Details for HOPEWEST

"In the rising of the sun and in its
going down we remember them..."
Tributes are thoughtful acts of
generosity that support the programs
of HopeWest in Mesa County.

Expressions of Love and Appreciation
Gifts received during April
Andy and Noni Bacon

Joseph and Jill Breman

Tillie & Pat Bishop

Wanda F. Huntsman

Vikki Bell

Vikki Bell

HopeWest Senior Leadership

Mary C. Simpson

Peter and Kristy Jouflas

Tom Y. Sawyer

Kathy O'Shea

Les and LeAnn Zetmeir

Vikki Bell

Vikki Bell

Christy Whitney Borchard

Vikki Bell

Thoughtful Tributes in Sympathy
Memorial Donations
given April 1 – 30
Diane G. Allee
Lin Buford

Yula Mae Anderson

Donald and Linda Gregory

Evelyn Anglim

Phyllis M. Carroll

Bill Beckwith

Edwin D. Chase

John and Diane Anglim
Nina Burris
Dennis Cole
Palisade High School
Classmates of 1953

Jack A. Bell

Jerry and Connie Bell
Louis and Linda Payne
Tonkon Torp LLP

William Benoit

Annette Benoit and Family
The Bottorff Family John & Karen and Children

William Bergamo
Charlee Boger

Patsy A. Bieser

Norma Jean and Lester Grant,
Mark and Angela Grant, and
Craig and Mary Grant

Thomas Boita
Karen Boita

Leroy J. Borich
Louise Borich

Frank E. Born

Robert and Kay Fiegel

Marian J. Bottinelli

Sandy and Holly Brownson
George and
Charlotte Covington
Carolyn Jackson
Bob and Carol Murphy
Jan Muyskens
Danny and Ollie Patterick
Kent and Ruth Webster

Mike Bradford

Lee and Margie Arney
Boise Cascade Corp
Rick and Elizabeth O'Brien
Palisade Pharmacy

Constance Brownson
Lynn Brownson

Donye E. Bulla

Shannon Allen,
Donna Bertrand, Greg
Biskupski, Liz Brown,
Margie Brown, and
Shirley Jones
Connie Jo Klauzer
Gordon L. Wild

James T. Burnett

Thomas and Luann Campbell
Dennis Cole
Smiley Enterprises, Inc

Susan Butters

Jerry and Dannie McClurg

Marc A. Cadez

Christine and Gary Crone
JoEllen Gracey
Home Loan &
Nationwide Insurance
Danny and Ollie Patterick
Skyline Contracting, Inc.

Genevieve Callahan

Kathleen Callahan Odefey

Reid Cameron

William and Vivian McBride
Tiara Rado Subdivision Filing
#3 Homeowners Association

Carol J. Campbell
Don Campbell

Randall Capp
Joy Capp

Eric and Cynthia Loeb
John and Mary Mason
Robert and Janice Matticks
Mike and Claudia McFate
John and Angela Moss
Jan Muyskens
Thomas and Peggy Nowak
Marilyn Pearson
Tony and Sally Prinster
Margaret Raabe
Larry and Carolyn Romero
Richard Sarten and
Peggy Gunn-Sarten
Mike and Jean Sewell
Charitable Trust
Ron and Carrie Sharp
Gerald and Karen Slaugh
Kent and Theresa Stoddard
Michael and Cathy Strait
The Daily Sentinel
Dick and Gaylene Thompson
Sven and Sarah Wedekin

Phillip and Nancy Capp
Margaret Coe
Robyn Hedges
Steve and Denise Hight
Gary Hines
Lee and Joan Hoelscher
John and Susan Krizman

Lin Buford

Fern Chase
Larry and Diane Higgins
Frank and Peg Oldland

Charles Chilton
Teresa Chilton

Cathryn Clark

V. Gayle Griffin
Danny and Ollie Patterick

Junior and
Dorothy Coonse

J.E. Stover & Associates

Connie Jo Klauzer
Shirley Sanders
Kathy Stevens
Charles Wanebo

Lynn A. Hartman

Perry and Donna Rupp

Ramona M. Henderson
Gordon and Karen Smith

Elda Hiatt

Nick and Chloe Marx

Carol J. Hicks
Elizabeth Hicks

Genevieve P. Hoesel

Lee and Joan Hoelscher
Javine and Roger Martin
Beverly Porter
Robert and Twila Shankland

Myrtle I. Hogue

Cecilia K. Massey

April Petrafeso

Dale B. McClanahan

Robert L. Plant

Jack and Debbie Massey
Marilyn Ruland

Patricia McComsey

Norma Lloyd
Tim and Dottie Nousi

Bonnie L. McCracken

Arnett and Barbara Williams

George and Maxine Reid

Vicki L. Price

Joni Beckner

William Rapp

Don McKelvey

James L. Rauen

Dusty Dunbar and
Steven A. Bolton

JoAnn Reppard

Ruby McKelvey
Charles E. McQuiston
Kevin R. Meacham
Georgia Meacham

Lois Meisner
Robin Jenkins

Sheron Mitchell

Mary A. Buss
Russell and Vickie Cook
Judith Gray
Jay and Laura Johnson
Larry Morrow
Sheri R. Schmidt

John and Leona Brophy
Sandy and Holly Brownson
Nathan and Sigri Brundridge
Kathleen K. Davis
Marvin Dershem
Frances Ellinwood
Lela Hunt
Jay and Kathleen Jefferson
Emery and Darlene Johnson
John and Ruth Krizman
Don MacKendrick
Bernadine J. Minion
Bob and Carol Murphy
Linda Nostrand
Terry and Kim Pagett
Mary Louise Salatino
Katherine Stokes
Alan and Judy Workman

Royce Ann and George Mosher

Royce Ann and George Mosher

Earl S. VonBurg

Nancy E. Myers

Kay Ferris

Gail Washington

Horizon Mixed Bowling League
Russ, Amy, and Aiden Nelson
Norma Nelson
Bill and Sue Schiebout

V. Marteal Johnson
Ann Moore
Iris E. Palmer
Babs White, Hellen Burrus,
Sue Miller, and E. Dan Smith

George B. Rucker

Peter Canning
Reid and Phyllis Dickerson
Earl Fisk

Gwen M. Huber

Julia Leyba

Shirley J. Jensen

Carl W. Mitchell

Floyd Miller Family

Barbara I. Johnson

Muriel Morley

Catherine C. Burkey, P.C.
FCI Constructors, Inc.
Sanna Foster
Gordon and Rose Gardunio
Phyllis Newby
Susanne O'Dell
Danny and Ollie Patterick
Gloria Rees
Dave and Lesa Sayers
Kenton and Sarah Shaw
Gus and Gwen Sublette
Mary Lou Welch

Leroy R. Keller

Phyllis A. Boler

Judy G. Lauer

Mr. Arnaud Arcuby
Evelyn Cronk
LaVerne and Janice DeKruger

Allie Lou Etcheverry

Leo and Myrna Altenbern
Thomas and Lenore Barber
Julie Coleman
Katherine and Mitchell Harris
Mary Laughlin and
Jean Etcheverry
Dan and Joyce Peugh
Alan and Verla Rossi

Frances Fuquay

Wanda F. Jefferis

DeDe Hill

Virginia Essink

Harold "Joe" Kendrick
Treva G. Williams

Betty L. Klaiber

Rosemary Koller
Larry Koller

Ryan Kunstadter
Lisa Morrow

Rosemary LaGrange

John and Katharine Achziger

Bill and Marjorie Bristol
Carole Finkel
Al and Karen Grasso
Merredith Helmick-VonBurg
John and Judith Kenagy
Walter and Barbara Milburn
Kathleen R. Nelson
Lucille Paulson
Tom and Susie Vaughn

Priscilla "Dee" Morrow

Belva F. Hanna
Isabel A. Hansen

Larry and Joanna Feather

James Nelson

James Lee

Jerry Nisbet

Richard and Claire Atkins
Dusty Dunbar and
Steven A. Bolton
Marjorie Martin
Elizabeth Robillard
Western Colorado
Land Surveyors

Robert and Cindy Sherrill

Amy and Gregory Mueller


John and Katharine Achziger
Doug Aden and Lorraine Jensen
Kristy and David Armour
Brantley Distributing, LLC
George and Judy Callison
Dixie Carlson
Erle Reid and
Jacquie Chappell-Reid
Ann Chevalier
Rod and Nina Christ
Dan and Sharon Collins
Colorado Automobile
Dealers Association
Janet and James Comerford
Jerry C. Eisenhauer
Norman and Sheila Ely
Larry and Joanna Feather
Sullivan Ferris
Ford Motor Credit Company
Vernon and Brigitte Frenzel
Fuoco Motor Co.
Glenwood Springs Ford
Lynne and David Green
Dan and Rita Griffin
Christina Harper
Hellman Motor Co.
Scott Howard
Charles Hurd
Douglas and Ruth Johnson
Knute and Sandi Knudson
Grace LaBrenz
Jean Landini
Kevin Lemarr

Lisa Lucas

G. Michael Ferris

Francis Huber

James and Sandra Fox
Lorraine Garcia
Janet Gardner and
Chester Allen
Ron and Judy Lease
Lymphedema Lifeline
Harry and Janie McDonald
Donald and Marianna Rice
Charles and Marjorie Wilson
Jean Yale

Frances Garcia

The Damon Family

Delbert G. Gulbranson
Corynne "Marilyn" M.

Jeanene Hamm
Jack Hamm

Christine L. Shellabarger

Charles "Gene" E. Nelson

Marjorie A. Shepherd

Emma Berggren
V. Gayle Griffin
Randy and Marcia Hansen
Norma Rodvelt
Bob and Gail Youngquist

Kenneth E. Lee

Janice A. Nisbet

Wayne Lizer

Bette Nystrom

Elizabeth B. Harris
Cheryl Alpha
Benge's Shoe Store
Dusty Dunbar and
Steven A. Bolton
Nancy Fallis
Pauline C. Haller
Suzanne Hoest and
Dr. Jim R. Grady

Dr. Michael and Debra Horwitz

Brenn Luff
Mark Luff

Barbara Marcato

James Marcato & Family

Carol M. Martin

Ann Beyrer
Dan and Susan DeRocher
Diane and Howard Revie

William N. Martin

Lena Mae Scott

Keith R. Myers

Marianne A. Nelson

Donald L. Lozow

Dennis Hartman
Julia Shirley

Roy and Verna Seal

Lowell Laycock

Elaine and Dan Basham
Dewain and Lisa Burton
Mary Chesley
David and Nikki Foley
Richard and Jane Perske
Lynda Ruggeberg
Bradley and Lucinda Skinner
Tamara Smith

Lucy Sanchez

Maude M. Mosher

Virginia M. Settle

Dennis G. Haptonstall

Kay Ellis

Carla Inskeep

Mitchell E. Miller

Douglas and Susan Belair
Walter and Nancy Cwalinski

Margaret "Maggie"

Floyd Swann

Mellisa Saylor

Dr. Michael and Debra Horwitz

Jim and Joyce Selcke

Susanne O'Dell

Effie Rucker
June West

Lois Fisk

Steve P. Foster

Fred and Helen Strohmeier

Pat Price
James Prock
Linda Talbott
Rudy Veit
Bill and Coleen Wallace

Edward Cwalinski

Maria J. Dietvorst

Ashley Romero
Candice Rose

Irwin Horwitz

Nita and Pete Calkum

Rick Sarten and
Peggy Gunn-Sarten

Markley Metzger

Robert and Kay Fiegel

Charles "Cork" F. Follman

Tracy A. Rodeback

Kelley and Nancy Burford
David and Janet Coombe
Sarah Hartway
Kim Kistler
The Lancaster Family
Janice M. Logan
Larry Lybarger
Stephen and Jennifer Mitchell
George and Barbara Theisen

Robert and Sheila Schweikhardt

James Mershon


Betty J. Dawson

Jim and Maurine Wight

Kelli Steinkirchner

Susan Anderson

Louise M. Horton

Carey and Karen Horton

Mabel J. Flemming

Janet Rauen

Gordon L. Wild
Paul and Joanne Woods

Pam Mershon

HKS Inc.

Ryan J. Fiegel

Sharlene Smith

Katherine A. Rapp

Verla M. Stalker

Grand Junction Federal
Credit Union

Estefanita Crespin

Sharon Darien

Marilyn Cox

Ruby D. O'Connor

Janice and LaVerne DeKruger
David and Crystal Murphy
Western Implement
Company, Inc.

Joseph O'Dell
Susanne O'Dell

Louise P. Oliver

Richalyn Cox
Leslie and Helen Doehling
Phil Oliver

Clarence D. and
Margaret J. Parish
Lenore Bailey
Gary and Ivy Parish

Laird "Larry" W. Paulson
Lucille Paulson

Edwin Cook

Evelyn Shifferd
Garry Franklin

Eugene H. Shotsberger
Gail Shotsberger

Pat Smeaton

Donald Smeaton

Bennie C. Smith

Mrs. B. H. Buchanan
Diana Harris
Bob and Carol Murphy
QBE IT Operations
Lonnie and Peggy Shults

Jane "Janie" C. Smith
Lloyd Hunley

Jerry L. Smith
Sharlene Smith

Paul S. Sparks

Elsie and Al Ladage
Mel and Eleanor Muhr
Paul and Joanne Woods

Thelma Stacy

Mel and Eleanor Muhr

As a nonprofit organization, HopeWest relies on the generosity of our community.
HopeWest Kids | Living with Cancer | Transitions
Hospice Care in homes, nursing homes, assisted living residences and the Hospice Care Center.


The Circle of Hope is our monthly giving program. Visit to join
more than 180 others who impact the lives of friends and neighbors.

Gifts of any size make a huge difference. | (970) 255-7219
3090 North 12th Street, Grand Junction, CO 81506

Harley W. Terrill
Karen McGuirk

James W. Thompson
Duane Thompson

Clayton Tipping

Mr. and Mrs.
William Lee Barnes
Cynthia Cyphers
Lee and Joan Hoelscher
Berndt and Frances Holmes
Hoskin Farina & Kampf, P.C.
Alexis Lovato
Don MacKendrick
Michael and Renee Phillips
Jodi L. Quinn and Allan Worley
Natasha Sharone

Richard Tremblay
Mary C. Tremblay

Judith S. Troxel

Kenneth and Mary Miles
Joseph and Betty Roeder and
Family, Joe Roeder and Maggie,
Chris, Lisa, Krysta, and Kelsea
Roeder, Dan, Jeni, Dylan, and
Jaycee Windorski, Margaret

Alan Velder
Flora Deter
Angela Harris
Rutty Wells

Merredith Helmick-VonBurg
Carole Finkel

Leola L. Watts
Lori Brownlee

Ronald H. Webster
Katherine Webster

June Weddle

Larry and Carolyn Romero

Allan and Loretta Weir
Aggie Weir

Howard Whipple
Arlinda Whipple

Kelli A. Whiting

Ranel Noble and Kara Whiting

Matthew J. Wray
Mary Wray

Darrell "Butch" Wright
Kathy Stevens

Deborah L. Youngerman
Susanne O'Dell