We received a tip from Carol Gross, one of our column readers, about where to get some great french fries. We loved getting a message and learning about a new place to try.

We have spent a good amount of time in Hong Kong over the years. One favorite thing was watching people in the parks practicing a slow ritualized set of movements every morning: tai chi.

As someone who adored Disney's "The Lion King" as a kid, I was concerned about the prospects of the company adding it to its ever-growing catalog of live-action remakes (though the 2019 "Lion King" is entirely animated, but it's animated to look like it isn't).

Count me as one who really likes Bruce Springsteen's newest record "Western Stars." I have heard some folks be critical of it after just one or two listenings. I think it takes more than two times through a record to absorb it and form an opinion. This one gets better every time I play it. I…

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