Here are results of recent bridge games:

■ May 29: Carolyn Wiley and Marilyn McLaughlin; Cheryl Spray and Rocky Otto; Marteal Johnson and Bruce Kolisek.

■ June 5: Helen Bledsoe and Pat Kelley; Martha Scott and Kolisek; Barbara Chaplik and Betty Jacobson.

■ June 19: Wiley and McLaughlin; Otto and Spray; Jean Selch and Kelley.

■ June 7: Kelley and Scott; Jeff Phillips and Bill Voss; tie Bill Schultz and Heidi Schoenstein; Sylvia Morrison and Wiley

■ June 14: Chaplik and Dennis Simpson; Kolisek and Randy Field; Jacobson and Scott; Schultz and Schoenstein.

Info: 628-1105.

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