You know how it is — you move to a new part of the county and you just love the area, but you still miss some of your favorite foods.

Well, that is what happened to Megan Dunegan and Vanessa Ford when they relocated from Austin, Texas, to Fruita. They missed the breakfast tacos that are available pretty much on every Austin street corner.

At first, they started cooking breakfast tacos for themselves, and then for friends and neighbors. The tacos were new to people here — everyone has had a breakfast burrito, but breakfast tacos were a whole different thing — so Megan and Vanessa were urged to start a business so everyone could enjoy breakfast tacos. They did.

The first year, Tacorado (the name they came up with to honor tacos and Colorado), was housed in a food cart by the Fruita post office. It was pretty much a success from day one.

Tacorado quickly outgrew the food cart and Vanessa and Megan invested in a food trailer. Tacorado currently can be found on the patio next to Colorado Backcountry Biker, 150 S. Park Square, in Fruita. (The patio is BYOB if you want to have something extra with your taco.)

Tacorado is open about six months of the year, starting in April with a little break in mid-July and then open until October. Everything depends on the weather, of course, so check Tacorado's Facebook page or Instagram to be sure they are open.

We discovered Tacorado during its cart days and enjoyed migas tacos (crisp tortilla chips, sautéed onions, scrambled into eggs and topped with queso and sliced avocado), papas tacos (scrambled eggs with potatoes and cotija cheese), beans and cheese tacos or beans and avocado tacos.

We ate there several times before we realized the menu was vegetarian! It also plenty of vegan options, and trust us, you don't miss the meat.

Taco specials often end up on the permanent menu, such as the Popeye (fresh spinach and cotija scrambled into eggs and topped with "trailer-made" SAS, Spicy Avocado Sauce). It is one of our favorites.

Then Vanessa and Megan added more: La Libre (it incorporates Mexican caramelized street corn and Mexi-mayo), also one of our favorites, as is the Cheezy Peasy (no peas, but lots of buttery Monterrey Jack and the most beautiful, rich, decadent caramelized onions you will ever taste).

They recently added the Pablano Migas and we are hopeful it will stay on the menu. It contains migas with trailer-roasted poblano pepper, Ghost Rock Farm cheese and puya salsa — a puya chile is like a guajillo chile, but a little spicier.

In the you-heard-it-here-first category, there may be another taco coming: The "Geri." It's a vegan taco with potatoes, spinach, beans and avocado, and is named for a loyal customer, Geri Robinson, who always requests the customized taco.

The Geri isn't on the menu yet, but you can ask for it. Both Megan and Vanessa are dedicated to the concept that food is fun and they want everyone to like their food as much as they do. It means they are open to requests (vegetarian, please) and value customer feedback.

The flour tortillas are made by Vanessa and are cooked to order. If you have gluten issues, corn tortillas are available. Salsas are trailer-made and there are always at least three choices: pico, tomatillo and Applewood-smoked tomato.

That smoked salsa is laughingly called liquid bacon as it adds a meaty umami that will make any carnivore totally forget about chorizo or any other meat.

The eggs are real, not the stuff from a cardboard container. Beans are seasoned to an Austin flavor. The potatoes are hand diced and sautéed.

Notice the theme of trailer-made ingredients? A lot of preparation goes into the fresh foods. This is not meant to be fast food. It is made to order with love, fun and good ingredients.

Vanessa and Megan are both avid bicyclers, which is how they ended up in Fruita. They have become true Fruitarians and love their new town. But, who wouldn't?

The Browns have a curiosity streak that runs broad and deep. So far it hasn't gotten them in too much trouble, and its rewards have been great. They are curious what interesting places you have found. Send your ideas to Their column appears here the first Friday of every month.

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