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Some raw land is easier to turn into a housing development than others. Land that has nearby access to utilities works better than land with the nearest sewer lines more than a mile away. Land that’s flat as the proverbial pancake works better land with hills, slopes and ridges. Land that ha…

Most of the homes at Redlands Mesa Golf Course have a certain elegant, classic and timeless appeal, thanks to the neighborhood’s strong architectural guidelines and the quality of the builders who have worked in the golf course community over the past two decades.

Commercial real estate activity continues to hum at a lively pace, and many of the current projects around town involve taking under-utilized properties and turning them into something new that will generate tax dollars and add to the community’s overall aesthetics.

Bray Real Estate is proud to welcome Kay Wilmesher as a broker associate in the Grand Junction office. Before starting at Bray, she worked as a community liaison, connecting community members to the organizations that focused on reducing of youth violence, bullying, drug and alcohol abuse an…

Although value and the luxury home market may not be two ideas that are typically paired to describe a property, this week’s unique property at 1383 Horseshoe Drive in Horseshoe Ridge north of Fruita is both a gorgeous luxury home and a great value.

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Building a new custom house on a large lot can be a great experience, but right now, it can also be challenging to find a lot, find a contractor and hope that the contractor and all his subs can find some time in their schedule to add another project.

Palisade properties don’t come onto the real estate market often, and when they do, they don’t remain there long, especially if they include land and senior water rights. This week’s unique property includes 7.78 acres split into four irrigated pastures, and a home with more than 3,100 square feet.