Here are results of recent bridge games:

Grand Slam of GJ Duplicate Bridge Club:

May 29: Barbara Chaplik and Linda Scibienski; Diane Creighton and Polly Parrish; Marilyn Griswold and Betty Jacobson; Dennis Simpson and Bill Voss.

June 3, north/south: Rocky Otto and Cheryl Spray; Stephanie Tartaglia and Dallas Payne; Ginger Becker and Carolyn Ford; Judy Burke and Dorothy Gerharter. East/west: Jeffrey Phillips and Voss; Sharon Snyder and Patricia Knapple; Carolyn Wiley and Jacobson; Scibienski and Randy Field; Jacque Stafford and Ann Thomas; Connee Moffatt and Sherri Helms.

June 5: Creighton and Scibienski; Snyder and Steve Shaffner; Field and Griswold.

Reservations/info: 216-8807 or 201-5006.

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