Although the north area had a few homes and residences long before St. Mary’s Hospital and Regional Medical Center moved to Seventh and Patterson in the early 1950s, and there have been plenty of developments built in the area in the area since then, there are also a surprising number of vacant parcels of raw land in the north.

Because it lies within the Persigo Boundary, which identifies areas that will be served by city sewer services, it’s a great place for infill development. It’s also a convenient place to live, taking just a few minutes to get downtown, to the mall, the hospitals, the airport or the freeway, so it’s no surprise that real estate developers are focusing on those vacant parcels of land north of Patterson.

There are several subdivisions planned for vacant land off G Road, starting with two different subdivisions in the planning process for land near G Road and 12th Street. Both are in very early stages of development, so there won’t be new homes in either development any time in the near future.

Village Center is a 43-unit subdivision on almost 10 acres off 12th Street, just north of its intersection with Horizon Drive and south of the Little Creek subdivision. The project includes both single family detached homes and some attached homes.

Highlander subdivision is adjacent development proposed to the north of Village Center, running all the way to G Road, and the proposal is for 35 single family lots. This project could take longer than typical projects to get through planning due to the topography of the land, which may require more engineering for infrastructure, particularly sewer.

About two miles west of the proposed Village Center and Highlander subdivisions, two other developers are beginning the planning process for two separate, but adjacent parcels of land on the north side of G Road near 25 Road.

The city has given Aspen Leaf Estates its preliminary approval for 18 single family homes. The development will be on 5.28 acres between G Road and Woody Creek, the main road through Aspen Village Estates, a new subdivision that lies directly northwest of Aspen Leaf. Infrastructure construction has already started.

Liberty Ranch subdivision, a 42-lot subdivision just west of Aspen Leaf Estates, is currently in the planning process with the city. The proposal is for the subdivision to be built in two filings, with filing one having 42 homes on a little more than 24 acres. The city has given approval to begin grading the land, but has not approved anything beyond that.

Garrett Davis with Chronos Builders is also working with the city on a 40-acre parcel of vacant land on the southeast corner of 24 1/2 and G Road. Founder’s Colony, as the subdivision will be called, will eventually include more than a hundred single-family detached homes, as well as some single family attached townhomes and an apartment building. Davis hopes that Chronos will have approval for the first filing within the next week so he can begin infrastructure, with possible home construction starting later in the fall. He anticipates that it could take four to five years to build out the entire subdivision.

At nearby Copper Creek and Copper Creek North, the last home went under contract, but Copper Creek Builders are busy with some multi-family housing off 24 1/2 Road where they’ve started building Copper Village Apartments and have also been building townhomes. The first eight townhomes are completed and sold, but the company has a few under construction that will be available in the coming months. The two-story attached homes have 2 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, and a one-car garage in about 1,200 square feet and are priced in the low $300s.