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OUT: Sunday Column October 12, 2008

By Dave Buchanan

First things first. Wednesday’s story on scuba diving contained a horrible misquote. Cindy Stanfield of The Travel Connection and Scubaventures in Grand Junction never said a wetsuit cost $2,000. She said a beginning scuba diver can get a wetsuit and all the necessary equipment for diving, including but not limited to mask, fins, regulator and dive computers, for up to $2,000, not simply the wetsuit alone. Stanfield said wetsuits can be purchased for as little as $90. She also ...

101208 Out-JT Romatzke

OUT: Parachute-area DOW official moves up in ranks

By Dave Buchanan

When JT Romatzke took over as the Division of Wildlife’s district wildlife manager for the Parachute area, the wave of energy development was about to become a tsunami inundating western Colorado. Now, nearly five years later, Romatzke is moving down the road, to Grand Junction and a promotion to Area 7 Wildlife Manager, which includes overseeing nine district officers, three wildlife technicians and the same energy companies he dealt with in Parachute. “It’s going to ...

OUT: Lake Powell Fishing Report October 08, 2008

By Wayne Gustaveson

Lake Powell Report Lake elevation: 3,626 mean sea level Water temperature: 71-73 F PAGE, Ariz. — Striper fishing is very selective and bass fishing continues to get better. The pattern for fat and fussy stripers requires finding fish and then conforming to their feeding behavior. There is no room for deviation. The overriding factor is abundant shad. In these conditions, stripers will only eat shad, so find what their feeding technique is in your fishing location. At Hite, the ...

OUT: OUTside Connection October 08, 2008

By Dave Buchanan

Hard to believe, but there are more reasons to visit the Gunnison high country other than the magnificent fall colors that have turned the region into a photographer’s dream. Kokanee salmon, a landlocked version of Pacific salmon, are making their annual fall run out of Blue Mesa Reservoir to Roaring Judy Fish Hatchery a few miles north of Almont. There, biologists with the Colorado Division of Wildlife spawn the salmon to raise future generations of the popular game fish. Because ...

OUT: Cattlemen’s group opposes reintroduction of wolves

By Dave Buchanan

A petition to bring wolves back to Colorado has been met with opposition from the Colorado Cattlemen’s Association. The petition, filed last week by WildEarth Guardians, asks the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to develop recovery plans for gray wolves in the southern Rockies. Four areas in Colorado, including the Flat Tops north of Glenwood Springs, are targeted for the reintroduction, said the group, because those areas offer the best chance to establish viable ...

OUT: Lake Powell Fishing Report October 02, 2008

By Wayne Gustaveson

Lake Powell Report Lake elevation: 3,626 msl Water temperature 73-75 F PAGE, Ariz. — The upper lake is slumbering under a warm blanket of shad. It has been a pleasant month for predators as they simply have to open their mouths and swim quickly for a few feet to catch all the shad necessary. So they bask in the forest of brush and eat at their leisure. The lack of urgency, minimal movement and abundance of food combine to add inches to length and girth. All game fish are growing ...

100108 1B OUT zipperts elk

OUT: Lots of elk mean lots of opportunity

By Dave Buchanan

GUNNISON — With elk bugling day and night in the dark forests around the Gunnison Basin, there’s little opportunity for a hunter to sleep. Which is fine. You can sleep when the season’s over. “Yeah, they’re pretty active right now,” said Jeff Oulton, a district wildlife manager with the Colorado Division of Wildlife. “It seems I hear them every time I go outside.” Oulton patrols the area north and west of Gunnison between U.S. Highway 50 ...

OUT: Preparing hunters for change

By Dave Buchanan

Seen from the air, the scar of the Bull Mountain pipeline corridor snakes across open meadows, dark spruce forests and immense stands of green and gold aspen. “The pipeline cuts through what’s thought to be the largest single contiguous stand of aspen in the world,” said Sloan Shoemaker, peering intently from the right-hand seat of the Cessna 210. “This one stand of aspen stretches from Grand Mesa and Battlement Mesa all the way to the Flat Tops and south to ...

092808 OUT chads fawn

OUT: DOW eyeing number of bucks

By Dave Buchanan

With the start of the 2008 general big-game hunting season less than two weeks away, the Colorado Wildlife Commission could be accused of being a bit premature by focusing on the 2010-2014 seasons. But the two intervening years will go quickly, especially considering the amount of work and immense number of decisions to be made before the commission can put its final stamp on the framework for upcoming hunting seasons. Managing elk and deer herds always have been ticklish matters which ...

OUT: Lake Powell Fishing Report September 25, 2008

By Wayne Gustaveson

Lake Powell Report Sept. 19 Lake Elevation: 3,627 msl Water Temp: 77-79 F Striped bass have apparently gone on a two-week vacation. Fishing for the normally voracious predators has been uncharacteristically quiet. The culprit seems to be living the high life for most of the summer. Stripers are fat and apparently content to coast for a while on the reserves they stored during the easy days of summer. Shad are still abundant, but some schools are moving to the backs of coves. This is ...


Briefs: OUT Chapman Fishing Trip September 21, 2008

By Dave Buchanan

When 75-year-old Tom Chapman, Sr., of Orchard Mesa, mentioned earlier this summer to son Tom Chapman, Jr., that the senior Chapman had once visited Alaska but never had the opportunity to fish that magnificent state’s waters, Tom, Jr., took the announcement to heart. The two anglers recently spent a week in Alaska, including two days fishing for halibut and two days fishing the lower Kenai River for salmon. The two-some brought home 130 pounds of fish, said Tom, Jr., a captain with ...

OUT: Sunday Column September 21, 2008

By Dave Buchanan

Volunteer-based conservation groups are the bedrock of the conservation movement. Whether it’s an international group with thousands of members, such as Ducks Unlimited, Audubon Society and Trout Unlimited, or small, local-focused groups such as the Colorado Sportsmen Wildlife Fund, these groups embrace as a key part of their mission the grassroots development of interest in preserving wildlife and wildlife habitat. However, the main challenge to volunteer-based conservation is ...

092108 OUT shoot range art

OUT: Volunteers needed to help with shooting range cleanup

By Dave Buchanan

Help needed with shooting range cleanup Who: Recreational target shoots and hunters sighting in rifles What: Volunteers needed to assist with cleanup of public shooting range Where: Bureau of Land Management recreational range, 271/4 Road, six miles north of H Road. When: 8 a.m. until 3 p.m. Monday (Sept. 22) Why: The popular no-fee shooting range was used by approximately 13,000 people between April and December 2007. Support comes from local volunteers, businesses and the Colorado ...

OUT: U.S. anglers hook wins in Canada, Frisco

By Dave Buchanan

American anglers won the gold medal at the Canadian Fly Fishing Championship in Mont Tremblant, Quebec, Canada, while two other U.S. teams topped the standings at an international tournament in Frisco. Team captain Anthony Naranja of Grand Junction said the Canada tournament included three lakes and the upper and lower Diable River. The river lived up to its name, providing “some of the most difficult wading the team has ever faced,” Naranja said. “Our team fished with ...

091708 OUT atv

OUT: Grouse hunting in remote Cold Springs includes using ATVs

By Dave Buchanan

MAYBELL — At first glance, it seems there’s a lot of nothing up here. And that’s good. One town to speak of, a handful of ranches — many of which stretch to the horizon and then some — and barely enough people to fill the auditorium at the Maybell school. This is the farthest you can get from home and still be in Colorado. Up in the windswept reaches where Colorado, Utah and Wyoming angle together near the foot of Cold Spring Mountain, a slump-shouldered ...

091408 OUT mtn lion

OUT: Commission OKs small increase in lion licenses

By Dave Buchanan

The Colorado Wildlife Commission on Thursday adopted a slight increase in mountain lion licenses, with most of the new licenses coming in hunting units along the Front Range. According to Division of Wildlife statistics, hunters kill an average of 327 lions each year. Because the DOW hasn’t any concrete lion population numbers, conservationists have been concerned about the possible over-harvest of females. After annual harvest statistics showed an increase in the number of of ...

otdr 8d blue grouse 9-7

OUT: Sunday Column September 07, 2008

By Dave Buchanan

A significant group of retired Colorado Division of Wildlife employees have signed a letter supporting Rep. Mark Udall (D-Colorado) in his bid for the U.S. Senate. The list of nearly 80 supporters includes two former DOW directors, John Mumma and Perry Olson, along with a wide diversity of terrestrial and aquatic biologists, conservation specialists and other field personnel with more than 2,000 years of accrued experience in wildlife management. The letter cites Udall’s record of ...

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