Details for Rio Grande Federal Credit Unio


760 Rood Avenue
Grand Junction, CO 81501

On June 17, 1940 the founding
members of Rio Grande Federal
Credit Union applied to the Farm
Home Administration for a credit
union and one week later, on June
24th, 1940 their application was
approved. The credit union was
started in T.J. Lynch’s basement
on Texas Ave., it then was moved
to a one room office on Pitkin Ave.
where the credit union continued
to grow so much, they had to
remodel and make two offices. By
the 1990’s with new management
in place the credit union looked into
the future and realized that with
their continued growth, they were
going to need a different location
to offer more services to the
membership. They then purchased
a facility on Ouray Ave. where there
were individual offices, a teller line
and a drive up window. This was
a big move for them at this time
and they had so much room, they
thought they would never grow
into the location…., they did. As
growth continued, an opportunity
to construct a modern facility for
the membership arose in 2004.
The move was made to our current
location April of 2005 to a beautiful
building at 760 Rood Ave., which
will serve the membership for a
very long time.
In 1940 when Rio Grande was
established, the field of membership
was limited to employees of the
Denver & Rio Grande Western
Railroad Company working in, or
out of Grand Junction, Colorado;
members of their immediate
families; and organizations of such
persons. The Credit Union has
grown since its initial charter;
the Rio Grande Motor Way Credit
Union, Gilsonite Credit Union, and
most recently MT. Garfield Credit
Union merged into Rio Grande
Federal Credit Union. In 2016 Rio
Grande applied for and received a
community charter, creating the
current field of membership, which
is persons who live, work, and
worship or attend school in and
business and other entities located
in Mesa County.