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Study by Cambridge University in England Reveals Key Answer
ntil recently, there was no
practical way to identify dead
regions of hearing cells in the

ear. However, a new British-developed procedure using standard test equipment now allows
for identification of dead hearing
cell regions. The study suggests
that the presence or absence of
dead regions may have serious
implications in thefitting of hearing aids.
This research reveals that
amplifying dead cells is a mistake which will result in poorer
speech understanding in noise. A new
type of digitally programmable microcircuit is now being released from
Audibel – one of the world leaders in
nanoScience technology – that can be
programmed to bypass the dead cells. As
a result, the patient’s usable hearing cells
receive amplification, thereby improving
speech understanding in noise.
“We are employing a like method in our
diagnostic sound booths using a sound
field speech in noise procedure”, said
Lisa Norris of Advanced Hearing Solutions. “ This test simulates hearing in a
noisy crowd. We are able to determine
maximum speech understanding by
frequency shaping this new hearing aid.”

Find out what you’re hearing, what
you’re not, and how Advanced
Hearing Solutions can help.

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Hearing Evaluation

The results have been phenomenal. For
the first time, a patient is able to actually
realize the exact percentage of speech understanding improvement in noisy listening environments.
These new products come in all shell
sizes, including the smallest digital models,
with low introductory prices available.
During its release, Advanced Hearing
Solutions is offering this new frequencyshaping hearing instrument on a 30-day
satisfaction trial. “Your satisfaction is
absolutely guaranteed,” Norris said.
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