Details for Valley Church Of Christ

The Valley Church of Christ is happy to
announce we will be hosting a 6 day
gospel meeting featuring Jared Hagan,
who has been preaching at the Northside
Church of Christ in Colorado Springs, CO
for 21 years. His preaching is based on
factual Bible Scripture and he is willing to
answer any questions you may have.
His presentation will consist of the topics
Dates and times are as follows:
Sunday, June 9th
9:45 am Class • “The Bible” as Vindicated
in the British Museum.
10:45 am Worship • “Creation vs
Evolution” Why creation matters
4:00 pm Worship • “Our Heavenly Bodies”
Will we recognize each other in heaven?
Monday, June 10th
7:00 pm • “Tempted of Tested” Are you
facing God or Satan?
Tuesday, June 11th
7:00 • “TBD”
Wednesday, June 12th
7:00 pm • “Growing our faith in
challenging times”
Thursday, June 13th
7:00pm • “Different types of sin”
Friday, June 14th
7:00 pm • “Knowing you’re saved... Is that
even possible?”
We are looking forward to hearing Jared
preach and hope you will be able to attend!

Valley Church of Christ
491 Sparn Street
Grand Junction, CO 81501