Details for Dino-Peds Mgmt Group Llc

1190 Bookcliff Ave Unit 104
Grand Junction, CO 81501
When Dr. Aurelio Etcheverry
finished his residency program at
Miami Children’s Hospital, he could
have gone to many different places,
but chose Grand Junction to establish
his practice. He had never been to the
Grand Valley before, but after a couple
of visits, he and his wife agreed that
it would be a great place to start a
“This has been my first practice
and my only practice,” Etcheverry
When he started, the practice
included Etcheverry and a nurse.
There was a big learning curve as
he learned not just about practicing
medicine in a small western
community, but running a business in
that same small western community.
His practice went through the difficult
transition years as it went from a
paper record system to an electronic
record system.
Most recently, Dr. Miranda
Edwards, a pediatrician and Betsy
Robbins, PNP, joined the practice in
the last two years. Additional support
staff members have also been added,
and the office is affiliated with both
Community Hospital and St. Mary’s
Hospital and Regional Medical Center.
Providers can attend births and
admission at both hospitals.
Although the practice has grown
larger, it’s not that large, and that’s
the way Etcheverry wants it. He values
the uniqueness of the relationship he
and his two other providers can form
with patients and their families.
“The goal of the practice was to stay
small,” he said. “Patients see the
same provider.”
Etcheverry has been serving
patients for over 25 years, and
he’s had lots of special patients and
experiences, but what he values most
is his status as a grand-doctor.
“I’ve had patients where I was in
their delivery and now they’re having
babies,” he said. “It’s been great to
see kids grow and develop, and be
with them through the good, the bad
and the ugly and now take care of
their kids.”
It also says something about the
types of relationships Etcheverry has
built with the children who are his
patients, when they return to him with
their own children.
“We’re here to provide that
special attention to patients,” he said.
“We’ve been here 27 years and we’ll
continue to be here. We’re here to
take care of your kids.”
Dino-peds opened an allergy
clinic five years ago to provide allergy
testing and immunotherapy, serving
both adults and children. The clinic is
at the office on Bookcliff.