Spirited crowd lauds county’s resolution protecting gun rights

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The political grandstanding by commissioners is akin to Chicken Little claiming “The sky is falling”!  What great leadership, hold a public gathering and pass a resolution that is basically worthless, except for purporting ignorance!

How about actually providing leadership and having meaningful conversation about mental illness and other issues of concern rather than gathering the masses and lathering the mentality that someone will be knocking on the door for our handguns or hunting rifles?

About as disappointing as it gets!

Kudos to the Daily Sentinel for calling our County Commissioners’ pro gun resolution what it is:  “grandstanding”.  (“Grandstanding for gun rights”, February 12, 2013).

What Sentinel readers may not recall is the sordid history of the anti-constitutional notion of “nullification”.

In 1832, South Carolina purported to “nullify” national tariffs—insisting that the “United States” was but a transitory combination of permanently sovereign States (as under the Articles of Confederation of 1781), not a perpetual Union of formerly sovereign States which had irrevocably conveyed certain “enumerated powers” (and thus “sovereignty”) to the federal government established by the U.S. Constitution in 1787.

In the 1850s, “nullification” regained traction – both in the North (among Abolitionists) and most vociferously in the soon-to-be secessionist South (where “nullification” was inextricable linked to the call for “States’ Rights” in defense of slave “property”).

From the Civil War through today, “States’ Rights” has been “dog whistle” code for anti-Black racism—but “nullification” did not reemerge into our political discourse until we elected a half-Black president in 2008.  Apparently, for too many, defending “gun rights” has become the functional equivalent of defending Slavery.

While Southern slave owners were justifiably paranoid about slave uprisings and thus demanded “a well regulated militia” in the Second Amendment, today’s deluded “gun nuts” are irrationally paranoid that President Obama will somehow confiscate their guns.

The lunacy of their illogic is obvious.  There are at least 270,000,000 guns under private ownership in the U.S.  If the combined forces of the ATF, local law enforcement, and/or our armed forces managed to confiscate 27,000 guns per day, it would take 10,000 days to do so.  At 200 working days per year, it would take 50 years to complete the task – ample time for the NRA to sue and for courts to “nullify” any unconstitutional “takings”.

                Bill Hugenberg

Good thing everyone could carry guns to the “hearing” because I doubt the big bad government would let them bring in torches and pitchforks.

Let’s hope this Board gets the nonsense out of its system or we’ll be pining for the return of the comparatively statesman-like Craig Meis.

Any legal costs incurred defending this absurd resolution should come from the commissioners’ pay.

For once it was a pleasure to see the County Commissioners passing this resolution. There are other duties and responsibilites for them to work on, but this one was a resolution I support.

At sign in, there were no pre-determined approved formats for statements. When I stood to address how much time and therefore taxpayers money has already been wasted by this “new” commissioner group via all the time and effort to fire Unfug and the follow-up to find another administrator, then adding this “dog and pony” show and all the time and taxpayers money for that, then at this point NO county business was getting done.  We pay these people about $100,000/year plus benefits akin to what the federal senate and house of reps get.  Do the math.  Your tax dollars are being wasted.  The room was filled via Facebook to a specific group of people. They did not represent the normal “Republican” view. Aquafresca, in his zeal to support the “gunners” and the so-called resolution, rudely interrupted my statement,denying my 1st Amendment rights, regarding the commissioners irresponsible use of taxpayers dollars on a insignificant folly.  Pugliese is a lawyer and knows that any decisions at the federal level will supersede local actions unless Mesa County wants to secede from Colorado.  She was grand-standing for her invitees. Stop wasting taxpayers’ money!! I demand fiscal responsibility from these ELECTED officials. I demand the right to disagree openly at any meeting of the public. The 2nd Amendment does not mean the 1st Amendment does not exist.

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