We have always been attracted to the clean lines of Scandinavian wood furniture.

The dining room table we had for 40 years (and finally didn't move here) was a teak Swedish set with hidden expansion leaves. We miss it.

When we walked into High Desert Authentiques, 518 Colorado Ave., about a year ago, we were happy to see not only Scandinavian pieces but some very cool, mid-century modern lamps, chairs and pots among many other styles of furniture.

High Desert Authentiques also has a lovely collection of vintage Western items, retro clothing, stereo equipment, southwestern jewelry, '70s motorcycle helmets, primitive arts, locally made purses, art from local artists ... well, you get the idea.

There is a lot to look at. The thing that all the items have in common is a unique look and a quality feel.

The business is a bit like a museum, but you can touch everything, you can sit in some, you can try some on, you can ask a lot of questions, and you can buy what you want. We love to stop by, browse and learn, buying an item here and there.

There is something for everyone to love and at every price point. There are Pendleton board shirts — some of you might remember those from the cover of the Beach Boys' "Surfer Girl" album — and other Pendleton shirts of 1960–1980s vintage that are made a bit differently than those now.

There are older cowboy boots, fun fashions and all manner of jackets.

Rita loves looking through cast iron and utensils from another time. All are in usable shape and from when things were well-made and often handcrafted.

Kent gets distracted by the '80s-and-onward stereophonic receivers, amplifiers and turntables. All are working. And there is a nice collection of vinyl records to supplement your Triple Play Records fixation.

There are pottery items (both for dining, décor and plants), knickknacks, older and newer Native American jewelry, Navajo rugs and Pendleton blankets.

High Desert Authentiques is owned by Fred Grinnan and Missy Burns, and the business marks its one-year anniversary this month.

Fred, a former whitewater competitor and guide, has been collecting for years during the time he traveled throughout the Southwest as a raft and mountain bike sales rep.

Missy, who works in the financial industry, curates the women's clothing and keeps the business on track. The clothing is an eclectic collection that is really fun to browse. This is not secondhand store stuff.

Fred and Missy like things that are functional but that have a cool vibe, and you will notice it when you wander through the store.

Every item has a story that adds to our appreciation. For instance, there is a striking, one-of-a-kind circular Memphis Milano dining table with a built-in lazy Susan. It just happens to be from the estate of Steve Fossett of record-breaking, nonstop balloon and fixed-wing world-circumnavigations fame.

Ask Fred about the vintage fly-fishing reels and fly boxes. Actually, ask Fred about any of the items. He is a fount of information.

The items we mentioned here might not be at the store when you visit. Things can just fly out of High Desert Authentiques or, as recently happened, a bunch of mid-century lamps, chairs and tables were loaded into a U-Haul trailer headed to a house being furnished in Palm Springs, California.

Walk in and be dazzled by High Desert Authentiques's amazing mix of wonderful things and charming owners.

The Browns have a curiosity streak that runs broad and deep. They are curious what interesting places you have found. Send your ideas to BrownsAroundTown@outlook.com. Their column appears here the first Friday of every month.

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