Some raw land is easier to turn into a housing development than others. Land that has nearby access to utilities works better than land with the nearest sewer lines more than a mile away. Land that’s flat as the proverbial pancake works better land with hills, slopes and ridges. Land that hasn’t been used as an industrial dumping ground is also easier to develop than land that’s been reclaimed after years of neglect.

At Pinnacle Ridge, which is off Mariposa Drive in the Redlands, there were nearby utilities, and the land was in pristine condition, but as the name says, it’s one big ridge, with sloped ground, steep grades and other topographical challenges. The good news for home buyers is that some of the sloped lots make great lots for homes with walkout basements, and some of the lots on the ridge have amazing views.

The first phase of construction started two years ago, with 13 lots at the entrance of the subdivision. Since then, three homes have been finished, sold and occupied, and there’s also another home nearing completion that’s under contract. Karie Hill O’Connor has a home listed for $649,000 at 356 Aiguille that should be finished by the end of May. She’s had several interested buyers touring the home and anticipates that it will go under contract quickly.

Ground work has begun on two more homes along Aiguille Drive, which is the main road that will eventually wind around the hill and take people through the subdivision. One will have a walkout basement.

970 Builders has built two of the existing homes, as well as the ones currently under construction in the subdivision, but individuals are also welcome to buy a lot and bring their own builder.

Like the homes built at Redlands Mesa Golf Course, which is right across Mariposa Drive from Pinnacle Ridge, or at Spyglass Ridge in Orchard Mesa, homes built in the subdivision will need engineered foundations. There are plenty of local builders who have the expertise and experience to build a foundation that won’t move with the soil. It’s more expensive than a standard foundation, but it beats needing to call a foundation repair company in 10 years.

Infrastructure is underway to carry Aiguille Drive a little farther around the hill and develop lots in filings two and three to make them ready for home construction. There are eight lots in both filings, and some of those lots in filing two will be walkout basement lots. Some of the lots in filing three will be on a point that has incredible views of Colorado National Monument, the city, the Bookcliffs and Grand Mesa.

There are hiking and biking trails that take residents from the subdivision to the nearby Lunch Loops area, which is less than half a mile away. Thanks to the Monument Connector trail, there’s a paved bike path that residents can continue on from the Lunch Loops area in order to reach the Colorado Riverfront Trail and downtown, which is about five minutes by car, and perhaps 15 minutes on a bicycle.

Homeowners are encouraged to install xeric landscaping in the subdivision, which is appropriate given the subdivision’s hillside desert location.

O’Connor has the remaining two lots in filing one listed for $92,000. Prices haven’t been fully determined for filing two or three and the lots aren’t yet listed on the MLS, but prices are expected to start at $100,000. Lots may be available in filing two by April, and in filing three by the summertime. There will be a total of 72 lots when the entire subdivision is built out.