Mesa County is now at “high risk” level orange for COVID-19, just recently moving away from “severe risk” level red.

That is a good thing for some businesses. There also are many businesses that will still have a hard time making ends meet because level orange really won’t let them operate much, if at all.

Most of those businesses are bars, nightclubs and live music venues.

One of those businesses is our good friends and Triple Play Record’s next door neighbors, Mesa Theater. Those folks have not had any real income since March.

In my opinion, Brett and Jeni Strong and Rick Christensen are the best owners and operators Mesa Theater has ever had. They are hard-working folks who show up every day.

Mesa Theater doesn’t have the benefit of being owned by the city as does Las Colonias Amphitheater, Avalon Theatre or Grand Junction Convention Center.

In other words, it has a mortgage, utilities and operating expenses that add up to about $9,000 a month.

The Strongs and Christensen are doing everything they can right now to pay the bills. Mesa Theater’s bar is open on a limited basis from 5–11 p.m. Wednesdays through Saturdays.

There usually is a hot dog cart out front on those nights as well.

Mesa Aid Live, a fundraising online concert for Mesa Theater hosted by several local bands, will be Friday, Jan. 8, and donations are being accepted to cover a month of expenses.

At Triple Play Records, we love having the folks at Mesa Theater as neighbors. We have a great relationship with them, and we look out for each other.

We also want to help them stay around until they can get back to a profitable status, so we plan to donate to its GoFundMe Fundraiser that launches Friday, Jan. 8.

We also approached Christensen about putting two large racks of good-quality vinyl in the lobby of Mesa Theater’s bar. All of these LPs will be on sale for $2 a piece.

All of the money from the sales will go to the Mesa Theater. We have thousands of these records, so the sale will go on for a while.

Think about all of the live music you have missed since last spring.

Sam Bush was the last show I saw. I had to get refunds for tickets for two shows scheduled for the amphitheater. I will gladly donate that amount to the Mesa Theater.

I am also asking you to consider helping out Mesa Theater. You can do it by donating to its GoFundMe Fundraiser or supporting the Mesa Aid Live program. You also could go by the bar for a cocktail and a hot dog and buy a few records for your collection.

Mesa Theater is going to have a tough time meeting its expenses over the next six months.

I think we can all do a little bit to help.


Rock Cesario owns Triple Play Records, 530 Main St. Email him at

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