Behind the Sculpture: 'Skyline'

"Skyline" by Kyle Ocean

Sculpture name: "Skyline"

Artist: Kyle Ocean

Details: The mild steel sculpture is on the north side of the 400 block of Main Street near the breezeway leading to the Rood Avenue parking garage. "Skyline" was awarded "Best in Show" for the 2018–19 exhibit.

Price tag: $12,000 (Go to for purchase information.)

If you feel inclined to weave in and out of the columns that make up this eight-piece sculpture, then artist Kyle Ocean has accomplished what he set out to do.

From a distance, "Skyline" seems "quite large and exciting, drawing the viewer closer to examine the space further," wrote Ocean in an email.

"Once up close, it is actually quite inviting and can exhibit a wonderful feeling of power in a small space, continuing to provoke exploration throughout the piece," wrote the Fort Collins artist.

Ocean noted that the sculpture "represents the duality of man" by alluding to the need "to be desired while also desiring to be a solitary beast in a cold and indifferent world."

For "Skyline" and other sculptures, Ocean combines inspiration from the natural world into small concept models, which "eventually become fully realized as large scale works of art," he wrote.

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