Sunset Valley Estates, which is off 29 1/2 Road, north of F 1/2 Road is one of the many subdivisions currently under construction in the Grand Valley where buyers can find a new home. Because of its location off the beaten path near the end of 29 1/2 Road, it’s one of those subdivisions that would be easy for prospective new home buyers to overlook.

There were 25 lots brought to the local market in the first filing, and all of them sold to builders within  the first two weeks they were available. Builders working in the neighborhood include Aspen Leaf Innovations, Alta Homebuilders, Walterscheid Homes and Asset Development Group.

Marcus Costopolous with Asset Development Group is building four homes in the neighborhood, and two of them are already under contract. The other two are available for sale. Asset Development Group has been building locally since 1990, and has recently built homes in Pioneer Meadows in the Pear Park area and Mesa Estates on Orchard Mesa.  

“Everything is getting sold prior to getting finished,” Costopolous said. “As soon as the houses hit the market, they’re gone within two weeks.”

Rick Unfred with Aspen Leaf Innovations bought 12 of the lots in the first filing, and has eight homes in various stages of construction. The first home that will be complete in the subdivision should be finished by early May, but it is under contract. Aspen Leaf has others that are available, as well as four additional lots. It’s taking between four and four and a half months for Aspen Leaf to complete the it’s been building in various neighborhoods.

Most of the homes built by Aspen Leaf are three-bedroom, two-bath floor plans, although the builder has a plan that includes another half-bath and a fourth room that could be an office or a bedroom. Some of the homes have two-car garages, and others have three-car garages.

Most of the homes in the neighborhood are being planned by the various builders who bought the lots, with floor plans and finishes that they have chosen, but buyers who sign a contract may be able to make some of the final color and finish choices.

Right now, however, there are huge supply chain issues that can delay construction, so buyers need to be aware that if they make choices that aren’t part of the original plan, it could delay completion of their home.

Prices for materials are also rising quickly, so buyers who look, but don’t sign a contract may be surprised if they come back in six months and discover that the homes are more expensive than they are right now.

Most of the homes currently under construction or in planning stages are single story ranch style. That isn’t a requirement by the architectural control committee, merely a reflection of what most buyers want.

Lot sizes at Sunset Valley range from 6,500 to 13,000 square feet, and some lots can accommodate RV parking. There is pressurized irrigation in the neighborhood.  

There are dozens of new housing subdivisions like Sunset Valley Estates in various stages of construction across the Grand Valley right now, as continued low interest rates make buying a new home an attractive option. Real Estate Weekly will continue to offer feature stories on various subdivisions in an effort to help our readers learn about new neighborhoods and new housing opportunities.