Details for Sunrise Restaurant


811 S 7th Street
Grand Junction, CO 81501
(970) 424-5544
MON - SAT • 6AM - 2PM


In January of 2019 Allen Akey
and his wife, Lena Combs, opened
the doors to Sunrise Restaurant
at 811 South Seventh Street.
While the name and location of
this breakfast and brunch local hot
spot are new, the staff and food are
familiar. This is because the recipes
and staff transferred over from the
popular breakfast and lunch diner
Lois’ Place.
After inquiring about taking on
Lois’ Place from former owner Lois
McGary, Akey and Combs bought
the former home of Mexican
restaurant Los Reyes. McGary
had been leasing her space and
there were some roadblocks to
the couple just taking over as new
owners. They then bought the Los
Reyes building and approached
McGary with a proposition to move
everything over there. She was
happy to accept, knowing that her
staff would still have jobs on the
heels of her retirement.
Akey and Combs spent ____
months moving everything over
from Lois’ Place and doing some
renovations to the location. This
is Akey and Comb’s first foray into
the restaurant business. Akey
was previously an auto mechanic
and both Akey and Combs have
worked at the Peach Tree True
Value hardware store. While both
are service and business oriented,
having a staff that knows the
recipes and restaurant business
was crucial. The combination is
When the doors opened on
January 7, they were already a local
favorite. Originally only open 6 days
a week they extended to 7 days a
week only 3 weeks after opening
because they were so popular.
While the regulars still come from
Lois’ Place to eat their favorite
breakfast or brunch meals delivered
by their favorite staff, Sunrise
Restaurant is seeing
new faces too!