department’s Hunter Management Program. The entire area — which also includes 10,000 acres of leased public land — is ...

111908 OUT moose

OUT: Moose hunt considered for Grand Mesa herd

By Dave Buchanan

Colorado Division of Wildlife biologists are considering a limited moose hunt starting next year for the herd on Grand Mesa. The hunt, which in its initial years will likely be limited to one bull moose per year, is part of the overall management strategy developed when the DOW proposed re-establishing a moose herd on Grand Mesa in 2001. The first moose, two young bulls and an adult cow, were transferred to Grand Mesa from a herd near Creede in January 2005. Over the next two years, 91 ...

111908 OUT Gunnison fall

OUT: Anglers head to Gunnison Basin before winter blows in

By Dave Buchanan

GUNNISON — With full-on winter expected any day in the Gunnison Basin, anglers heading that way preface all fishing plans with the conditional, “if the weather holds.” So far, the weather in the 7,700-foot high basin has remained mild, keeping in mind the difference between mild in Gunnison and mild in Grand Junction can be 20 degrees or more. While the mountains ringing the Gunnison Valley carry the first of many coats of winter white, most of the snowless basin is ...

OUT: Whitefish targeted for special regs

By Dave Buchanan

One of Colorado’s least-known native fish species received some much-needed protection Thursday from the Colorado Wildlife Commission. Mountain whitefish are the Rodney Dangerfield of sportfish, their introduction usually prefaced with “the lowly.” But whitefish are a native species, Colorado’s other salmonid native species in addition to cutthroat trout, and a fish that has fed and entertained generations of anglers. At its meeting Thursday in Colorado Springs, ...

OUT: Out-of-state hunters will pay more in 2009

By Dave Buchanan

Nonresident big-game hunters will pay more for a license next year after the Colorado Wildlife Commission Thursday adopted higher prices for out-of-state big-game fees. Nonresident hunting-license prices are tied to a 2008 Consumer Price Index, which this year jumped 3.7 percent from last year’s level. Bull elk licenses will rise from $525 to $545, all deer licenses go from $315 to $325 and pronghorn tags increase to $325 from $315. Other nonresident price increases include moose, ...

110508 Zambia Leopard1

OUT: GJ couple’s contest win nets them free African photo safari

By Special to the Sentinel

EDITOR’S NOTE: Kimberley Last and her husband, Al Kreinberg, last month explored Zambia, Africa — for free — during an eight-day, all-inclusive custom safari. They won the trip in April through an Outside magazine contest sponsored by Pioneer Africa, which specializes in custom photographic safaris. To win the safari, Last and Kreinberg correctly answered 10 questions about Africa and were selected through a random drawing. My husband, Al Kreinberg, and I just ...

110208 Out Colts goat

OUT: Sunday Column November 02, 2008

By Dave Buchanan

The cold front pressing into the region this week reminds us that somewhere in Colorado it’s already winter. Skiers and boarders already are aware that Loveland and Arapahoe Basin resorts are open with another handful of resorts scheduled to start this week the long lift ride toward spring. This lingering fall is markedly similar to last year’s, with an early snowstorm followed by several weeks of unseasonably mild weather. Last year, fall ended abruptly at the juncture of ...

OUT: Shorter days bring additional road accidents involving wildlife

By Dave Buchanan

The return to Mountain Standard Time means it will be dark or nearly so when most Colorado motorists head home from work. For many drivers, shorter days bring more chances to be involved in a wildlife-related accident. The Colorado Division of Wildlife is warning motorists that the combination of hunting season and the season of romance for deer means the animals will be on the move and particularly reckless when it comes to crossing roads, even when vehicles are present. “Fall is ...

OUT: Trout Unlimited to host annual Fall Cleanup

By Dave Buchanan

Call it paying your dues. Or simply giving respect to a favorite stream. The Grand Valley Anglers Chapter of Trout Unlimited and Federation of Fly Fishers will host their annual Fall Cleanup along West Creek on Nov. 1. The cleanup focuses on a few miles of Colorado Highway 141 paralleling West Creek, a year-round stream that supports a population of wild brown trout. Participants should meet at the Bureau of Land Management picnic area north of Gateway at 9:30 a.m. Bring water, ...

OUT: Sunday Column October 26, 2008

By Dave Buchanan

Late last week, as big-game hunters jammed counters at license agents across the Western Slope, no one would have expected to hear complaints about under-crowding. But the promise of a bountiful season may have come too early, as late-week reports indicate a first-season slump has dragged into the second. Today is the final day of the first combined deer and elk season and it’s the season that traditionally brings out the hunters. The lure of over-the-counter bull elk tags plus a ...

SPT 5b Lake Powell 10-23

OUT: Lake Powell Fishing Report October 23, 2008

By Wayne Gustaveson

PAGE, Ariz. — Main lake stripers have gone quiet. My best guess for the lack of feeding is a general attitude of satisfied luxury. They have all the food they want or need. They feed only when they want and are quickly sated. They seem to have little regard for the anglers who would really like to get up close and personal with these fat fish. Here is what’s happening. Stripers are feeding quickly during their prime feeding times. At first light and last light there is a ...

OUT: Sunday Column October 19, 2008

By Dave Buchanan

Call it the hex of the full moon. Or “Gone with the Wind,” but I seem to remember that title already being taken. Elk hunters eager for the early elk-only season that ended Wednesday found their hopes, and in some cases their tents, dashed after the opening weekend offered a full moon, snowstorms and tree-toppling winds. “That first day was pretty much miserable conditions for hunting all around the Gunnison Basin,” said J Wenum, area wildlife manager for the ...

OUT: Brunot Agreement fulfilled October 19, 2008

By Dave Buchanan

An agreement signed more than 130 years ago between the U.S. government and the Ute Indians finally is being fulfilled. Starting next year, the Southern Ute Tribe, which has its offices in Ignacio, will exercise its rights under the 1874 Brunot Agreement to hunt under tribal regulation on non-reservation land in southwest Colorado. The area, which covers nearly 4 million acres, originally was part of the Ute reservation delineated in 1868 that covered most of the western third of ...

101608 OUT Lake Powell art

OUT: Lake Powell Report October 16, 2008

By Wayne Gustaveson

PAGE, Ariz. — I went fishing the morning of the Oct. 14 just to make sure the full moon hex was still viable. Sure was. I didn’t get a bite. But that is now over and each night will get darker and hopefully days will be warmer after the first major cold front of the season. By the coming weekend, good fishing should prevail. The full moon is actually helpful right now with cold, windy mornings, in that shad-chasing fish all seem to wake up mid-day and begin feeding. There ...

OUT: Fishing Report October 15, 2008

By Dave Buchanan

Northwest • Big Creek Lakes — Fishing for lake trout has been slow, with fish in deeper water, but should improve with cooler temperatures. • Blue River (Dillon to Green Mtn. Res.) — The most effective approach is to fish a nymph in the morning while waiting for rising fish to take dr­y flies. Kokanee salmon are being taken in the lower portion of the river. • Colorado River (below Parshall) — The river is in a fall fishing mode ...

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