For the past nine years, Michael Morelli has translated his love and passion for authentic wood-fired pizza into his thriving food truck: Michael Angelo's Wood Fired Pizza.

Morelli and his mobile wood-fueled oven travel across the Grand Valley pleasing customers with his twist on Neapolitan-style pizza.

Dan West with The Daily Sentinel recently spoke with Morelli about his truck:

West: What is your favorite dish to make? Why?

Morelli: I don't know if I'd say I have a favorite to make. Probably one of our signature pizzas that's near and dear to me is one we call the Truffle Tomato Bleu. It involves truffle oil, thin sliced tomatoes, sweet basil, a little bit of blue cheese and then our five blend cheese. It's kind of my answer to the margarita pizza.

West: How did you get into the food truck business?

Morelli: That's a long story. Probably the short version is, I'd always had a passion for it and just decided to do this kind of in retirement.

West: What is your favorite event or location to work?

Morelli: We've done everything. Food Truck Fridays have really grown. I think this is about our sixth or seventh season with the Food Truck Fridays. I'm one of the originals from that group. It's been kind of nice watching it grow from the few of us that were back then all the way up to today where there's 22, I think, in our group now. Watching that grow has been real exciting for me.

West: What is the best part of owning a food truck?

Morelli: I think for me, I just have a passion. So, a food truck versus a brick-and-mortar restaurant gives the person the opportunity to set their own schedule, work as hard as they want, be more creative. I think with food trucks it's more accepted to be more fusion food rather than just strict Italian or strict Mexican or whatever it is. So I think food trucks offer some flexibility for someone who has a passion for food.

West: Tell us something unique about your food truck.

Morelli: Obviously, having a wood-fired oven on a food truck is not that common. That's probably unique. The other thing that's unique is my food truck, from what I understand from the health department, is the only one they're aware of in the state of Colorado that actually has a bathroom. So that's kind of unique.

Online:, Michael Angelo's Wood Fired Pizza on Facebook.

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