Behind the Sculpture: 'Seismogram'

"Seismogram" by Joe Forrest Sackett

Sculpture name: "Seismogram"

Artist: Joe Forrest Sackett

Details: The painted, steel sculpture is on display on the south side of Main Street, near the intersection of Fifth and Main streets.

Price tag: $12,000 (That's right, some Art on the Corner sculptures are for sale. Go to for information.)

The forceful shaking, rattling and rolling of a strong earthquake are no match for this durable sculpture that was built to go with the flow.

Joe Forrest Sackett's pieces are usually abstract or geometrically modeled and the linear form of this sculpture gives it the illusion of a rhythmic swaying.

"The idea of 'Seismogram' is a building doing some weird stuff as an earthquake happens. It's something that 'visually" moves," said Sackett, who lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Crafted with welded square tubing, it "doesn't appear to be particularly sculptural when you look at it," Sackett said.

He finished the piece with sign painter's paint in two shades of blue and the contrast draws the viewer's eyes to the center of the piece.

"I like making something 'move' out of stuff that doesn't move," he said.

Sackett has had a variety of occupations over the years — he has been a woodworker building cabinets and a teacher — and has now worked in metal for more than 10 years and sometimes in wood.

"It's simple and cheap," he said.

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