Incoming Minority Leader Chris Holbert of Parker announced his picks late Friday for committee assignments for Republicans in the Colorado Senate when the Legislature convenes next month that included one notable exception: Sen. Randy Baumgardner.

The Hot Sulphur Springs Republican, who faced multiple allegations of sexual harassment and was the subject of a failed expulsion attempt during this year's session, was given no committee assignments.

Baumgardner, who could face a similar expulsion vote during the 2019 session now that the Democrats have a two-seat majority in the Senate, has repeatedly been asked to resign but as-of-yet hasn't. He has two years left to his second term in the Senate before he faces term limits and cannot run again.

Meanwhile, Breckenridge Republican Debra Irvine, who has made several failed attempts for the Colorado House, officially launched her campaign Friday to seek Baumgardner's seat in 2020.

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