Behind the Sculpture: 'Migration/Transformation'

"Migration/Transformation" by Annette Coleman

Sculpture name: "Migration/Transformation"

Artist: Annette Coleman

Details: This brightly colored, mosaic-style sculpture is in front of Triple Play Records, on the north side of the 500 block of Main Street.

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When Annette Coleman's great-great-grandparents immigrated to the United States from Germany, they faced an unfriendly climate. They were called hurtful names and looked down upon, Coleman said.

Taking to heart her ancestors' experience amid today's charged political climate, Coleman strives to use art to help people think about things differently.

"Migration/Transformation" is a metaphor for coming to a new country and experiencing other cultures and life experiences.

"By that experience, we too are transformed," said Coleman, who lives in Lakewood.

According to an email from the artist, "Migration/Transformation" depicts the monarch butterfly traveling from Mexico north to pollinate crops and flowers and bringing with it "beautiful colors that dance throughout our landscape."

Coleman also sees the human race as a part of nature, "but we don't always recognize it," she said in a phone interview.

In "Migration/Transformation" she used blue, a color not seen in the monarch butterfly.

"The blue denotes the change in a person as they are absorbed and transformed from a different life as they move to a different land and culture," she said.

A self-proclaimed "recycle-artistia," Coleman utilized lightweight satellite dishes in the sculpture with a thin application of cement to build up the smooth form.

After sanding, she added stained glass pieces to create a mosaic style.

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