Aubrie Hughes' daddy used to rock her to sleep to The Beatles.

Born at Children's Hospital in Aurora with tricuspid atresia, a congenital heart disease, Aubrie has had a number of surgeries in her 4 years, and with each one she was comforted by her parents, Paul and Mandy Hughes, and The Beatles.

"She grew up singing Beatles songs, making Beatles crafts, and even asked to have her 4-year-old birthday Beatles themed. What 4-year-old does that!" wrote Paul Hughes in an email.

"Her favorite Beatles song is 'Yellow Submarine' and her favorite Beatle is Paul McCartney because my name is Paul," he wrote.

When a Beatles song comes on the radio, Aubrie sings along. So naturally, when the Grand Junction Symphony Orchestra last year put on a Beatles concert with the tribute band Imagine at Las Colonias Park Amphitheater, Aubrie and her parents were there.

"The girl is just incredible," said Jeremy Herigstad, marketing director for the symphony. "She was just beside herself that she got to meet these guys (Imagine) last year."

This spring, Aubrie was a bit torn about the symphony's Beatles concert. A trip to Walt Disney World was scheduled at the same time, so she and her parents won't be at the concert for a second photo with Imagine and to dance to the new set list of Beatles' music put together by the symphony and Imagine.

"Come Together: The Beatles and the GJSO" featuring Imagine will be at 7:30 p.m. Saturday, June 8, at Los Colonias Park Amphitheater, 925 Struthers Ave. Gates open at 6 p.m.

The set list is all Beatles, but this won't be a complete repeat of the last year's concert, Herigstad said.

The must-play favorites will be there, but there also will be some different music than last year to mix things up, he said.

The first half of the show will feature Imagine performing the music that made The Beatles famous early in the '60s, he said.

Imagine has played concerts as The Fab Four all over the world, developing Liverpudlian accents to go with the rock music and costumes.

The musicians will don the brightly colored suits of "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" for the second half of the concert, when they will be joined by about 25 members of the symphony.

When playing the music of that studio album in particular, the orchestra is necessary, Herigstad said.

"A Day in the Life," for example, ends with a big orchestra sound, and it just wouldn't be right to perform the song without it, he said.

And there are other Beatles hits where more instrumentation is needed, such as the trumpet in "Penny Lane," he said.

Last year's concert was a huge hit with and the symphony is hopeful this year's also will draw a crowd to relax on the amphitheater's lawn and enjoy the music.

"Beatles fan or not, it's music the everybody knows," Herigstad said.

"I had a great time," he said about last year's concert. "My kids were there and they were dancing around. It's such a family thing."

And for those wanting to not just end the day with The Bealtes, but begin it as well, there is The Fab Four 5K/10K.

The Saturday walk/run event includes a T-shirt and concert ticket in the entrance fee.

Some daring folks even come dressed up as their favorite Beatles.

The Fab Four 5K/10K begins and ends in front of the amphitheater stage with a route that takes participants up to Eagle Rim Park, along the Colorado Riverfront Trail and over to the Western Colorado Botanical Gardens.

"It's beautiful," Herigstad said.

For information about The Fab Four 5K/10K and "Come Together," go to

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