Details for Callahan Edfast Mortuary & Crematory


Mortuary & Crematory

2515 Patterson Rd
Grand Junction, CO 81505
(970) 243-2450

Callahan-Edfast Mortuary
& Crematory has been
part of the fabric that
makes the Grand Valley
such a great place to live
for more than 100 years.
After having other buildings
in Grand Junction in the
early years, Callahan-Edfast
built a beautiful chapel in
1997 that has been serving
families of the Western
Slope and Grand Valley for
the past 20+ years.
The Mortuary’s main
focus is serving families with
honesty and compassion,
and to give them a high level
of care. The employees,
some of whom have lived
and worked here for many
years, provide support
and help to those who are
dealing with heartache
and loss. “We are servanthearted people,” said Shawn
Conners, manager for
Callahan-Edfast. “We love to
help those who are hurting.”
Cremation prices were
recently adjusted lower to
better serve the community.
There is a crematory on-site
to insure that they provide
the best care for the families
they serve.
In addition to caring for
families at their time of loss,
Callahan-Edfast also offers
pre-arrangement services
which helps prepare for the
future. The pre-arrangement
counselor can meet with
families to set up plans
for their funeral. Doing
this ahead of time helps
to insure that their wishes
are carried out, and helps
alleviate loved ones having
to deal with decisions and
costs at the time of death.
It also locks in today’s prices.
These pre-arrangements
can also be transferred to
other places where Service
Corporation International
has a presence.